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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 704 - Thank You, Cousin  

Chapter 704: Thank You, Cousin

There were seventeen docks in total. Even if they had only sent one serving of each kind, the portion was still quite large.

Shen Li picked up the green crab and tore off a piece of crab meat.

“Actually, I’m not picky about what I eat. It’s much too troublesome for Second Uncle.”

Gu Siyang chuckled.

“What’s so troublesome about it? Right now, you’re the only treasure in our family.”

The young miss of the Gu family was meant to be pampered a thousand times over.

Moreover, she had suffered so much in the past. No matter what the family said, they would find a way to make up for it.

This was just the beginning.

Our family…

Shen Li’s hands stopped moving.

His tone had been casual and insistent. The way he had said it could not have been more natural. It was filled with an undisguised closeness and partiality.

She blinked lightly, the corners of her lips pursing into a faint smile.

“Thank you, Cousin.”

Gu Siyang was in the middle of helping her peel the prawns. When he heard her address him in this way, he accidentally twisted the entire prawn’s head off.

However, he could no longer care about these things. He raised his head to look at Shen Li and stammered excitedly, “W-w-what did you just call me?!”

This was the first time she had taken the initiative to address him as “Cousin”!

From now on, he could finally have some standing at home!!!

Shen Li, “…”

She looked sympathetically at the prawn in his hand and knew that she should not have called him that so casually.

“Hey, that prawn of yours–”

Gu Siyang lowered his head to take a look. Only then did he realize that as he had been peeling the prawn, the juice had accidentally splashed all over himself.

He waved his hand nonchalantly, full of excitement.

“It’s fine! I’ll just peel another one for you!”

As he said that, he actually took another one from the side and started peeling it seriously.

Shen Li, “…”


She should just let him be.

When Gu Siyang had first said that he wanted to come over, he had acted as if he really wanted to eat the food. However, after coming over, she realized that what he wanted was actually just to come over to eat with her.

He peeled the prawns, opened crabs, cut sea urchins… He had done everything just to serve her.

It had to be said that although Gu Siyang had a carefree personality, he was still the young master of the Gu family. He knew a lot about eating good food. When he put his mind to doing something seriously, he was also neat and tidy. Everything had been done flawlessly.

Thanks to him, all Shen Li needed to do was just to pick the food that she liked.

The meal lasted for more than an hour. Once it was over, Gu Siyang asked her again which were the dishes she had liked the most.

Shen Li picked a few, and Gu Siyang heaved a sigh of relief. He then happily sent her back to school.

After lunch, Shen Li returned to the dormitory.

She found Xue Langlang reading alone in the room.

“Ah Li!”

Seeing her, Xue Langlang’s eyes immediately lit up.

“You came back just in time. I happen to have a question that I can’t solve. Could you help me take a look?”

Shen Li walked over.

“Which one is it?”

Xue Langlang pointed at the university physics book on the table.

“This one. It’s for the angular velocity. I’m a little stuck.”

Shen Li glanced sideways a few times and took a piece of paper from the side to write.

After a moment, she handed it over.

“Take a look. It should be like this.”

Xue Langlang took it and read it carefully. Very quickly, the understanding of the solution dawned on her.

“Ah! I understand!”

She quickly lowered her head and started to calculate. After solving a problem, she felt extremely relieved.

“That’s great! I’ve finally finished writing the answer!”

She looked at Shen Li.

“Sigh, I remember that your textbook is still brand new. Yet, you still know everything! It’s true that there is a divider between a god and us normal human beings!”

As she said this, she could not help but put her hands to her cheeks and let out a faint sigh.

“Or is this the mysterious power that comes from your genes?!”

The whole of Xijing University knew that Shen Li was Shen Zhijin’s biological daughter, and their dormitory was no exception.

After hearing this news, Xue Langlang had sat there in a daze for a long time.

Shen Zhijin was the physicist that she admired the most. She had already been very happy to be able to meet him at school and greet him.

Previously, when Shen Zhijin had given her father his email address, the whole family had been excited for a long time.

Who knew that Shen Li was actually Shen Zhijin’s daughter!

She was living in the same dormitory room as Dean Shen’s daughter!

At that time, Xue Langlang had been so excited that she had not slept well for several days.

Shen Li laughed.


Xue Langlang chuckled.

“That’s what I said! Even from the beginning, Dean Shen treated you very well!”

At that time, everyone, including Shen Zhijin and Shen Li, had thought that it was just because he admired her greatly. However, after thinking about it, they felt that perhaps it was the instinct of a father and daughter.

Before they had understood their relationship, they had already been partial to each other and protective of each other without any reason.

“Blood ties are really amazing!”

Xue Langlang sighed.

Shen Li paused and thought for a moment before nodding seriously.

Suddenly, Xue Langlang asked with curiosity,”By the way, Shen Li, did you go to the premiere of “Hibiscus” two days ago?”

“Yes, I did. Why?”

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to ask if you liked it.”

Xue Langlang tapped on her book.

“Tomorrow is Christmas Day. I plan to go to the movies tomorrow after I finish studying this. I’m not interested in the more commercial film or the animated film that will be screened at the same time. I saw a few movie critics on Weibo saying that “Hibiscus” is very good, so I’m a little tempted.”

Shen Li thought about it.

“I think it’s okay.”

“Really? Then I’ll go for it!”

Since even Shen Li had said so, and the theme song was sung by Lin Fengmian, the first choice would definitely be this one!

As she spoke, she opened her mobile app to buy a ticket.

After looking for a while, she could not help but let out an “Eh” sound and muttered softly,

“How come all the good spots have been reserved…? I thought this movie was not very well-publicized?”

She pondered for a moment.

“Probably the wave of trending searches has increased interest in it?”

Actually, this movie was indeed quite controversial.

One was due to Ge, one was because of Lin Fengmian, and the other was due to the praise from the famous film critics on Weibo after the movie’s premiere.

In addition, there were even a few entertainment marketing bloggers who had expressed their love for the film without hesitation.

This was very different from what everyone had expected. With the conflict, its popularity had naturally increased.

Shen Li pondered for a moment and said, “There should be more films scheduled at the back.”

The box office earnings of a movie were largely determined by the cinemas.

If the sponsors had a good relationship with the cinemas, or if the director and the lead actor had a strong appeal at the box office, the cinemas would perform very well and thus increase the box office earnings.

Of course, other than that, there was also a determining factor, which was the quality of the movie itself.

The people who ran the cinemas were not stupid. The more films that were good, the more money they would earn.

Therefore, many cinemas would adjust the arrangement of the films according to the conditions of the movie’s premiere and on-demand release.

Xue Langlang looked at his phone:

“Hey! That seems to be the case! I saw yesterday that these two cinemas had not been scheduled to screen “Hibiscus” yet! However, they have it today! Shen Li, do you think this movie will really explode this time?”

She clicked her tongue.

“Looking at the commotion in the cinemas, it’s really possible! I heard that only 30 million had been invested in this movie. If it really becomes a dark horse at the box office, won’t the investors make a huge profit?”

Shen Li drank a mouthful of water and tilted her head slightly.

“Yes, I guess so.”