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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 701 - VIP Guest  

Chapter 701: VIP Guest

This blogger was a famous film critic with six million followers. He had always been known for his venomous tongue. However, this time, he had suddenly posted a Weibo post praising Ge which caused quite a stir.

The comment section was filled with sarcasm.

[ Did Third Uncle receive money for this? ]

[ Aiya, you always have to eat properly. I understand, I understand! ]

[ I don’t think that’s what happened. Third Uncle criticized Ge’s previous films very badly. I wonder what happened this time? ]

[ It can’t be? There can’t still be people who are looking forward to Ge’s work, right? Isn’t he the one who has run out of ideas? What kind of rubbish has he been filming for the past seven years? The blogger must just be sucking money. Isn’t his stance a little too ugly? ]

The blogger was also unyielding and directly retorted below.

[ I’m just telling the truth. If it’s bad, I’ll say that it is. If it’s good, of course, that’s what I would say. If I were to receive any money for this, I wouldn’t be able to receive any more promotions in the future! In any case, the film is about to be released soon. Whether it’s good or not, it’s up to everyone. ]

However, even though he had said so, there were still many people who were skeptical.

After all, Ge’s previous films had indeed been very bad. No one wanted to waste money buying movie tickets to a bad film.

“Ge is notorious for being box office poison. I wonder which investor had such a big heart that he still dared to offer this to him?”

“I think it’s some company called Shengguang Media. I’ve never heard of it. It’s a small company. This movie itself is also a small production. I don’t think there’s much to see.”

“The only highlight is the theme song, right? I heard that Lin Fengmian wrote the lyrics and composed the music himself?”

[ If he were the male lead, this movie might still have a chance. Unfortunately, it’s not. The male and female leads are all newbies. At this time of the year, the competition among movies is very fierce. What were Ge and Shengguang Media thinking? Aren’t they just sending themselves to their own deaths? They probably won’t even last a week at the cinema. ]

In short, the comments section was full of criticism.

However, everyone soon realized that something was wrong.

That was because, besides this blogger, one after another, other film critics also published reviews of “Hibiscus”.

What was shocking was that all of them were good reviews!

If only one or two of them had said so, perhaps it was because they had been bribed. However, if everyone had said so…

Wasn’t the investor of “Hibiscus” just a small company? Surely they did not have any money for this kind of promotion, right?

Originally, no one had any expectations for this movie. In fact, most people had never even heard the name of this movie.

After causing such a debate, it had become a trending topic instead.

# Hibiscus #

# Hibiscus movie review #

# Ge #

One after another, a few entries were squeezed onto the trending topic list, with a tail at the end.

Shen Li looked at it for a while before she eventually rested.

The next morning, Shen Li’s class had just ended when she received a call from Gu Siyang.


As soon as she picked up the call, Gu Siyang’s passionate voice came through the receiver.


Shen Li silently moved the phone a little further away from her ear before saying, “Gu Siyang, I have a name.”

“I know!” Gu Siyang did not detect the disdain in her words at all and he remained full of enthusiasm. “But I was thinking that by calling you that, wouldn’t it make our relationship even closer?”


This was a cousin!

Even after having lived for so many years, Gu Siyang had never thought that one day, he would actually have a cousin!

Most importantly, this person was Shen Li!

Of course, he had to address her as such even more!

“Cousin, are you free for lunch? Shall we have a meal together?”

Gu Siyang asked with a smile.

Shen Li raised her eyebrows.

“Is there something that you need me for?”

Gu Siyang was a free-spirited person who was good at fooling around all day long. Now that he had suddenly asked to have lunch with her, it was obvious that he had an ulterior motive.

“Hehe, not really. I really just want to have a meal with you!”

There was an earnestness in Gu Siyang’s tone of voice.

“It’s in Luye. How about it?”

“Luye?” Shen Li asked in return.

This was a high-end seafood restaurant. It was the only one in the Capital, and its per capita consumption was very high.

More importantly, this restaurant belonged to the Gu family.

To be precise, it belonged to the second master of the Gu family.

“So, there’s where you want to go–”

When Shen Li asked this question, she suddenly thought of something.

Gu Tingchuan had mentioned something to her before. He said that he would send some fresh seafood ingredients to the Capital for her soon.

Initially, she had thought that it would be too troublesome and had wanted to reject it, but then she remembered that it was a new gift from him after she had been acknowledged by the Gu family. She was afraid that it would not be appropriate for her to reject it.

In the end, she had accepted the offer.

“That’s right! Second Uncle said that the batch of ingredients will be sent to Luye by noon today and will be waiting just for you! There’s so much of it that you won’t be able to finish it all by yourself. Why don’t I come and help you finish it?”

It really was just for a meal.

Shen Li thought about it and nodded in agreement.


Gu Siyang was also very happy when she agreed.

“Okay! Then I’ll pick you up at your school later!”

It was just past twelve o’clock when Gu Siyang’s car stopped outside the east gate of Xijing.

Because it had snowed yesterday and there was still some snow on the road, he had changed to a much more low-key car–

A black Porsche.

Many people around looked over.

Shen Li knew that keeping a low profile was more difficult than ascending to the heavens, so she simply ignored the looks and got straight into the passenger seat.

“Cousin, this car… what do you think about it?”

Gu Siyang asked excitedly.

Shen Li fastened her seatbelt and thought about it for a moment.

“It’s okay.”

A look of regret appeared on Gu Siyang’s face.

“It’s alright? It’s… It’s only just alright?”

Painfully, he pondered for a moment.

“Then I’ll change to another one next time! There will definitely be something that you like! Or, why don’t you go straight to my garage? Whichever one you like, I’ll get them to order the same for you later!”

Shen Li, “… Thank you, but I don’t think I’ll need it for the time being.”

Gu Siyang pursed his lips when his plan to give away a car did not succeed.

“Alright, then I’ll go search for more.”

He did not believe that with so many cars available, surely there was one that could please her?

Shen Li did not respond to him. She raised her chin and said, “Let’s just go to Luye.”

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at Luye.

As soon as they entered the door, someone came up to welcome them and led them to a private room inside.

“The ingredients are ready. We’ve just been waiting for you two.”

Gu Siyang was obviously very happy and nodded.

Just then, an unhappy voice came from the front.

“No? I clearly saw a whole box of Veron oysters in your ingredients selection just now, but now you’re saying that you don’t have any? You’re just bullying your customers!”

Shen Li looked up and saw two young women talking to a man who appeared to be a chef.

The man who was wearing a golden armband was Luye’s head chef, Barkley.

Out of the two women, she did not know the one who was angrily questioning him.

However, the person standing next to her was…

Xu Yini.

She did not say anything, but it was not hard to see her displeasure.

Barkley said politely, “I’m sorry, but the box has been reserved for an honored guest. It’s not for sale.”

The woman who spoke sneered.

“An honored guest? Both me and Yini are the highest-ranking Black Card VIPs in your restaurant. What kind of honored guest is so bold as to monopolize a whole box by himself? Can they possibly finish it on their own?”