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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 708 - Entrance Guard  

Chapter 708: Entrance Guard

Zhang Yao was still smiling happily. However, after a while, he realized that the reactions of the people in front of him were a little strange.

Shen Li had her head lowered, as if she was staring at the ground in a daze.

Lu Huaiyu wanted to say something, but stopped himself.

Shen Zhijin’s expression was especially indifferent. The corners of his eyes and brows seemed to be covered with a thin layer of frost.

Then, he spoke calmly, his voice exceptionally clear.

“Is that so?”

Zhang Yao finally sensed that something was a little off, and his laughter awkwardly stopped.

Wait… What was going on?

Was it not a very normal thing for someone to send his girlfriend home? He felt that Lu Huaiyu had done a pretty good job with this, and that there was nothing to pick on!

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment before giving a slight smile.

“Vice-Principal Zhang, you must have remembered wrongly. After the movie ended that day, I had sent Ah Li back. The traffic was quite heavy, and it should have been very late–”

“Eh? That can’t be.” Zhang Yao was stunned. “I go to the gym three days a week, and the time I come back is the same every time. It must have been less than ten o’clock!”

Their surroundings became quiet again.

Zhang Yao did not understand what was going on. However, it just so happened that he had just paid his bill, so he picked his bag up.

“Then… Zhijin, I’ll take my leave first, alright?”

Shen Zhijin responded with a “Hmm” and moved forward to put all the things he wanted to buy on the counter.

The cashier scanned each item one by one before finally filling two bags.

“Hello, the total is 217.50 Yuan.”

Lu Huaiyu moved over to pay the bill, but Shen Zhijin had already taken out his phone to scan the code.

He paused for a moment and walked to the front again.

“Teacher Shen, please allow me to take care of it.”

Before his hand could touch the bag, his eyes met Shen Zhijin’s gaze.

“There’s no need.” Shen Zhijin took the bag down. There was no emotion in the tone of his voice. “It’s quite far from here to the ninth floor. It won’t be efficient to ask for your help to deliver something.”

Lu Huaiyu, “…”

Shen Zhijin turned around.

“Tangtang, let’s go home.”

“Ah? Oh.”

Shen Li responded and quickly followed behind. She quickly exchanged glances with Lu Huaiyu.

Who could they blame for this?!

That day, before he had gone upstairs, he had bumped into Zhang Yao. Who would have known that when he went downstairs, he would then bump into Bi Zhitong as well?

Both people had given different explanations. With the time difference between both stories, how could they possibly hide it?

Lu Huaiyu coughed lightly and rubbed his nose.

He had not expected such a coincidence to have occurred.

Not only had he bumped into those two people, but they had also happened to mention the same matter in front of Shen Zhijin.

Previously, he had only thought that by coming here a few more times, he would be able to get the recognition and acknowledgment of the people around him as soon as possible.

If that were the case, he would be able to ingratiate himself with Shen Zhijin more smoothly.

As a result–

Shen Li walked beside Shen Zhijin.

“Dad, can I help you take it?”

Shen Zhijin looked at her and asked another question.

“Was the movie good?”

Shen Li silently withdrew her hand. “It was pretty good.”

Shen Zhijin nodded but did not ask any more questions.

He did not speak, so Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu also kept quiet.

The three of them went back in the same way.

When they reached home, Shen Li took some of the ingredients into the kitchen. Lu Huaiyu rolled up his sleeve and went over to help.

Shen Li took out the tomatoes. He took them from her and placed them in a colander. Then, very naturally, he began to wash them.

There was no need for words and it was clear that they worked well together.

No matter who looked at them, they would be able to see that it was definitely not their first time doing this.

Shen Zhijin stared at them as he took off his coat, and walked over.

Shen Li saw him and asked, “Dad, aren’t you going to rest first?”

He was indeed extremely tired after all this running around.

Shen Zhijin’s eyelids drooped slightly.

“I’m not tired.”

No matter how tired he was, he was no longer sleepy now.

There was an indescribable subtle aura in the air.

Shen Li changed the topic.

“Dad, we’re about to take the final exam. I plan to apply for exemptions from certain courses in the next semester after this exam.”

This was the first time she had officially mentioned this to Shen Zhijin.

Shen Zhijin paused and turned his head to look at her. His gaze swept over her face carefully.

“Have you thought it over carefully?”

Shen Li nodded.

Shen Zhijin knew that she would usually consider her options carefully. Since this was what she had said, it meant that she must have already made up her mind.

Of course, he would not object.

Whether she wanted to be like the other students and complete four years of school normally or graduate early with credits, he respected her decision.

He nodded.

“If that’s what you want, I’ll go with your decision.”

With her talent, she would be able to successfully complete the application without his intervention.

Shen Li’s lips curled into a smile of joy.

“Thank you, Dad.”

Shen Zhijin suddenly thought of something.

“For the courses in the Institute of Physics, the application for exemption should be the easiest to pass. As for the rest…” he paused for a moment, “It’s good that you want to graduate earlier. However, don’t fall behind in the courses that should be taken properly. For example, Professor Fang’s course.”

Lu Huaiyu’s movements as he washed the lettuce slowed down a little.

Shen Li, “… Hmm, don’t worry. I know.”

She was the class representative of the Advanced Mathematics class. She could handle the other courses as she pleased, but not this course.

Shen Zhijin lowered his chin slightly.

“Next semester, the physics department and the mathematics department will strengthen their teaching communication. There will be a lot more interaction between them.”

Communication, interaction.

Wouldn’t that mean that they would be listening in on each other’s lessons?

Shen Li was silent.


An hour later, the five dishes and one soup were finally completed.

Shen Zhijin sat at the head of the table, while Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu sat facing each other.

Shen Li picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs and gave it to him.

“Dad, please try this.”

Lu Huaiyu tried to help by serving the soup, but Shen Zhijin’s hand had already landed on the spoon.

Lu Huaiyu coughed lightly and tactfully withdrew his hand.

Shen Zhijin placed the bowl of soup beside Shen Li’s hand. Then, he raised his head and looked at the clock on the wall. He tapped his finger lightly on the table and said softly, “Although it’s the end of the semester and revision is stressful, you still have to ensure that you sleep well.”

Shen Li looked up.


Shen Zhi was concise and to the point.

“In future, try to get home before ten o’clock.”