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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 667 - Presents for Tangtang

Chapter 667 Presents for Tangtang

Some time ago, Yan Qiu had undergone an appendicitis operation. Ning Li had temporarily taken his place and become Shen Zhijin’s assistant.

Now that Yan Qiu had almost recovered, Shen Zhijin had gotten injured instead.

In fact, when Shen Zhijin had been hospitalized after getting injured, the school had already taken action as quickly as possible.

Many of his responsibilities had been postponed and delayed.

However, even so, there were still some things that he needed to personally handle.

However, with his current physical condition, it was not appropriate for him to be overworked.

Ning Li had thought about it and wanted to take the initiative to take on some tasks that were within her ability to reduce Shen Zhijin’s burden as much as possible.

After all, he had gotten injured while trying to save her.

Shen Zhijin seemed to be a little surprised when he heard this.

Ning Li had been his assistant for a period of time. Her ability was beyond description, and she had a great understanding of much of the contents of his work.

She was indeed the most suitable candidate.

He lowered his eyes and pondered for a moment before finally nodding.


After visiting Shen Zhijin, Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu left the hospital.

On the way, Ning Li kept looking at her phone. Since the previous night, she had received a lot of calls and messages from people asking about this matter.

She had reported her safety to each one. After everything had been settled, she held her breath and looked out of the window.

“Ah Li.”

Lu Huaiyu’s voice was deep and gentle.

“Are you sleepy? Why don’t you rest for a while?”

After the experience yesterday, she had been busy dealing with all sorts of things. She probably had not slept well at all.

Ning Li tilted her head and leaned on his shoulder.

“I’m very sleepy, but I can’t sleep.”

She said softly.

Lu Huaiyu pulled her into his embrace and gently stroked her hair.

Ning Li was a little lost in thought.

After a long while, she said, “Teacher Shen is really good to his wife and daughter, right?”

Lu Huaiyu did not speak. He held her hand and kissed it.

Ning Li closed her eyes and intertwined her fingers with his.

As promised, Ning Li cooperated with Yan Qiu to help Shen Zhijin with his affairs for the next few days.

Apart from this, Ning Li would also bring food to the hospital when she was free.

Shen Zhijin had initially refused. However, he could not persuade Ning Li otherwise and eventually had to compromise quietly.

Fortunately, Shen Zhijin’s wounds had recovered well and he was soon discharged.

However, he spent most of his time recuperating at home, and most of his work was done online.

That morning, Ning Li was testing the data in the laboratory when Yan Qiu walked in.

“Junior Sister.”

Ning Li turned around and saw Yan Qiu holding a sealed document bag in his hand.

Yan Qiu asked, “Junior Sister?”

“Junior Sister, this is the contract for the new batch of astronomical telescopes that the Purple Star Observatory just sent over. The boss needs to personally sign it. I should be the one to go, but Dean Bi has called for a meeting at the last minute. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it in time. If you’re free now, could you help me send it over?”

Ning Li checked the device she was working at.

“Sure, the testing on my data will be finished in fifteen minutes. I’ll go after it’s done.”

Yan Qiu smiled and handed over the sealed document bag.

“Thank you, Junior Sister! Then I’ll take my leave first, alright?”

Ning Li accepted the document bag and nodded.

Seeing Yan Qiu turn around and leave, she suddenly thought of something.

“Senior Brother, wait.”

Yan Qiu turned around.

“What’s wrong?”

Ning Li said, “I don’t know Teacher Shen’s address.”

“Oh, about that, I’ll send it to you later!”

After all, Yan Qiu had been with Shen Zhijin for a long time, so he obviously knew all this very well.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Yan Qiu waved his hand elegantly and left.

Soon, Ning Li received a message on WeChat.

She took a look and saw that it was from Yan Qiu.

[ Skyleaf City, building No. 2,901. ]

Ning Li stared at the screen of the device and finished checking the last set of data.


She turned off the device, put away her things, and put the sealed document bag in her backpack.

Skyleaf City was a high-end residential area near Xijing University. It was only a ten-minute drive away.

Many teachers from Xijing University had bought houses there, so it was convenient for them to go to work.

Every year, Shen Zhijin did not spend much time in the country. However, this was where he basically lived whenever he returned to the country.

Ning Li got out of the taxi and went to the security booth.

However, before she could explain why she had come, the guard recognized her.

“Ning Li? You’re here to see Professor Shen, right?” Ning Li was stunned for a moment and nodded.

What she did not know was that after experiencing so many things in the past, many people at Xijing University, including their family members, already knew who she was.

The guard chuckled and said, “Okay, just register here. By the way, do you need me to call Professor Shen’s home for you?”

Shen Zhijin knew that Yan Qiu would be coming to deliver the contract.

At the thought of this, Ning Li shook her head and declined politely.

“Thank you, no need. I’ll make my way there directly.”

After that, she registered her information and walked into the residential area.

She quickly found the second building and took the elevator upstairs.

It was a large, flat floor with one staircase.

She went to the ninth floor and rang the doorbell.

After a few minutes, the door was opened and Shen Zhijin appeared behind the door.

He was stunned when he saw Ning Li.

“Ning Li?”

“Teacher Shen. Senior Brother Yan Qiu said that Dean Bi called for a meeting at the last minute, so he asked me to deliver this contract to you,” Ning Li explained.

Shen Zhijin understood and took the sealed document bag.

“Please, come in.”

Ning Li followed him into the house.

“Take a seat first. I’ll bring it back to you after I finish reading and signing it.”

Shen Zhijin poured her a glass of water.

Ning Li nodded and sat down on the sofa.

“Thank you, Teacher Shen.”

Shen Zhijin turned around and entered the study, supposedly to get a pen.

Ning Li looked around.

She had assumed that the house would be very simple and empty because Shen Zhijin lived alone.

However… It was actually quite different from what she had imagined.

On the coffee table in the living room, there was an exquisite bone china tea set.

In the vase on the dining table, there was a bunch of blooming red camellias.

There were a few paintings hanging on the wall, some traditional Chinese paintings, and some hand-drawn cartoons.

On the balcony, there was a log-colored rattan chair, on which was a white pony doll. An easel had been placed beside it.

After sitting for a while, Ning Li stood up and walked to the paintings. It was obvious that they had all been painted by the fourth Miss Gu.

Ning Li looked at them quietly for a while, before turning her head and noticing a transparent glass cabinet on the other side of the wall.

The cabinet had been neatly divided into several staggered small spaces, with all kinds of small objects inside.

Ning Li saw a familiar thing in a space in the upper right corner.

It was Lin Fengmian’s TO sign album.

She suddenly realized something and looked more closely at the space in front of her again.

She had been quite far away earlier, so she had not seen it clearly. Now that she was close, she finally saw what was inside.

Colorful building blocks, a piggy bank in the shape of a big-headed doll, a nebula comic strip, a crystal hair clip, a blue skirted curly-haired doll, a music box, book slips, small binoculars…

The album had been placed in the last frame.