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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 675 - Don’t You Want to Hug Tangtang

Chapter 675 Don’t You Want to Hug Tangtang

Old Madam Gu stepped forward and held her hand tightly, almost sobbing uncontrollably.

“My Ah Li… My Tangtang has suffered so much…”

When she saw this result, she was overjoyed, yet her heart ached even more.

She did not dare to think about how Ning Li had survived all these years.

While she was in Hong Kong City, she had accidentally overheard Ning Li mention that she used to draw people in the park to earn money. Later, she had found out what kind of background she had come from.

Her parents had divorced, her father had gone to prison, and her mother had remarried. For eleven years, she had been ignored by her mother.

How old had she been when she had learned to go out and earn money?

She had never had a normal, simple and happy childhood, much less be pampered and spoilt.

Poverty, bullying, fighting, struggling.

For eighteen years.

The warm embrace dispelled the coldness around her, and Ning Li slowly came back to her senses.

She reached out and hugged Old Madam Gu back. Her lips moved, and she finally spoke in a soft voice.

“Grandma, don’t cry. Am I not fine?”

She was still alive. She was alive and well


This was enough.

Hearing her call her that, Old Madam Gu’s tears fell even more fiercely. She touched her face.

“Ah Li is good… Our Ah Li is really the best…”

Old Master Gu patted her shoulder gently with slightly reddened eyes.

“Ah Qing, this is a great happy occasion. Why are you crying?”

As he spoke, he looked at Ning Li as if he wanted to say something. However, he felt as if there was something stuck in his throat.

After a long while, he said in a hoarse voice, “Ah Li… Very good, very good!”

Her equestrian skills were so good.

She was the top scorer in the M province’s science college entrance examination.

She loved drawing and was good at it too, just like Yinyin.

When she smiled, she was as beautiful and moving as Yinyin.

That was enough, it was really enough.

What more could one ask for?

What else could be better than this?

Ning Li’s lips curved slightly.

“Thank you, Grandfather.”

Old Master Gu’s throat choked up. He could not speak anymore and only nodded his head vigorously.


The report was passed on to Gu Tingfeng and the others, one after another. In the end, everyone was relieved.

For this moment, all the waiting was worth it.

Gu Tingfeng stood by the side. His heart was filled with joy, excitement, and love. Finally, he could not help but say, “Ah Li, quickly come and acknowledge me. Don’t call me by the wrong name again in the future.” Ning Li called out, “First Uncle.” Gu Tingchuan quickly responded, “Hey!”

He immediately frowned.

With a momentary lapse of attention, he had allowed his elder brother to steal the show again!

After all, he had waited downstairs the whole of last night!

He coughed heavily and looked at Ning Li.

“Ah Li, Siqi and Sicheng are both at home. They don’t know about this news yet. It just so happens that they have been talking about how they want to have some fun with you. Why don’t you tell them this news yourself when we get home?”

Ning Li thought about it and felt that it was a good idea, so she nodded.

“Alright, I’ll follow your suggestion, Second Uncle.”

Gu Tingchuan was finally at ease.

Seeing this, Gu Tingyun snorted softly.

Ning Li happened to look over.

Gu Tingyun cooperated by starting to cough.

“Cough cough, cough cough–“.

Ning Li frowned slightly.

“Third Uncle, do you have a cold?”

“Cough, cough, cough, it’s nothing, cough, cough…”

Gu Tingyun waved his hand, with a gentle expression on his face.

“I might have caught a cold last night, but it’s not serious. I’ll be fine after taking some medicine.”

Ning Li finally felt relieved.

“That’s good.”

She had been worried about this problem yesterday, and as expected, it was still…

Gu Tingchuan turned his head to look at Gu Tingyun. It was unbelievable how shameless he was.

He had waited the whole night too! Why had he not caught a cold?

He had not been coughing before. However, the moment Ning Li had acknowledged him, he had started coughing?!

–He really should take some medicine!

Gu Tingyun looked at him but did not mind his disdain. He gave a small smile.

At a time like this, what was there to be shy about?

Compared to his brothers, Gu Tinglan was the calmest.

After all, he was the one who was closest to Ning Li. “Ah Li,” he said with a smile, “Next time, don’t call me Doctor Gu anymore.”

Ning Li paused.

“Got it, Little Uncle.”

Gu Siyang finally could not hold it in anymore and rushed forward.

“Me! And me!”

He was going crazy from holding it in!

He had been forced to wait for his grandparents, his father, and a few uncles first.

Finally, it was his turn!

He looked at Ning Li with tears in his eyes.

“Don’t call me Boss anymore! I’m your cousin! Cousin!”

Ning Li was silent for a moment. “When did I… call you Boss?”

Gu Siyang, “???”

“No… But we already signed the contract…” Gu Siyang said pitifully, “So, that was our relationship!”

Old Master Gu suddenly said, “Siyang.”

Gu Siyang turned his head. “Huh? Grandfather?”

Old Master Gu asked,

“How much money did your company take from Ah Li? Quickly spit it out.”

Gu Siyang, “???”

Wait, wasn’t he supposed to be the wisest person in the family?!

He was the one who had signed Ning Li long ago. Who else in the family was the most supportive of Ning Li than him?!

Without hearing Gu Siyang’s reply, Old Master Gu said again, “Forget it, just bring me the contract later. I’ll take a look at it myself.”

Gu Siyang, “…”

This was not the time to look down on how he dealt with his matters!

Gu Siyang grunted. “Oh.”

In the end, he still struggled to give Ning Li a pleading look.

“Cousin, you can’t just abandon me!”

Ning Li could not help but laugh.

“Yes, I know.”

As she spoke, she raised her head to look at Shen Zhijin, who was behind the crowd.

Everyone was surrounding her, except for him. He had not moved an inch since he had seen the report.

He was looking at her quietly from that distance.

It was as if he was far apart from all the joy and excitement.

Ning Li took a light breath and walked over.

Everyone noticed this and turned to look at Shen Zhijin as well.

Ning Li came to stand in front of him.

After a moment of silence, she held his hand and touched the icy-cold watch on his wrist with her fingertips.

Shen Zhijin’s fingers trembled slightly. Ning Li said softly, “Dad, aren’t you going to hug your Tangtang?”