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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 70 - She Doesn’t Take Notes?

Chapter 70: She Doesn’t Take Notes?

Cheng Xiyue’s sounded rather optimistic, so Gu Tinglan did not further comment on the matter although he had other thoughts deep down.

If Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu’s taxi had not narrowly escaped a car crash and Lu Huaiyu had not seen the crash, Gu Tinglan might have agreed with Cheng Xiyue.


Gu Tinglan stared at the news article that he had pulled up on his laptop. The article was about the crash that Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu had seen earlier. He had searched online for it after hearing Cheng Xiyue’s description.

The collision of the two cars resulted in chaos erupting.

Even though the pictures had mosaics over them, the heavily injured driver and passenger were still visible. Needless to say, it was a very gory scene.

If one saw it with his own eyes, it might have had an even bigger impact on him.

Lu Huaiyu had been in the rear seat of the taxi that time, so he must have gotten a good look.

Moreover, even if he had been truly asleep, he would have noticed something when someone entered his mansion.

The only hope that Cheng Xiyue had for Lu Huaiyu’s condition to stay dormant was Ning Li. However, that was exactly what Gu Tinglan was worried about.

He closed his laptop with a heavy expression.

On the next day, Ye Ci finally returned to school.

Su Yuan tried to persuade her to take a few more days to rest, but Ye Ci insisted on returning to school. The third-year curriculum was packed, and she had already missed two classes of competitive Physics.

The moment she appeared in class, Lin Zhouyang came up to her.

“Ye Ci, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. My mother is so paranoid that she insisted on me getting a full-body check-up.”

“You should, to be honest. Those internal injuries are difficult to spot at first. Having a full-body check-up will ease everyone’s mind, am I right?”

Lin Zhouyang suddenly got frustrated. “If it was not for that b*stard Ding Xi…”

He never liked Ding Xi from the start, and now after what the guy had done to Ning Li, the hatred only grew stronger.

“It’s not entirely his fault as well. It was just an accident.” Ye Ci seemed to keep an open mind towards the incident, even appearing to have forgiven Ding Li.

With a frown, Ling Zhouyang felt rather uncomfortable.

If it was not for Ding Xi trying to bully Ning Li, everything that came after that would not have happened. No matter how sour Ning Li and Ye Ci’s relationship were, they were still family living under one roof, after all.

Ding Xi did not think about the trouble he would have caused Ye Ci when he tried to start a fight with Ning Li.

At that point, Pei Song came into the class. He slung his bag on one side of his shoulder, and his uniform was buttoned to the highest. His eyes were as cold and indifferent as ever.

Lin Zhouyang curiously went up to him. “Hey, Brother Pei, did you get lectured by your parents after the parent-teacher meeting yesterday?”

Pei Song had ranked first for two years in a row, but Ning Li’s arrival pushed him down from his throne, which was quite a rare occurrence. Any normal person would have felt angry or even slightly jealous about it.

However, Pei Song looked at Lin Zhouyang nonchalantly. His eyes were practically saying, “Please don’t waste my time with this kind of meaningless question.”

Ren Qian then entered the classroom. He could not help but laugh when he heard Lin Zhouyang’s question.

“Brother Pei has fallen from his divine throne after losing first place to Ning Li. You are a lot better than him, do you know that? You scored 3 extra points in English compared to the last test! Did your family commemorate it with a flag or something?”

The other students burst out in laughter.

Lin Zhouyang clicked his tongue in annoyance. “D*mn it!”

He had never won an argument with anyone else. Blushing, he said, “What’s wrong with 3 points? I got 3 points higher than before, and I believe I can at least get 130 in the entrance exam!”

He Xiaochen pushed her glasses up her nose and reminded him calmly, “The average English result of our class is 3.5 points higher than the last time, didn’t you hear?”

Lin Zhouyang was stunned. He had a feeling that he no longer fit into the class of mutants anymore!

Just when Pei Song walked past Ye Ci’s table, she called out to him, “Monitor, can you lend me the notes from yesterday and the day before for a quick look?”

The busybody Lin Zhouyang joined the conversation, “Ye Ci, I thought you can just borrow Ning Li’s notes at home. You stayed at home for two day, didn’t you?”

Ye Ci froze for a moment. A slight awkwardness appeared on her face. “No.”

“It seems like someone is afraid that others might surpass her in the next exam,” Cheng Xiangxiang mocked in disdain.

The other students looked at each other curiously.

Ning Li had gotten first place in the monthly test and she was Ye Ci’s older sister by name. Would she be so stingy that she would not want to lend Ye Ci her notes?

“I…I don’t think Ning Li is like that…” Lin Zhouyang hesitated for a long while before he spewed the words. “The last time I asked her a question about grammar, she helped me solve it just like that.”

Ye Ci supposedly had a better relationship with Ning Li compared to an outsider like Lin Zhouyang, so what could have caused such a conflict?

Moreover, Ning Li’s insane score was because of her uncanny intelligence. Other people might not even get close to her score if they ate the book.

Cheng Xiangxiang glared at him. “Lin Zhouyang, what do you mean?”

Lin Zhouyang sensed the awkwardness in Ye Ci’s nonchalant expression. He realized that he had said something wrong and quickly shut up.

The entire class also fell into silence.

Ning Li then entered the class, seeming fine. She walked to her seat nonchalantly and turned a blind eye to all the gossip and whispers in class.

Pei Song took a notebook out from his bag and gave it to Ye Ci. “These are my notes from competitive Physics. You can take a look at them.”

Ye Ci smiled and accepted it. “Thank you.”

However, when she opened the notebook, she was stunned by what she saw.

The notebook barely contained anything. Every page only had one question, and even though the questions were answered, the steps seemed to be a lot shorter, especially the calculations which Pei Song had skipped almost all of. There were also some special symbols on the side.

Ye Ci got lost after reading a few lines.

Ren Qian looked at her with a sympathetic gaze. “Ah, I forgot to tell you that Brother Pei’s notes are exclusively deciphered by himself. No one knows what he writes.”

The lectures in competitive Physics class were a lot harder than normal classes. Ren Qian had jokingly read the notebook before but could not understand a thing. He almost had to ask Pei Song to explain them to him line by line.

As for Ye Ci, her Physics standard was not as good as Ren Qian’s, so it might be even more difficult for her.

Why would she join the competitive Physics class? For fun?

Sun Huihui had a glance at the notebook in Ye Ci’s hand. Slightly jealous, when she heard Ren Qian, she said, “At least, it’s better than nothing. Our class monitor is willing to lend others his notes, unlike someone else who keeps things to herself only.”

Quite a number of students looked at Ning Li as everyone knew who Sun Huihui was referring to.

Although she sounded harsh, everyone despised a stingy person who did not like to share knowledge just because she was scared that others would overtake her.

He Xiaochen glared at Sun Huihui. “Are you referring to Ning Li? Isn’t that normal of her to do so?”

Sun Huihui was confused. He Xiaochen and Ning Li were rather close, especially recently. However, she sounded like she was joining Sun Huihui in bashing Ning Li.

He Xiaochen had a glance at Ye Ci.

“It seems like other than Ye Ci, someone has also been shunned…”

He Xiaochen looked away. She unlidded the pen by biting the cover off and then wrote an answer in her book. She said nonchalantly, “Of course, she doesn’t lend others her notes because she doesn’t have any. So, how is she going to do that?”

The entire class plunged into silence when they heard He Xiaochen.