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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 688 - Attending Class

Chapter 688 Attending Class

[ What did I just see?! Did Ning Li just call God Shen, Daddy?! ]

[ I must be blind, I must be blind, I must be blind… ]

( Host’s connections: Yes, these two gods’ circle of friends can be intercepted! In the evening, I heard that Vice-Principal Shen took Ning Li to the neighborhood supermarket to buy vegetables. Vice-Principal Shen personally admitted that Ning Li was his daughter! Oh, no, she is now known as Shen Li. ]

[ My whole family is shocked. Wasn’t she from Lincheng? And her parents… how did she become Vice-Principal Shen’s daughter in the blink of an eye? Hasn’t Vice-Principal Shen always been single? How had such a grown-up daughter suddenly appeared? ] [ Ah! According to the people from the Institute of Physics, Vice-Principal Shen and Ning Li had indeed left the school together two days ago. As for what they had gone to do, no one knows. However, when they returned, they had become father and daughter… Could it be that they had gone to investigate this matter during that time? ]

[ God Shen! That’s God Shen! Have you forgotten that he was married before, but his wife passed away a long time ago. Calculating the time… it does seem that Ning Li is his and his wife’s child? ]

[ Speaking of which, judging by this photo, they are definitely father and daughter! Their eyes and brows look exactly the same! I knew that Ning Li’s talent in physics was amazing. So she is God Shen’s daughter?! Then, it’s fine. Father and daughter are immortals. Us mortals can only look up to them.”

[ Correction: Her name is Shen Li now. ]

[ God Shen is already powerful enough. His daughter has been left behind for so many years, yet she was able to grow up to be so outstanding. Both father and daughter are really… King-like! ]

There were pictures and the truth. There were also several teachers and staff of Xijing University in Skyleaf City as witnesses. Everyone understood that this matter had already been set in stone.

Shen Li was indeed Shen Zhijin’s daughter!

A stone could cause a thousand ripples.

The replies to this post rose at an astonishing speed and were quickly pushed up to become a hot post. It fluttered red at the top of the homepage and remained high for a long time.

Shen Li did not seem to care about how many waves this post had caused in the outside world.

After eating, she returned to her bedroom, took out her notebook, and started to process the content that she had left behind in the past few days.

Her phone lit up.

She took a look and saw that it was a call from Lu Huaiyu.

She picked it up.

“Second Brother?”

There was a smile in Lu Huaiyu’s voice.

“That cheese mashed potato looks really delicious.”

“Does Second Brother want to eat it?” Shen Li closed the computer. “Then, shall I make more next time and bring it over for you?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“It seems a little troublesome.”

“It’s not troublesome. That cheese mashed potato is quite easy to make. Second Brother, if you want to eat it–“

“Shen Tangtang.”

Lu Huaiyu interrupted her and said with a low laugh, “That cheese mashed potato looks very delicious, but it shouldn’t be as delicious as yours.”

Shen Li pinched the tip of her ear which had gotten slightly hot.

“Got it. I’ll bring you some candy tomorrow.”

The next day was Friday.

It was Professor Fang’s Advanced Mathematics class again, in the large lecture hall.

As soon as Shen Li walked in, the originally noisy classroom instantly quieted down.

Everyone looked at her with different expressions on their faces.

Curiosity, shock, doubt, surprise, gossip, excitement…


The news that she and Shen Zhijin were biological father and daughter had already been thoroughly spread at Xijing University. Everyone was in the midst of excitement so seeing her now, they naturally could not help but be in high spirits.

Fortunately, Shen Li had already anticipated this situation before she came, so these gazes did not affect her too much.

She came to the last row of the classroom as per usual.

Just as she sat down, Lu Huaiyu also walked in from outside the classroom.

He had practically accompanied Shen Li to attend the Advanced Mathematics class for the entire semester. The last two seats had also become the default seats for the two of them.

He came to Shen Li’s side and sat down beside her. At the same time, he handed her an assignment.

Shen Li glanced at it.

“Second Brother, Professor Fang asks that when you do your homework next time, to not write so many solutions.”

Lu Huaiyu said softly, “Oh.”

He paused and sighed again.

“It’s mainly because I’ve been quite free recently. My girlfriend seems to be too busy.”

Shen Li, “…”

Lu Huaiyu leaned to the side and moved closer.

At the same time, under the desk, his hand was wrapped around hers. Their fingers were intertwined, forming an extremely intimate gesture.

A warmth came from the palm of his hand.

His thin lips were slightly raised, and his deep phoenix-like eyes looked at her as if there was a whirlpool with a fatal attraction.

“Ah Li, did I forget to tell you that I miss you very much?”

Even if she was right here, even if he was holding her hand tightly, even if he could smell the sweet scent in her hair…

Still, he missed her so much.

Shen Li blinked her eyes lightly, her sparkling peach blossom eyes shimmering.

Lu Huai gently rubbed his slightly calloused fingers rubbed against her hand, his voice extremely soft.

“When will you give me my candy?”

Shen Li’s lips moved slightly. Just as she was about to speak, she suddenly felt that the classroom was strangely quiet.

She sensed that something was wrong and raised her head to take a look. She saw a group of people walking in from the front door of the classroom.

The person in front was Professor Fang, and beside him…

Shen Zhijin.

Behind him, there were several other school leaders.

Shen Zhijin raised his eyes. His gaze seemed to pass through more than half of the classroom and landed on Shen Li, as well as the person beside her– Lu Huaiyu.

Her eyebrows twitched and she subconsciously sat up straight.

Lu Huaiyu followed her gaze and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Professor Fang was obviously in a good mood. His smiling voice came from the podium.

“Today, the school leaders are here to listen to the class. Everyone, don’t be nervous. Just attend this class as usual.”

Shen Zhijin’s expression was calm. He raised his feet and walked towards the back of the classroom.

The other leaders followed closely behind.

Everyone in the classroom was paying attention to him.

Shen Zhijin walked slowly and stood in the last row.

“Vice-Principal Shen, shall we sit here?” A man next to him asked.

Shen Zhijin responded with a “Hmm”. Then, he sat in the empty seat next to Shen Li.

The other leaders also took their seats, filling up the empty last row.

Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu were instantly surrounded.

The atmosphere became strange.

Shen Zhijin tilted his head and swept his gaze over the two of them. He paused for a moment when he came to what was under the table before saying, “Professor Fang, let’s begin.”