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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 695 - Seven Days Without Reason  

Chapter 695: Seven Days Without Reason

“So, those are tickets for a movie premiere!”

Fu Nian understood, his interest now peaked.

“Since the theme song was sung by Little Junior Sister’s brother, then we should at least support it, right? Little Junior Sister, when will this movie be released?”

Shen Li looked at the tickets.

“The premiere is tomorrow night, and the official release will be on Christmas Day.”

“Alright, I’ll book a ticket first.”

Fu Niannian took his phone out as he spoke.

After searching for a while, he let out a “Huh” sound.

“The two closest cinemas to us are not scheduled for any screenings?”

Tang Yi also came over to take a look.

“From Christmas to New Year’s Day this year, a lot of films are competing with each other. The competition is probably very fierce. I’ve never heard of this film before, is their publicity not very good?”

Fu Niannian looked at the movie lineup carefully, touched his chin, and suddenly realized something.

“Ah, I remember now. The reason why I remember this name is because I heard my sister mention that Lin Fengmian was in this movie.”

His sister was a fanatic fan of Lin Fengmian. She listened to songs, followed the charts, and bought everything connected to him.

Otherwise, he would not have been nagged until he had to ask Shen Li for Lin Fengmian’s autographed album.

“At that time, I thought that he was only going to make a cameo, but I didn’t expect–”

He had not expected that he would be singing the theme song.

Well, from a certain point of view, his sister’s statement could not be considered wrong.

— Wasn’t the theme song also a part of the movie?

“Wait, the director is Ge?”

Tang Yi caught a glimpse of the name in the director’s column and was instantly stunned.

Fu Niannian asked curiously, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“That’s not it. It’s just that this director…” Tang Yi looked at Shen Li with a conflicted expression. “He has quite a personality.”

Fu Niannian was puzzled.

“What do you mean?”

Tang Yi explained.

“Ge made his first film, “Inside and Outside the City Walls” seven years ago, and won the Golden Deer Award, the highest award at the Bai City Film Festival. It was the first film in the country to win this award. Ge Shi became famous from then on and eventually became the hottest director in the country at that time. However–”

He shrugged.

“For the next seven years, he made three films, but all of them flopped, and he received no awards at all.”

This had made Ge fall into an extremely awkward situation.

On one hand, he had an extremely brilliant record and could definitely be considered a first-rate director in the country.

On the other hand, in the past seven years, he really had not made any outstanding films.

In the eyes of many people, it was undoubtedly a waste of talent.

Many people privately ridiculed that his talent and luck in his life had all been dedicated to his first film seven years ago.

After so many years, his fame had long since been exhausted.

“The movie he made last year had such extremely poor box office earnings that it only had a three-day run at the cinema.”

Tang Yi liked Ge’s “Inside and Outside the City Walls” a lot. Otherwise, he would not have known him so well.

But Ge’s later movies had indeed been terrible.

Fu Niannian was speechless.

“… Then, why did someone still ask him to make a movie?”

Tang Yi glanced at his phone again.

“I’ve never heard of this distribution and production company before. Shengguang Media… is a small company, right? The main actors are all newcomers, and there’s been very little publicity. It’s probably just a small production company.”

It was not hard to understand if that was the case.

Fu Niannian paused.

“That’s true… Lin Fengmian seems to be the most famous one here…”

Tang Yi could not help but look at Shen Li and ask,

“Junior Sister, with his status, surely there would be many producers that would want to hire him, right? Why did he choose this one?”

It was not that the film was not good. However, the production team really did not match up to Lin Fengmian’s current status.

Even if Lin Fengmian chose to focus on his music career without venturing into movies, there were still plenty of people who would hire him.

Yet, he had chosen the smallest and most transparent one.

Even if Lin Fengmian’s fans were to rush to the box office for the sake of his reputation, this movie “Hibiscus” would probably fail.

After all, whether a movie succeeded or not, was not decided by one’s fans, but more by the general audience.

Shen Li, on the other hand, did not seem to care about this. She smiled and said, “It seems that saw the script of this movie before. He said that he liked it and that he had written the theme song with the inspiration he got from the movie.”

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi looked at each other.

If that was the case, then there was nothing much to say.

“I think the movie theater on Fengyuan Road has two more scheduled screenings.” Fu Niannian swiped at the bottom. “Let’s book this first!”

Tang Yi nodded.

“Senior Brother, please help Senior Brother and me book tickets as well so that we can go together.”

Fu Niannian simply nodded.


This was the first time Lin Fengmian would be singing the theme song for a movie. Naturally, they had to buy tickets to the cinema to support it.

“Don’t worry, Junior Sister. I’ll ask my siblings to go together!”

Shen Li smiled.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Shen Li’s gaze fell on the two tickets.

These were probably meant for her and Shen Zhijin.

However, the timing was not too good. The premiere would be held tomorrow night at seven o’clock, but Shen Zhijin was not around.

She thought for a moment, before going out to call Lu Huaiyu.

Beep, beep–

The phone rang a few times before it was picked up.

The low and unhurried voice carried a hint of hoarseness and tiredness, which made it sound indescribably sexy and seductive.

“Ah Li?”

It was as if a feather was gently tickling her heart, causing her to feel tingly.

Only then did she remember that he should still be resting at this hour.

She lowered her voice.

“Second Brother, did I wake you up?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“No, I just woke up. What’s wrong?”

Shen Li said, “Ah Mian sent two tickets for a movie premiere at 7 o’clock tomorrow night. Is it convenient for you?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“A ticket… for me?”

Shen Li paused and said honestly, “My dad is on a business trip.”

Sure enough.

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh when he realized that this ticket had not been meant for him.

“Okay, send me the location. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

Shen Li hung up the phone, took a photo of the tickets, and sent it to him

The next evening, Shen Li went out at the appointed time.

Just as she went downstairs, she saw the black Bentley parked downstairs.

She got into the passenger seat.

“Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu sized her up.

It was cold, so she was wearing a white down jacket. Her fluffy collar was wrapped around her porcelain-white face, and her peach blossom eyes were sparkling.

The car was warm, so she pulled the collar down a little, revealing a turtleneck sweater of the same color.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly, feeling a little regretful.

The car started. Shen Li sensed his gaze and turned to look at him.

“Second Brother, what’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.


Shen Li nodded, but in the very next moment, she found her hand being held by him.

She was stunned and looked up at him.

In the car, he usually did not–

Before she could speak, she felt something being stuffed into her palm.

She lowered her head to take a look. It was the milk candy that she had given him earlier.

“Second Brother?”

Did he not like it?

Lu Huaiyu raised the corners of his lips slightly.

“This product is not the right one. I want to make a return under the 7-day no reason policy.”