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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 679 - Goodbye

Chapter 679 Goodbye

Old Master Gu did not give him this chance.

He looked at Ning Li.

“Ah Li, let’s go to Lincheng together this afternoon.”

Everyone had already discussed this matter.

However, Old Madam Gu’s health was not very good. It would be too tiring for her to travel back and forth like this.

She said, “Grandmother, you should stay in the Capital for now.”

Many people would be going to Lincheng this time. It would be enough to investigate the issue of her background.

Old Madam Gu shook her head with a smile.

“No, I want to go with Ah Li.”

Her expression and voice remained gentle, but the tone of her voice brooked no objections. It was obvious that she had already made up her mind.

Ning Li frowned slightly.


“Ah Li.”

Old Madam Gu paused for a moment and said slowly, “Grandma wants to take a look.”

She wanted to see the place where she grew up, her past experiences, and everything that she had experienced.

Ning Li’s eyelids drooped slightly, but she eventually nodded.


After lunch, Ning Li sent Elder Mei and Yu Pingchuan off.

Old Master Lu struggled for a long time, but he had not been able to find the right time to speak, so he could only give up for the time being

He felt that it would not be too late to mention it after Ning Li’s matter had been completely investigated.

Right, he would have to print a few more copies of the engagement planning booklet later.

All these in-laws had to be treated equally!

Thinking about that, Old Master Lu felt that everything would be fine. Then, he repeatedly told Lu Huaiyu to take good care of Ning Li while on their journey before returning home.

At 4:30 pm, three private planes landed at the Cheng family’s private tarmac in Lincheng.

Cheng Xiyue was already waiting here.

Seeing the group of people gradually alighting from the planes, even Cheng Xiyue, who had long known the situation, could not help but secretly sigh. To be able to get the entire Gu family of Hong Kong City to mobilize was really…

His gaze fell on Ning Li, who was surrounded by everyone, and he clicked his tongue.

Who would have thought that she was actually the only young miss of the Gu family of Hong Kong City and Shen Zhijin’s biological daughter?

With such an identity, it was not too much to say that she would be pampered.

Lu Huaiyu walked forward.

Cheng Xiyue cast a sympathetic gaze at him.

With the Gu family and Shen Zhijin’s attitudes, if he wanted to marry Ning Li, he would really have to go through five hurdles and kill six generals. “The car has already been prepared. Please invite Old Master Gu and the others to board the car.”

Cheng Xiyue said, “Ning Haizhou is in the hospital. He’s being strictly guarded so it will be inconvenient to come out. I’ve already gotten someone to bring Su Yuan and Ye Cheng to the hospital.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

“What about the medical staff that was in charge of delivering the child back then?”

“According to the information that we found earlier, there was a total of one doctor and two nurses at that time. That doctor died ten years ago. There was also a nurse who had an accident three years ago and drowned. Only one nurse is left, but fortunately, she’s in Lincheng.”

Cheng Xiyue looked at the time.

“She should already be in the hospital by now.”

Lu Huaiyu responded. “Then let’s go over now.”

A fleet of cars drove along the road.

Ning Li, Shen Zhijin, and Lu Huaiyu sat in Cheng Xiyue’s car.

The Gu family members followed behind in turn.

She looked out the window.

This was the place where she had lived for more than ten years and could not be more familiar with it.

However, she had never thought that she would return one day for such a reason.

For some reason, this place now seemed to have become unfamiliar as well.

Ning Li suddenly thought of something and turned her head to look at Shen Zhijin, who was sitting beside her.

He was looking out of the window on the other side, and his side profile was calm.

It was as if he was looking at something, but also as if he was thinking of something.

Ning Li pursed her lips slightly.

Actually, she had not had the opportunity to ask Shen Zhijin why they had come here back then, and had even given birth to her here.

As if he sensed her gaze, Shen Zhijin suddenly turned around and looked over.

Their eyes met.

Ning Li’s heart moved.

“Dad, you… Why did you come here back then?”

When Shen Zhijin heard this question, his eyelids trembled slightly.

He lowered his eyelids to hide the pain in his eyes.

After a long while, he said slowly, “At that time, I was in charge of building an astronomical observation station here.”

Ning Li was stunned. Then, she suddenly realized something and widened her eyes in shock.

“Astronomical observation station?”

There was only one astronomical observation station in Lincheng. It was the one that she had taken over from Xu Yin!

Shen Zhijin seemed to have guessed what she was thinking. He looked into her eyes and said calmly, “It was the one that you were in charge of later. At that time, not long after the project was launched, there was an accident. The project had been forced to be suspended before Teacher Xu eventually took over.”

Forced to be suspended.

Ning Li’s heart trembled slightly.

That seemed to be the time when he had slit his wrists to commit suicide.

He had been hovering between life and death, so how could he continue to do this?

No wonder…

No wonder he had always blamed himself for the mistakes of the past…

Ning Li fell silent. She had not expected fate to be so coincidental that the astronomical observation station that he had not completed had finally been handed over to her.

Shen Zhijin did not continue.

Every time this matter had been mentioned in the past, it had been a bone-chilling torture.

If Ning Li had not asked, he would not have talked about it, no matter what.

After that incident, he had never set foot here again for more than a decade.

The only thing he had not expected was that he had left Tangtang here.

Shen Zhijin looked out of the window. The scenery by the roadside kept regressing.

Compared to more than a decade ago, this place had changed a lot, almost subverting his memory.

As he got closer and closer to Lincheng Third People’s Hospital, he silently closed his eyes.

Ning Li gently held his hand.

Shen Zhijin’s eyebrows moved slightly.

Lincheng Third People’s Hospital.

Lu Huaiyu had already sent people to take care of things and asked them to transfer Ning Haizhou from Lincheng’s Central Hospital over here.

Cheng Xiyue parked the car and the group got out.

He had already been here before, so he was more familiar with this place.

As he walked forward, he explained, “Ning Haizhou is currently on the sixth floor, in a separate ward, so you won’t have to worry about being disturbed.”

He was a prisoner, so going outside for treatment was already special, not to mention that he was being specially taken care of at this time.

Ning Li did not say anything and merely followed him into the elevator.

It was not only her, but the closer they got, the quieter the whole group was.


The elevator door opened, and Ning Li stepped out.

Lu Huaiyu suddenly asked, “Ah Li, do you want to meet with him alone first?”

Ning Li paused.

Old Master Gu and the others looked at each other.

“If Ah Li wants to…”

“Ning Li?!”

Before Ning Li could speak, a sharp and resentful voice was heard.

Ning Li looked up and saw Su Yuan standing not far away from the corridor.

Having not seen her for a while, she now looked much older and more haggard than before.

When she saw that it really was Ning Li, she suddenly became upset.

“It really is you?! So, you’re the one who brought me and Lil Cheng here, aren’t you?! Ning Li! How could you be so ruthless? Do you know what we’ve been through all this time? If anything happens to Lil Cheng and me, you’ll be the first–“.

The more she spoke, the more agitated she became. Recalling the many torments she had suffered during this period of time, her hatred towards Ning Li grew. She was about to charge forward.

Shen Zhijin took a step forward and stared at her with an extremely cold gaze.

“Please show some respect to my daughter.”