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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 674 - Hello, Shen Tangtang

Chapter 674 Hello, Shen Tangtang

Ning Li’s gaze lingered on it for a moment.

When Sang Yuan saw the crowd that was coming, he hesitated for a moment. However, in the end, he handed the paternity test results to Shen Zhijin first.

Naturally, the client who had requested for the paternity test had the right to know first.

Shen Zhijin reached out with his hand and took the sealed bag.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on him.

Shen Zhijin had not slept the whole night, but he was not sleepy at all. Instead, he felt extremely awake.

In all these years, he had never been more awake than now.

He lowered his head slightly and opened the sealed bag with his slender fingers.

At the moment, his eyelids had drooped slightly. On his handsome and thin face, his expression was exceptionally calm.

However, his hand was trembling slightly.

He pulled out the thin paternity test report and his eyesfinally landed on it.

He read each and every word extremely seriously, as if they had been deeply engraved in his heart.

His reading speed had always been extremely fast, but at this moment, everything seemed to have been deliberately slowed down.

The flow of time slowed down and became viscous. Finally, it stretched into long threads that wrapped around him.

His breathing and heartbeat seemed to have left his will at this moment.

He read the report for a very long time.

When he saw the appraisal opinion in the last column, his breathing stopped. Then, he finally heard the sound of his heart falling from the sky.

It was as if the ice-cold barrier had been broken. What he saw, heard, read, and thought finally rushed into his lonely wandering soul.

The universe was vast, and he was so small.

The world had once given him the best gift of his life, making him think that he was the luckiest person in the world. Then, it had cruelly taken everything back at an extremely painful price and told him that everything was just what he had thought.

Fate had played an extremely evil joke on him, giving him joy and fulfilling his dreams. However, in the end, he had been stripped of all his pride, crushed, and thrown into the dust.

He could no longer remember how long he had walked alone in the boundless darkness. All he remembered was the wind and frost, and the desolation on the ground.

He lingered between life and death, drifting between reality and fantasy.

The watch on his left wrist stood still, as if it could persuade him that time was still there on that day.

He had not lost everything on that day.

However, every time he took it off, the scar reminded him again and again, pulling back his past memories and grinding them to the extreme.

For a very, very long time, he did not know why he was still living like this.

Today, he had finally gotten the answer.

If the countless torments between then and now had all been for this moment…

Fate and time–

If they wanted his arrogance, he would give it.

If they wanted his pride, he would give it.

If they wanted him to suffer, wanted him to bleed, wanted him to kneel and beg for mercy…

He would give it.

He gave it.

He would kneel.

Everyone’s eyes were on Shen Zhijin.

He held the report without moving for a long time, as if he had frozen to the spot.

Finally, Old Madam Gu could not help but call out.


Shen Zhijin came back to his senses and slowly raised his eyes.

He handed the report to Old Madam Gu.

However, his eyes were looking at Ning Li.

When their eyes met, Ning Li felt as if her heart had been hit by something. She felt that she already knew the answer. Old Madam Gu looked at the report and read the last few lines of the report over and over again. Hot tears streamed down her face.

Old Master Gu was standing beside her, so naturally, he had seen it all clearly.

He closed his eyes and let out a long breath.

The pain from the past that he had buried for so many years and had not dared to touch, finally poured out with this long sigh.

“Ah Li… Ah Li…”

Old Madam Gu called out her name with a sob,

“I knew that Yinyin would not lie to me, I knew it…”

Ning Li silently took the report.

She read it line by line.

Name, date of birth, blood sample collection.

Test results.

Analysis notes.


Appraisal opinion:

According to the DNA test results, based on the analysis of the results of 16 different gene loci, the probability of establishing the biological paternity between Shen Zhijin and Ning Li is 99.9999%. After excluding the interference from multiple identical cells, close relatives, and external sources, the results support the fact that Shen Zhijin is the biological father of Ning Li.

Ning Li stared at the last sentence as her slender fingers tightened, and her knuckles turned white.

From yesterday until now, it was not that she had not imagined this result.

However, now that the result was in front of her, the surging impact was much stronger than she had expected.

It was like a torrent rushing down and swallowing her in an instant.

Many images seemed to appear in front of her eyes and her ears were ringing.

— Her father is a murderer, so she must be a little murderer too! Her mother doesn’t even want her anymore!

— Our Ah Li is the best child in the world.

— When you arrive at the Ye family, you’ll have to change those bad habits of yours from before.

–You’re the elder sister. What’s wrong if you give in to your younger siblings??

— How could I have a daughter like you??

Those were the nightmares that she could not get rid of. They had haunted her day and night, forcing her into a desperate situation.

She had compromised so many times until she had been forced to the edge of the cliff, finally falling into the abyss.

From her previous life to this life.

She had told herself that what did not belong to her would still never belong to her in the end.

So it was better not to be demanding, better not to be delusional.

However, one day, she finally understood that everything had been wrong from the start.

Xu Yin’s words echoed in her ears and gradually became a huge roar.

The fire had burned for a long time. Zhijin had rushed back and desperately rushed into the fire. It was only with great difficulty that the people around him had managed to pull him back.

His poor wife and daughter had been buried together in the fire. When their bodies were found, the child had still been tightly protected in her arms.

— Tangtang, for Tangtang.

— I hope she has no worries in her life.

Something seemed to collide violently within Ning Li’s chest, blurring her vision and causing her ears to buzz.

It turned out that the album had been for her.

It turned out that the pony doll for the Mid-Autumn Festival had been for her.

It turned out that the candy and toys in the passenger seat compartment had been for her.

It turned out that the whole wall of gifts had been for her.

It turned out that she was not a weed that was struggling out of the mire and covered in mud.

There had also been people who had protected her as if she was a treasure. They had protected her in their arms until they had died, unwilling to let her feel any pain.

There were also people who had remembered her all through these years, through all the festivals and birthdays, and had meticulously given her gifts to please her.

Ning Li opened her eyes and the boiling hot tears finally fell.