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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 702 - Unwelcome  

Chapter 702: Unwelcome

“Whether the person can finish eating it or not is that person’s business. Is it up to you to worry about that?”

Gu Siyang put one hand in his pocket as he spoke lazily.

His words were blunt and harsh, causing the woman who had spoken and Xu Yini to look over.

When they saw Gu Siyang, their expressions changed slightly.

So, the esteemed guest they were talking about was the young master of the Gu family?

Oh right, this restaurant seemed to be owned by the Gu family.

Barkley turned his head to look over.

“Young Master Siyang.”

His gaze passed Gu Siyang and landed on Shen Li, who was behind him. The smile on his face deepened.

“Miss Ah Li.”

He had never seen Shen Li before. He had only heard the name “Ah Li” from Gu Tingchuan. Now that he had seen that Gu Siyang had brought someone over, he surmised that this person must be her.

The woman who had spoken now looked embarrassed.

“So, it’s Young Master Gu. I… I didn’t mean to say that just now. I’m really sorry.”

Although she also had a very good family background, their status was still far behind the Gu family.

Even if this was the Capitol and not Hong Kong City, Gu Siyang was still not someone she could afford to offend.

Gu Siyang glanced at her without taking her apology to heart. Then he scoffed.

“Oh? Do you think I’m deaf?”

That woman did not expect that Gu Siyang would not let go of such a small matter even though she had already apologized.

Hadn’t it only been a few words of ridicule? Was there a need to be like this?

However, she did not dare to retort back. She felt aggrieved and could only look at Xu Yini for help.

In comparison, as the eldest daughter of the Xu family, Xu Yini’s status was higher than hers. She would not have no qualms facing Gu Siyang.

Moreover, with her temper, it was impossible that she would endure being talked to like that.

Even if that person was Gu Siyang.

However, after waiting for a while, Xu Yini still had not spoken. Instead, she was looking over at the other two with a cold and sullen expression.

The woman followed Xu Yini’s line of sight and realized that she was staring at the girl who was standing beside Gu Siyang.

“That’s… Ning Li?” She mumbled uncertainly.

Xu Yini suddenly laughed coldly.

To think that she would bump into Ning Li here. What a coincidence.

Ever since she had been exposed to a series of scandals some time back and had been forced to retire from the entertainment industry, her emotions had become very unstable.

She knew very well that those things had happened one after another because someone had planned it all out in order to completely destroy her reputation in the entertainment circles!

What she knew even more clearly was that the mastermind behind it was none other than Lu Huaiyu!

Only he would behave so recklessly with the Xu family, and only he was so ruthless and decisive in his way of doing things.

Once he made a move, he would not leave her any way out!

All of this had been just for Ning Li!

How could she not feel resentment and hatred?

After all, she had known Lu Huaiyu for many years and had pursued him for many years. She had never thought that he would treat her so ruthlessly.

It had all been because of Ning Li!

After the incident, she had been in a constant bad mood and had tried finding other diversions.

At first, Father Xu and Mother Xu had scolded her, but as time went on, they could not help but feel sorry for her when they saw her crying all the time.

After that, they had simply let her be.

She had planned to come out for a meal today, but she had never expected to bump into Ning Li again.

Her already unhappy mood became even worse.

She swept her gaze over Gu Siyang and the girl standing with him, and she stood up.

“I’m not going to eat anymore.”

She said.

The woman next to her was stunned for a moment before she subconsciously stood up as well. However, she still asked, “You’re not eating anymore? Yini, why are you suddenly not eating anymore?”

Although the head chef had always insisted that they did not have what they wanted, ultimately, it was not a big deal.

The seafood restaurant had extremely high requirements for the ingredients. It was not unusual for them to occasionally not have the corresponding ingredients to what was listed on the menu.

Moreover, that “VIP” was Gu Siyang.

Xu Yini looked at Shen Li, her gaze fixed on that clean and beautiful face, and she could not help but clench her hands.

It was this face, this person, that had compelled Lu Huaiyu to have done those things to her!

“I suddenly just don’t feel like eating anymore.” She stared into Shen Li’s eyes.

She appeared to be talking to the woman accompanying her, but in fact, every word had been directed at Shen Li.

She had been fine earlier, but just from the sight of Shen Li…

The woman also looked more closely at Shen Li, and only then did she remember that this was Lu Huaiyu’s girlfriend.

Thinking of this, she subconsciously looked at Xu Yini.

Throughout the entire Capital, who did not know that Xu Yini had been chasing Lu Huaiyu for many years? There had even been rumors in private that the two families had already made plans for them to marry.

However, before she could win Lu Huaiyu’s favor, Lu Huaiyu had already gotten a girlfriend.

Moreover, the publicity about the relationship had been very high-profile.

That could be considered as giving Xu Yini a few tight slaps on the face.

Xu Yini had become a topic of conversation for many people after dinner, becoming a joke in the entire Capital.

How could she not mind seeing Shen Li now?


She raised her chin slightly, enunciating each word clearly.

Barkley frowned.

Gu Siyang’s expression changed immediately. His smile disappeared in an instant, and his expression became dangerous.

“What did you just say?”

She dared to say such words against Shen Li in front of him. If they had met in private, who knew what would happen?

After a moment, he snorted.

“Fine, fine… Since being here is so unappetizing, you don’t have to come here anymore.”

He looked at the hotel manager who was accompanying him.

“Cancel all their cards. In the future, this restaurant will not be welcoming you in.”