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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 677 - In-Laws

Chapter 677 In-Laws

Ning Li, “…”

She blinked and her eyes met Shen Zhijin’s gaze. In a split second, she remembered something.

Previously, when Lu Huaiyu had accompanied her to the advanced math class and sent her back to the institute, he had hugged her and kissed her beneath the street lamp. They had bumped into Shen Zhijin at that time.

The space between her eyebrows twitched slightly and she coughed.

“… Ah.”

It would be easy for Shen Zhijin to find out about this matter.

At that time, she had only felt embarrassed because it had happened in front of her teachers and elders. Who would have thought that one day, her identity would be reversed?

Now that she thought back to those things from back then, it was truly… an extraordinary sour feeling.

Shen Zhijin replied with a faint “hmm”. It was not clear what he was feeling.

Ning Li tugged at his sleeve gently.

Shen Zhijin narrowed his eyes. Feeling sorry for his daughter, he decided not to continue to delve into this issue.

He looked at Lu Huaiyu.

“We’ll go over in the afternoon.”

In a room of water.

In a top-class private room, everyone was sitting around.

After the results of the paternity test had come out and the dust had settled, it could be considered that everyone had breathed a sigh of relief. They then discussed having a reunion dinner together.

Ning Li was sitting next to Old Madam Gu as she chatted with her.

As she spoke, she would look to her right from time to time.

Lu Huaiyu was talking to Old Master Gu and Shen Zhijin.

They seemed to be talking about Lincheng.

Old Master Gu’s expression was solemn, while Shen Zhijin’s gaze was cold.

Lu Huaiyu had not known much about the past between the Gu family and Shen Zhijin. However, after Ning Li’s background had been exposed, he had already started to investigate.

Combining his connections and the Cheng family’s connections in Lincheng with presence of the Gu family and Shen Zhijin, things would be much easier to handle.

Ning Li had been carried off by the wrong person. However, it was still uncertain whether it had been a mistake that had been caused by the hospital’s carelessness or because someone had deliberately done it.

The truth would only be known when they reached Lincheng.

“Sister Ah Li!”

Two cheerful voices suddenly came from the door.

Ning Li raised her head and saw the two young Gu twin brothers walking over excitedly.

Yun Jingrou followed behind them. When she saw Ning Li, she smiled.

She already knew that Ning Li was Shen Zhijin’s daughter, but she had not told the two brothers yet because she wanted to give them a surprise.

The two brothers quickly came over. They greeted Old Madam Gu first before looking at Ning Li.

Gu Sicheng asked, “Sister Ah Li, did you miss


Ning Li smiled.

“I did.”

Gu Siqi was about to say something when he turned her head and noticed Shen Zhijin. He was shocked.

“Fourth Uncle is here too?!”

He had blurted this out because he was too shocked.

After he had finished speaking, he realized something was wrong and looked at Old Madam Gu uneasily.

This… this was not a problem, right?

He really could not be blamed. After all, he had actually seen his fourth uncle and grandfather sitting together!

Gu Siyang walked over and smacked each of their heads.

“Are you still calling her Sister Ah Li?”

The two brothers covered their heads.

“Cousin! If we don’t call her Sister Ah Li, then what should we call her?”

Ning Li’s smile deepened.

“Well, it’s a little troublesome to call me that. You can just call me cousin from now on.”

“Okay! Si… Cousin?!”

Subconsciously, Gu Sicheng had been about to call her as usual, but then he quickly realized that something was wrong and his eyes widened in shock.

Gu Siqi was also stunned.

He looked at Ning Li, then at Shen Zhijin on the other end, and said in disbelief,”Cousin… Cousin is Fourth Uncle’s daughter?!”

Gu Siyang chuckled.

“Boss’s reaction speed is pretty good.”

Hearing his affirmative answer, the two brothers were completely shocked. Then, excitement gradually appeared on their small faces.

“Sister Ah Li is truly a sister! No wonder everyone in the family came today!”

Then, wouldn’t they be able to visit her frequently in the future?!

Just then, some other people came to the door.

It was Mei Yanqing and Yu Pingchuan.

After the results of the paternity test had come out, Ning Li sent a message to Elder Mei.

When Old Master Gu had found out, he had insisted that she invite them over.

After all, Ning Li was now Mei Yanqing’s last disciple. In the past few years, Mei Yanqing and Yu Pingchuan had taken good care of Ning Li.

The Gu family would definitely remember this favor.

So today, to show their respect and gratitude, they had been invited to join the family reunion.

Ning Li stood up to receive them.

“Master, Senior Brother.”

Elder Mei had an emotional expression on his face as he looked at Ning Li.

Upon learning of Ning Li’s true identity, even someone like him, who was used to many storms, had not been able to calm down for a long time.

Ning Li was his youngest disciple, and he had always treated her like his own granddaughter.

He knew best how much she had suffered and how much she had suffered.

Now, the bitterness had finally come to an end.

Ning Li said, “Master, your body has only just recovered. It’s not good for you to travel back and forth like this.”

Elder Mei waved his hand.

“Today is a special day! For Ah Li’s sake, I had to come!”

Yu Pingchuan also smiled.

“That’s right. The last time I went to Hong Kong City, how could I have imagined that you and the Gu family would have such a relationship?”

Ning Li felt a warmth in her heart.

“Thank you, Master, Senior Brother.”

At that moment, Shen Zhijin walked over.

“Elder Mei, Teacher Yu.” Shen Zhijin’s expression was extremely serious. “Thank you for taking care of Ah Li previously.”

On the other side, Old Master Gu and the others came to receive them personally.

“Elder Mei, Pingchuan, please come in.”

Mei Yanqing was the oldest here. Furthermore, he was Ning Li’s master. Even Old Master Gu had to give way to him.

Mei Yanqing looked at Old Master Gu and then at Shen Zhijin.

“Both your families are indeed blessed–“.

Before he could finish, footsteps came from behind.

Everyone turned around and saw Old Master Lu walking over in a hurry.

The people there looked at each other for a moment.

Old Master Lu first saw Mei Yanqing standing at the door and immediately greeted him happily.


As soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings instantly quieted down.


Sensing this subtle change in the atmosphere, Old Master Lu was stunned for a moment before he walked forward hesitantly.

As soon as he walked, he spotted Old Master


Gu Ci?

So, that was Ah Li’s grandfather?

He hurriedly called out again.


The air froze.

Old Master Lu paused.

What was this… Why did these people react like this?!

Shifting his gaze slightly, only then did he see Shen Zhijin.

Shen Zhijin?

Ah Li’s father?

This was the real deal!

Old Master Lu went forward in joy.

“Dear– Zhijin!”