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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 680 - Take a Guess, Do You Think He Knows

Chapter 680 Take a Guess, Do You Think He Knows

This sentence immediately made Su Yuan freeze on the spot.

She suddenly jerked to a halt, as if she had not reacted.

The man in front of her looked somewhat familiar. Su Yuan looked at him and searched in her mind for a long time before she finally remembered something.

Was this not Vice-Principal Shen from Xijing University?

At that time, she had gone to the school to ask Ning Li for help. It was this man who had helped Ning Li and had even asked the school security to take her away by force.

Why had he suddenly appeared here?

No, that was not the point. The point was– what had he just said?!

“You… your daughter?!”

Su Yuan’s gaze fell on Ning Li, who was standing at the side, as if she had heard a joke. She looked incredulous.

“What are you talking about?”

These words were so ridiculous that she almost laughed.

“Ning Li was born to me. How could she be your daughter?!”

Shen Zhijin’s gaze was fixed on Su Yuan, although the expression on his face did not change.

Based on her reaction, it was almost certain that she did not know that Ning Li had been carried away by the wrong person.

However, everything still needed to be verified.

He spoke coldly, enunciating each word carefully. “We have already done a paternity test. She is my biological daughter. She has no blood relationship with you. You are not her mother. You’re not worthy of her.”

The cold smile on Su Yuan’s face froze.

Just then, Old Master Gu and the others walked over from behind.

When they saw Su Yuan, the faces of the Gu family members turned extremely cold.

“So, this is Su Yuan?”

Old Master Gu’s voice was cold and deep.

Ever since he had received the call from Shen Zhijin, he had already asked people to look up any information on Ning Li.

He had already looked up everything that could be found, including all of her experiences over the years.

In fact, he had already known a little about Ning Li’s situation before, but it had not been that detailed.

This time, he had done a thorough check of everything

That included the childhood bullying from her classmates when she was young, fighting with others, skipping class so that she could work, cyber violence, and everything that she had experienced in the Ye family.

He did not even dare to show that information to Old Madam Gu.

When he saw Su Yuan, he was filled with conflicting emotions. If it were not for the fact that he still had to find out how all this had happened back then, Su Yuan might not even be standing here and talking right now.

Seeing such a lineup, Su Yuan finally realized that something was wrong.

Among the people in front of her, she only knew Lu Huaiyu and Cheng Xiyue. Including this time, she had only met Shen Zhijin twice.

As for the group behind, even if she did not know any of them, it did not stop her from seeing that these people definitely came from extraordinary backgrounds.

Who were they? Could it be that they had come with Ning Li?

Su Yuan’s mind was in chaos.

The Gu family was the number one family in Hong Kong City. Old Master Gu had lived a life full of ups and downs. He had always been decisive and ruthless.

How could Su Yuan possibly withstand his questioning and accusations that were accompanied by biting cold anger? A deep sense of unease and fear surged into her heart, almost causing her to lose her balance.

“You, you– I don’t know you!”

As Su Yuan said this, she turned around in a panic and was about to leave.

However, just as she took a step forward, a few men dressed in black, who looked like tall bodyguards, walked forward and blocked her way.

Su Yuan’s heart trembled.

It was these people who had brought her and Ye Cheng to Lincheng yesterday!

It was also these people who had forcefully brought them to the hospital and put them under house arrest!

She had always thought that it was the Ye family’s creditors who had taken this action, but at this moment, she realized that her guess was wrong!

She turned around to take a look and only then did she realize that the entire corridor, both the front and back entrances, had been blocked by people.

She had nowhere to go at all!

“What, what do you all want to do?!”

Su Yuan’s face had gone pale.

No matter how slow she was, she knew that these people were definitely not people she could afford to provoke!

At a loss for words, she looked at Ning Li again and saw that she was standing there with a calm expression and indifferent eyes.

Su Yuan suddenly understood something. These people… Were they all here for Ning Li’s sake?!

Ning Li stared at her for a while before saying calmly, “It seems that Madam Ye still doesn’t know that her daughter was carried away by the wrong person?”

These words finally brought Su Yuan back to her senses.

They said that Ning Li was not her daughter? That a paternity test had already been done?!

Carried away by the wrong person… carried away by the wrong person?!

Su Yuan muttered in disbelief, “What did you mean by ‘carried away by the wrong person’?”

Ning Li suddenly gave a light smile.

On the night that she had been waiting for the results of the paternity test, she had not slept the entire night. She had sat on the sofa and thought about a lot of things.

She had thought about her past life and thought about this life.

She thought about all kinds of things in the past. She thought about how Su Yuan had left all those years ago. She thought about how she had treated her coldly afterward.

In the end, a guess emerged in her heart.

Had Su Yuan known that she was not her daughter?

It was not only her. It was possible that everyone else might have already thought about this matter.

They might have thought that Su Yuan knew. However, she was certain that Su Yuan definitely had not known about this matter.

Su Yuan’s reaction now was enough to prove this point.

If Su Yuan had known long ago, she would not have agreed to bring her into the Ye family.

Ning Li said lightly, “The Ning family’s hearts are not very strong. You should know this, right?”

Su Yuan was suddenly stunned.

Of course she knew.

Ning Haizhou’s mother had died of a heart attack. In the past, whenever Ning Haizhou had often stayed up late or been overworked, would occasionally say that his heart was not feeling well.

However, she had not paid much attention to

But now, what did Ning Li mean by this?

Meeting Su Yuan’s stunned gaze, Ning Li said, “Your biological daughter had a congenital heart disease.”

Su Yuan was stunned for a long time before her eyes slowly widened.

“How is that possible? How could I not have known that my daughter had a heart disease?”

“Yeah, how could you not know?”.

Ning Li murmured softly and looked at the ward to the left.

Ning Haizhou was there.

“Then take a guess, do you think that he knows?”

In the ward, Ning Haizhou was still in a daze as he lay on the hospital bed.

He looked very haggard and weak since he had only undergone an operation not long ago.

The door was suddenly pushed open. He looked up and saw a familiar face.

“Ah Li?”

He tried to support himself to sit up, but soon found that there were people following Ning Li in.

He was the only patient in this ward which was already quite spacious.

However, as these people came in one after another, the space seemed to become a little crowded.

He sensed that something was wrong, and his movements became slow.

The inexplicable pressure in the air made him feel a little uneasy.

“Ning Haizhou?”

A cold and indifferent voice was heard.

Ning Haizhou followed the voice and saw a man standing next to Ning Li.

The atmosphere made him even more nervous. He could only turn to ask Ning Li, who was the only person he knew.

“Ah Li, who… who are these people?”

Ning Li looked at him quietly.

The man next to her took a step forward and stared at him.

“I am Ning Li’s biological father, Shen Zhijin.”

Ning Haizhou suddenly looked up sharply and his pupils constricted!