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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 713 - Are You Hot?    

Chapter 713: Are You Hot?

Shen Zhijin left the house after breakfast.

Shen Li took her suitcase out and started packing.

Her winter vacation would last for more than a month. Although she had not decided how long she would be staying in Hong Kong City this time, she estimated that ten days to half a month would be the minimum.

She thought to bring a lot of things, but Gu Siyang kept saying that everything would be available in Hong Kong City and all she needed to do was bring herself there.

She thought about it and felt that what he said made sense. In the end, she chose a twenty-inch suitcase.

It was almost noon. She calculated the time and called Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, where are we going for lunch?”

Lu Huaiyu asked, “What does Ah Li want to eat?”

As he said this, Shen Li heard the sound of him flipping through a document.

“Is Second Brother busy?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Not very busy. There are only two contracts left that haven’t been processed yet.”

“How about this…” Shen Li thought for a moment. “I ate breakfast at ten o’clock so I’m not very hungry now. Why don’t I wait for Second Brother to finish–”

Lu Huaiyu looked at his watch.

“Why don’t you come over now? We can go straight to eat once I’m done. It’ll be more convenient.”

Shen Li was stunned.

“Isn’t Second Brother at Lu Corporation right now?”

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh.

“Little friend, although I don’t have a winter vacation, I can still have a New Year’s Day holiday, right?”

Shen Li, “…”

He was in charge of the Lu Corporation, so of course, it would be extremely easy for him to give himself a holiday.

“Then where is Second Brother? I’ll go look for you, okay?”

“Rongyue Mansion.”

At 12:20, Shen Li arrived at Rongyue Mansion.

She came to the familiar building, entered the elevator, went to the top floor, and entered the password to enter.

“Second Brother?”

She changed her shoes in the foyer and walked in.

There was no one in the living room, so she turned around and walked to the study.

The door was ajar, but she knocked on it anyway.

Knock, knock.

“Second Brother, it’s me.”

Then, a familiar sound of footsteps could be heard. The door was pulled open from the inside.

The man’s handsome face appeared in front of her.

When he saw the young girl, his thin lips twitched slightly.

“Ah Li.”

Shen Li looked behind him.

“Is Second Brother still busy?”

Lu Huaiyu laughed and leaned down slightly to look at her.

“We haven’t seen each other in so long, why is this the first question that you’re asking me?”

He was right here, yet she did not seem to care at all.

Shen Li opened her sparkling peach blossom eyes and looked at him with a pure and clear gaze.

“Then, what else should I ask?”

She really was doing it on purpose.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her, his gaze sweeping over her face carefully.

She was wearing a short red down jacket, a white sweater with a round collar, and her hair had been tied up in a bun. Her small, sparkling white face did not have any makeup on, but it was still extremely beautiful.

He only looked at her without saying anything. As his gaze finally landed on her plump red lips, there were faint sparks in his deep eyes.

Immediately, his thin lips curled up.

“You don’t want to ask? That’s fine too. Let’s use something else to offset it.”

As he spoke, he held her hand and pulled her into his embrace. His other hand pinched her chin and kissed her directly.

This kiss was passionate and forceful.

Before Shen Li could react, she was already in his embrace and was forced to tilt her head to receive his kiss.

His touch was hot and tingly. Mixed with the cold smell of cedar on his body, it was even more intoxicating and easily disrupted all her thoughts.

She was kissed until she could not stand properly. All she could do was raise her arm and wrap it around his neck to move even closer to him.

The tip of her tongue was sucked and nibbled on until it was somewhat numb, and her lips seemed to be on fire. She could not help but let out a soft whimper.

“… It hurts…”

This complaint was easily crumpled into a soft ball by him and swallowed.

However, in the end, his heart ached. He finally relaxed his strength slightly and gently kissed the corner of her lips.

It had only been a few days since they last met, yet he felt as if a long time had passed.

He lowered his head and looked at the young girl in his arms. Her fair and delicate cheeks were flushed red, and even her neck, which was as smooth as jelly, seemed to be stained with a thin layer of rose powder.

Her peach blossom eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, looking hazy and extremely alluring.

He stared at her intensely, and a subtle and dangerous aura surrounded him.

Just then, the sound of a cell phone vibrating came from the room.

It was Lu Huaiyu’s cell phone that was on his desk.

She quickly said, “Second Brother, it’s for you.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her nervous appearance and could not help but laugh again.


Only then did he straighten up, hold her hand, and lead her inside.

When they came to the desk, he picked up the cell phone.

Shen Li glanced at it.

“Special Assistant Yi? Is this about work?”

Lu Huaiyu sat down on the chair and pulled her into his arms.

Shen Li was taken unawares and exclaimed softly. Before she could react, his arm had already wrapped around her waist, and she could not break free.

Just as she was about to get up, Lu Huaiyu had already answered the call.


“Second Master.”

Yi Bin’s voice could be heard clearly from the phone.

Shen Li was leaning into Lu Huaiyu’s embrace, so naturally, she could hear him clearly.

Immediately, she obediently stopped moving, planning on waiting for him to finish making this call.

Yi Bin’s call was regarding a recent merger of the Lu Corporation.

Lu Huaiyu was holding her with one hand while his phone in the other.

“Yes, yes.”

Shen Li was nestled in his embrace. It was rare for her to see Lu Huaiyu like this, so she could not help but stare at him for a while.

Unlike the languid and gentle manner he had when he was with her, Lu Huaiyu had a different temperament when he worked.

He was casual and serious, spontaneous and strong.

His voice was low and gentle, with a certainty and steadiness based on his powerful strength.

He was already a rare beauty, his abstinence making him appear cold. Now that he was in a serious mode, it made him seem even more unattainable.

However, the more abstinent this man was, the more seductive he became.

It was an extremely difficult quality to describe. The repressed and vigorous sexual tension was almost like a vortex that could easily engulf her.

Of course, Lu Huaiyu noticed her gaze.

“Hand over the revised merger agreement to me by 10 am tomorrow at the latest.”

Yi Bin immediately said, “Yes. Second Master, also–”

Lu Huaiyu was still listening, but his gaze had fallen on Shen Li.

Their eyes met.

His lips moved slightly, and he silently said a few words.

Shen Li understood. He was asking– Are you feeling hot?

The floor heating had been turned on in the room, and she was still wearing a down jacket. After having been in here for a while, of course, she was hot.

She nodded, intending on getting up to remove the down jacket.

A strong arm pressed against her waist, making her unable to move.

She looked at Lu Huaiyu in surprise.

If she could not get down, how was she going to remove the jacket?

Lu Huaiyu seemed to understand what she meant, and the corners of his lips slowly curved up.

In the next moment, he suddenly lowered his head and bit the zipper at the collar of her down jacket.

They were so close that their skin was almost touching.

His hand was still holding the phone, as he listened to the person on the other end.

“Okay, go on.”

He answered casually and exerted a little force.

The subtle sound of a small zipper being pulled down could be heard.