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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 714 - Spark

Chapter 714: Spark

Shen Li’s nerves instantly tensed up, and she subconsciously held her breath.

He was so close!

Even the slightest sound was very likely able to be heard clearly by the person on the other end of the phone!

She could not help but glare at him– Lu Huaiyu!

However, after a passionate kiss, her little face was red, and her eyes were watery, so her glare made very little impact.

Not only was it not intimidating at all, but it made her seem even more enticing, which made Lu Huaiyu even more aroused.

He looked straight at her, his hot breath falling on her slender and delicate neck, which caused her body to tremble slightly.

In the quiet room, even the sound of breathing seemed to have stopped, leaving only Yi Bin’s clear voice on the phone.

She became more and more embarrassed. Her fair face turned red, but she did not dare to make a sound. All she could do was to hurriedly push on his shoulder.

Lu Huaiyu’s chest trembled as a smile appeared on the corners of his lips, and a hand patted her gently as if to comfort her.

However, he did not give up the way she wanted. Instead, he continued to bite on the zipper and slowly moved down.

If there was any difference from before, it was that he had clearly slowed down now.

She looked over and saw that the thin lips that had just kissed her were biting onto the cold, hard silver zipper.

Half of the zipper held onto her down jacket while the other half was in his mouth.

Her face seemed to be on fire.

He did not seem to notice her predicament, nor did he show her any sympathy. He merely bit onto the zipper and moved downwards.

The zipper teeth that had been tightly clasped together were silently separated, bit by bit with his movements.

Under the loose red down jacket, she was wearing a pure white thin sweater.

The delicate curves of the girl were exposed to his eyes without any concealment.

No, they were in his arms.

They were also beside his lips.

He slowly moved down along her clothes, his chin very gently rubbing against the soft and fluffy thin sweater.

As he passed over a certain place, he lifted his head slightly, as if to pull away.

However, at that moment, the zipper suddenly became stuck.

He paused.

In that instant, a sweet fragrance surged from her body which collided with his rationality.

He moved down a little more to try and pull the zipper a little further, but with a little more force.


It was an extremely soft sound.

The zipper went through, but at the same time, the high bridge of his nose also brushed past an incredible softness.

Shen Li’s eyes widened slightly, and even the tips of her ears turned red.

Lu Huaiyu felt like there was a “boom” in his mind, and he finally stopped moving.

What he had just encountered…

“Second Master? Second Master?”

Yi Bin stopped hearing the sound of movement over on the other end, only hearing a faint sound instead. He could not help but feel like something was off, so he called out twice in succession.

Only then did Lu Huaiyu come back to his senses.

“I’ve got it.”

There was an involuntary tenseness in his voice, with a hint of imperceptible hoarseness.

Through the phone, Yi Bin did not notice this abnormality.

Lu Huaiyu used the tip of his tongue to gently push half of the zipper out and looked up.

The little girl’s face was extremely red. Her peach blossom eyes were wet and misty.

He wanted to stop.

He really, really wanted to stop.

However, with her presence here, all the self-control that he was so proud of seemed to have become as fragile as paper.

In the next moment, he suddenly stuffed the phone into her hand and guided her to raise the phone to his ear.

A hint of confusion flashed across Shen Li’s face.

However, he had already let go of her hand. His slender fingers landed on the half-opened zipper.

“The meeting will be scheduled for two in the afternoon the day after tomorrow.”

His voice was deep, and the tone of his voice seemed to be the way it was usually as he gave the order. There was a natural nobility in his bones.

Shen Li finally understood that he wanted her to help him in this way.

Just as she thought this, the zipper of the down jacket had already followed the movement of his fingers and continued all the way down until the bottom section had finally been opened completely.

Shen Li had never thought that this man would actually do such a thing.

She was so shocked that she could not think of any way to deal with it at the moment, so she subconsciously held the phone for him obediently.

Lu Huaiyu did not seem to be worried that she would suddenly hang up the phone. As he listened to the phone, he straightened her waist slightly and helped her take off the down jacket.

Shen Li did not want to go along with his wishes, but the temperature in the room was very high. In addition, after going back and forth for so long, her body was already covered in a layer of sweat. She really was feeling uncomfortable from the heat.

So, she had no choice but to follow along with him as he removed her item of clothing. All the while, she did not forget to glare at him accusingly.

Lu Huaiyu did not care at all. As he took the sleeve off her hand that was holding the phone, he even carefully and thoughtfully held the sleeve open so that she could take her little hand away.

Then, he placed her jacket on the table. When he saw her angry look, he could not help but laugh.

Only then did he take the phone back.

“What did you say just now? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Yi Bin paused. He felt that Lu Huaiyu was behaving a little strangely today, but he could not tell exactly what was off.

However, this was not what he should ask. His extremely high professionalism made him respond immediately and repeat what he had just said.

Lu Huaiyu responded with an “Mm” and raised his eyes slightly. The arm that was holding her waist moved and gently hooked a lock of her hair.

His fingertips began to gently twirl her hair, and her bun-shaped hair fell down like a waterfall. Her soft and wavy long hair instantly covered one of his hands.

He ran his slender and powerful fingers through her long hair, outlining a lingering gesture, easily placing her under his control.

“Okay, that’s it.”

Finally, he hung up the phone.

Before he put down the phone, she moved to get up.


Lu Huaiyu did not give her a chance. He held the back of her head tightly and bent down to kiss her thoroughly.