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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 697 - : Am I Sweet  

Chapter 697: Am I Sweet

In the dim cinema, light and shadow intersected.

She held his hand, raised her head slightly, and nibbled on his cool thin lips.

The cool smell of cedar pervaded the air, which was almost intoxicating.

The handrest in the middle of the seat had already been lowered, and he raised his hand to wrap it around her waist so she could lean in closer.

The soothing music echoed in his ears, and in the last row, only hot breaths intersected, and his heart beat rapidly.

He had not touched her for so long and he had been longing for her. In addition to her rare initiative, the string of rationality in his mind was in danger.

Lu Huaiyu’s whole body tensed up, as if a ball of fire was burning in his heart. The scorching temperature quickly spread throughout his body.

He had waited and longed for her for too long. Now that he was finally able to get close to her, his instincts were almost uncontrollable.

He nibbled on her incredibly soft lips, sweeping the tip of his tongue across her teeth, as he easily conquered her.

In the darkness, in the silence, she raised her head slightly, took the initiative to move forward, and was forced to accept it again.

Time seemed to have become exceptionally long.

After some time had passed, a thought finally emerged in his heart: it was time to stop.

However, her delicate and soft, seemingly boneless hand was like an invisible hook that gently wrapped around him.

The ending song sounded.

She finally pushed at his chest gently.

He took away the last remnants of the sweet taste between her lips and teeth and kissed her lips as if he was comforting her. Only then did he finally let her go and backed off slightly.

He let out a gentle breath to calm the restlessness in his body.

The next moment, her slender fingers gently scratched his palm.

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly and leaned over.

She spoke softly, her warm breath falling, and her lips brushing past his ear.

“Second Brother.”

Her voice was extremely soft and delicate, as if she was very curious.

“Am I sweet?”

Lu Huaiyu clearly heard something breaking in his mind.

His arms suddenly tightened, and he grabbed her around the waist and bent his head to continue kissing her.

Just then, the light came on with a popping sound.

The bright light spilled over the top of his head, and Lu Huaiyu stopped in his tracks.

Almost at the same time, he saw her current appearance.

Under the light, her cheeks were flushed red, her peach-blossom-shaped eyes were flickering with light, her eyes were slightly red, and her lips were red and moist.

Her eyebrows were curved, and a sly and smug smile played lightly on her lips.

Lu Huaiyu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down as he secretly gritted his teeth.

She had clearly done it on purpose!

If it was not for the fact that this was not the right time–

In the cinema, applause rang out.

Shen Li turned her head to look forward.

When the movie ended, many people wiped their tears and clapped at the same time.

This was completely spontaneous, a heartfelt recognition of the movie.

Then, a man in his thirties led a few main actors onto the stage.

It was the director, Ge, and all the main creators of the movie.

Lin Fengmian was also there.

When he went on stage, there was obviously a lot of commotion from the audience.

A considerable portion of the people present today were his fans, including many media outlets. In fact, they were all here for him.

Without a doubt, on this stage, he was the person with the most fame.

However, he merely stood in the corner, giving the C seats to the male and female leads of the movie.

As he stood up, he looked up at the audience seats, and his gaze almost immediately locked onto the last row.

When he saw Shen Li, a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

However, when he saw Lu Huaiyu next to her, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Shen Li had already sent him a message before, saying that Shen Zhijin would be on a business trip for the next few days and could not come along, so she would be bringing Lu Huaiyu along.

It was supposed to be for Uncle Shen…

Lin Fengmian silently made a note in his heart before he withdrew his gaze.

After the movie ended, it was time for the fans and media to ask questions.

According to most people’s expectations, the biggest promotional spot for this movie was Lin Fengmian, so the topic would definitely revolve around him.

However, after watching the movie, the situation deviated from what they had initially expected.

Everyone’s questions were focused on the movie itself, including the story, the director, and the two main actors.

Someone whispered,”No wonder Director Ge insisted on showing the movie first. That’s the reason why…”

“This movie is much better than I thought. After so many years, I’ve finally gotten to see Ge’s talent again.”

“It’s no wonder that Lin Fengmian specially wrote the theme song for this movie. It was really worth it!”

“This should be the biggest dark horse of this holiday, right?”

The premiere ceremony ended smoothly. Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu came backstage to greet Lin Fengmian.


Lin Fengmian saw her and his eyes curved in a smile.

“How do you feel watching it?”

Shen Li smiled.

“The movie was good, and the theme song was good too.”

Lin Fengmian’s eyes lit up. Then, he thought of something and looked regretful.

“It’s a pity that Uncle Shen didn’t come today.”

Lu Huaiyu, who was standing at the side, raised his eyebrows slightly.

Shen Li said, “It’s okay. Next time, when you have time, just come to our house directly.”

Shen Zhijin knew of her relationship with Lin Fengmian. After having requested his album previously, he had said that he would meet him later, no matter what.

Lin Fengmian was very happy.


Having acknowledged her biological father, it could be considered that Shen Li had completely gotten rid of her unbearable past.

There was no better news than this.

The two of them chatted for a while before Lin Fengmian had to rush off for another job. Wu Yuanfan had come over twice to hurry her before he finally left.

After that, Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu prepared to leave as well.

By now, most of the people had dispersed, and there were only the two of them in the elevator.

Shen Li pressed the button for the first floor, and the elevator door slowly closed.

The man next to her suddenly called out to her.

“Ah Li.”

She raised her head in confusion. “Huh?”

He then pulled up the hood on her down jacket.

The hood was very wide, so it completely covered her head. The furry edges covered her vision, and in an instant, her vision went dark, with only half of her small face being revealed.

“Second Brother?” She said in surprise. At the same time, she raised her hand to lift the hood.

“What– Oh!”

She did not have time to say the rest of her words.

He took a step forward and pressed her against the wall. He pinched her sharp chin and lowered his head to kiss her.

His voice was hoarse and indistinct between her lips and teeth.

“Whether something is sweet or not, you’ll only know after you taste it.”