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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 689 - The Picky Shen Zhijin

Chapter 689 The Picky Shen Zhijin

Professor Fang smiled.

Who would have thought that in his lifetime, Shen Zhijin would come to his class for the third time in his life?

This situation was a little strange, but–

His gaze swept over Lu Huaiyu.

— This kid was using the class for his love life. He would be dating there endlessly and could not be chased away. Now, there was finally someone who could teach him a lesson.

After meeting Shen Zhijin, would he still have a chance of winning?

Professor Fang thought of the very warm photo of the father and daughter, and his smile deepened.

He had made the right decision to appoint Shen Li as the class representative back then.

Shen Li silently withdrew her hand and flipped open the Advanced Mathematics book.

The tip of Lu Huaiyu’s brows raised slightly.

Countless pairs of eyes in the classroom were fixed on this side, burning with the flames of gossip


Vice-Principal Shen was not here to listen to the lecture. He was clearly here to watch his daughter fall in love!

Many people cast a rare look of sympathy towards Lu Huaiyu.

How could a daughter that he had just found not be treasured?

How could he have any part in it? Lu Huaiyu remained calm and collected. He turned his head to look at Shen Li and said with a chuckle, “Ah Li, I didn’t bring any books. Can you lend them to me to read?”

Shen Li glanced at him.

When had he ever brought a book when he came to this class?

Now, he actually wanted to read it…

She pressed her hand on the Advanced Mathematics book and felt a strong presence from the other side. She was a little hesitant.

It did not seem appropriate to borrow or not to borrow this book…

Shen Zhijin looked ahead at the blackboard. The tone of his voice was indifferent.

“Ah Li, you don’t need that book anyway. Since others need it, you can just lend it.”

Shen Li, “… Oh.”

Her fingertips moved slightly, and she pushed the book towards Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

The next moment, the corners of his lips curved slightly.

“Teacher Shen is right. This book should be lent to those who need it. I still remember the basics, so it’s better not to use it.”

Shen Li paused for a moment, then silently took the book back.

— Wasn’t it just a book? What was there to argue about? It was not like no one had memorized it.

She had read it for many years, so she knew the contents like the back of her hand. She remembered it all clearly.

However, it was different now that she was the class representative. She would bring books to class, receive and hand out homework, and sign in at class?

Why had she not thought about who had caused her to be like this?

She simply looked at the blackboard and decided to ignore the two men who were on the left and right sides of her.

“Who will write down the solution to this curve integral question?”

Professor Fang wrote down a question on the blackboard and looked around the classroom.

Many students stared at the long list of questions with blank gazes.

A few of them lowered their heads and started to calculate, but most of them did not move. They seemed to still be thinking.

“Lu Huaiyu?

Professor Fang called out, “You do it.”

Many people turned their heads to look.

Lu Huaiyu did not seem to mind. With a smile on his lips, he quickly stood up. “Okay.”

He strode to the podium.

Without any pause, he wrote out the answer to the question smoothly.

After he finished writing, he turned to look at Professor Fang.

“Do you think this will work?”

He had asked “Will it work”, not “Is it right”.

It could be seen that he had absolute confidence in this question.

Professor Fang was watching from the side with his arms crossed. Hearing his question, he smiled and nodded.

“There’s no problem. It’s been written correctly.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and put down the chalk, intending to go back.

However, just as he walked away, he heard Professor Fang say.

“Everyone has seen this clearly, right? The solution to this problem is like this. As for the steps, Lu Huaiyu has already written them very clearly. You guys should take a look.”

A male student sitting in the front row could not help but ask,”Professor Fang, this problem seems to be beyond our scope, right? We haven’t learned it before.”

Professor Fang smiled gently.

“Yes, this content belongs to the next volume. You guys have indeed not learned it yet. However… just because I didn’t say to do so, it doesn’t mean that you can’t read it yourself. Lu Huaiyu also didn’t learn this before. Didn’t he still manage to write out the answer?”

Lu Huaiyu stopped in his tracks.

Professor Fang continued.

“Besides, how many years has it been since he graduated? I believe he was only 16 at that time? It’s been so long, yet he still remembers it. It’s not easy. If you could spend more time and energy on your studies, I don’t know how much less worry I would have.”

Countless gazes fell on Lu Huaiyu.

Low voices of discussion could be heard.

“Professor Fang is comparing us to Lu Huaiyu? Isn’t this bullying? Everyone knew that he had been specially recruited back then. He had gotten full marks on almost all of his courses, and his GPA was ridiculously high. Don’t say that I haven’t studied before. Even if I had studied before, I would have forgotten everything after taking the exam. How could I remember it for so many years?”

“Who says so? The difference in IQ is obvious. What can I do?”

“Senior Lu is really outstanding in this aspect… Tsk, I can’t even be envious! If I had his brain, I wouldn’t have even attended this Advanced Mathematics class!”

“Shh! Keep your voice down! Are you afraid that Professor Fang can’t hear you?”

Lu Huaiyu returned to his seat.

The school leaders also looked at him a few more times.

“I have to say, Lu Huaiyu is indeed quite outstanding…”

“That’s true. Why do you think those teachers turned a blind eye to him skipping classes when he was still in university?”

“He had been the first one who was recruited that year.”

“Vice-Principal Shen, what do you think?”

The man sitting next to Shen Zhijin asked with a smile.

In fact, his thought for asking this question was very simple, purely because Lu Huaiyu was Shen Li’s boyfriend and Shen Zhijin was Shen Li’s father.

Wouldn’t that mean that praising Lu Huaiyu would be the equivalent of indirectly praising Shen Li’s good taste?

When Shen Zhijin heard this, his expression remained calm. He merely smiled and said in a calm voice, “Xijing University at the age of


Everyone suddenly quieted down.


Shen Zhijin had been admitted to Xijing University at the age of 14.