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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 690 - Never Lose to Lu Huaiyu

Chapter 690 Never Lose to Lu Huaiyu

The school leaders looked at each other and swallowed the rest of their words.

Shen Zhijin’s resume was indeed incomparable to an average person’s. With him here, Lu Huaiyu was probably under a lot of pressure…

Shen Li glanced sideways at Lu Huaiyu and gave him a look.

Lu Huaiyu leaned against the back of the chair. He noticed her gaze and smiled faintly.

–I told you that your father is a little fierce.

Shen Li coughed lightly.

The bell finally rang to signal the end of class.

The many students in the classroom all heaved a sigh of relief.

Because Shen Zhijin and a few other school leaders had been sitting at the back, everyone was still somewhat nervous.

In addition to the special relationship between Shen Zhijin, Shen Li, and Lu Huaiyu, the air was filled with an inexplicable subtle aura.

After the entire class, Professor Fang was the only one who felt invigorated.

Several leaders sitting in the back row stood up one after another and went forward to talk to Professor Fang about the class.

Shen Zhijin was the last one.

The students in front looked over.

Usually, whenever they heard that the class was over, they would have quickly left. Today, however, they stayed here with a tacit understanding and seemed reluctant to leave.

This was the first day that God Shen and Shen Li had made their identities as father and daughter public! God Shen had even specially come to listen to her class!

The key point was that Lu Huaiyu was also there!

How could they miss such a famous scene?!

Everyone’s eyes scanned back and forth over the three of them. The flames of gossip burned fiercely, and some of them could not help but secretly take photos with their phones.

Shen Zhijin did not seem to notice it. He turned his head to look. His gaze paused on Lu Huaiyu for a moment before looking at Shen Li.

“You left your experiment record book at home. I brought it over for you. It’s in the office. You can go and get it later.”

Everyone, “As expected!

It was said that Shen Zhijin had taken Shen Li to the supermarket in Skyleaf City last night. Hearing this confirmed that Shen Li had indeed moved there!

Shen Li blinked.

“Oh, okay.”

Shen Zhijin nodded slightly and then walked towards the podium.

Professor Fang was talking to a few school leaders when he looked up and saw Shen Zhijin walking over. He asked, “Zhijin, what did you think of this class?”

Shen Zhijin nodded.

“Naturally, Professor Fang’s class is very


Professor Fang chuckled.

“How is it compared to before? Has there been any improvement?”

Shen Zhijin paused.


Professor Fang was very happy.

“I knew it. I’ve never seen you listen so seriously before.”

Earlier, when he had asked Lu Huaiyu to come up and write the solution to that question, he had noticed that Shen Zhijin was also looking at the blackboard.

Tsk, this was really rare.

Lu Huaiyu looked forward, tilted his head to look at Shen Li, and said with a low smile, “I heard that Teacher Shen is usually busy with scientific research. Even many of the school’s large-scale activities might not be able to get him to attend, let alone something as trivial as listening to class research.”

Shen Li put the book into her backpack. Hearing this, she turned to look at him with a sincere expression.

“I didn’t know that my father would be attending class today. He didn’t say anything this morning.”

“Mm. “Lu Huaiyu helped her carry her backpack, and the corners of his lips curled up. “It’s normal for Teacher Shen to want to check it out.”

He had kidnapped his daughter, and he had been caught a few times before, but he could not be investigated.

Fortunately, he had made sufficient preparations beforehand, so he could deal with it.

He smiled as he came closer, lowered his voice slightly, and said with a smile, “It’s just a class, but if Ah Li feels distressed, can you put it on the account first?”

At that moment, Shen Zhijin turned his head to look over.

Then, he looked at Professor Fang and said indifferently, “Professor Fang’s class is indeed very good. In the future, the mathematics department and the Institute of Physics should have more exchanges. What do you think?”


Professor Fang was stunned for a moment before he smiled even more happily.

“Zhijin, let everyone bear witness that you’re the one who said that.”

The Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics had been fighting openly and covertly for many years. Neither of them looked up to the other.

No matter what happened, the two departments would always compete to determine who was better.

Now, as the honorary dean of the Department of Physics, Shen Zhijin had actually taken the initiative to say such a thing. Was this not surprising?

Professor Fang was in a good mood and responded with a smile. “Sure. In the future, if Zhijin has time, bring more people to listen to the lectures. Let’s communicate amicably and make progress together!”

Shen Zhijin paused and nodded in agreement.

Just then, Shen Li walked over.

“Dad, I’m going to have something to eat first, okay?”

Shen Zhijin turned around and saw that Lu Huaiyu was standing behind her with her backpack in his hands.

He was quite self-aware.

Shen Zhijin said, “There are still a few areas that need to be adjusted for your new opening report. Professor Yang’s previous research direction is close to it, so you can learn from him.”

As he spoke, he looked at the time.

“It just so happens that we’re going to meet later. You should come along.”

Shen Li was stunned.

So this meant–

“He should be in the staff canteen right now.”

Shen Li instantly understood.

“You mean…”

Shen Zhijin replied with a “Hmm”.

“Let’s go.”

After saying that, he bade farewell to the other people, intending on taking Shen Li over.

After taking a few steps, he turned around to look at Lu Huaiyu.

Although he did not say anything, his intention of driving him away was already very obvious.

Lu Huaiyu said seriously, “Teacher Shen, I don’t have a meal card.”

Therefore, he had to use her meal card together with her.

Shen Zhijin narrowed his eyes.

“You could always go home–“


At that moment, Zhang Yao walked out from the corner of the stairs in front while holding a book.

When he raised his head and saw this scene, he was stunned for a moment. His gaze quickly swept over the few of them and he smiled.

“Hey, are you guys going to eat together?”

Before Shen Zhijin could speak, Lu Huaiyu nodded with a smile.

“I’ve always heard that the food in the staff canteen is very delicious. It’s a pity that I haven’t had the chance to try it before. Today, I can be considered to have basked in Teacher Shen and Ah Li’s glory.”

Zhang Yao laughed heartily.

“Yes, you can! Braised pork ribs and fried prawns are not bad! You can try them all later!”

As he spoke, he looked at Shen Li.

“Ah Li probably hasn’t eaten them before, right? That’s perfect, let’s go together! Your Dad doesn’t spend much time in school, so he doesn’t understand these things as well as I do. You guys can just follow me!”

Lu Huaiyu’s brows relaxed.

“Thank you, Vice-Principal Zhang.”

Zhang Yao waved his hand.

“What’s there to thank? Let’s go.”

As he spoke, he lifted his feet and walked forward.

After taking a few steps, he realized that the others were not moving.

He turned around and waved his hand.

“Hey, Zhijin, what are you all standing around for? Let’s go.”

Twenty minutes later, the group arrived at the staff canteen.

Looking around, they saw that the people there were all teachers from Xijing University.

Not long after they entered, Shen Li already saw a few familiar faces.

Of course, those people also saw them and came to greet them.

“Vice-Principal Zhang, Vice-Principal Shen.”

“This is Vice-Principal Shen’s daughter, right?”

“When I saw her before, I felt that she was very similar to Zhijin…”

Of course, Lu Huaiyu’s face was also very recognizable.

Someone asked with a smile, “Why is Huaiyu here?”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly.

“I came to accompany Teacher Shen and Ah Li to eat.”