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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 663 - First Snow

Chapter 663 First Snow


Ning Li felt that this description was a little inexplicable.

“I plan to pick Master up from the hospital tomorrow. Second Brother, would you like to come along?”

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved into a smile as he tilted his head to look at her. “As the family member of Elder Mei’s disciple, of course, I have to go on this occasion.” Ning Li, “…”

Had he forgotten about what had happened when he last went to the First Affiliated Hospital?

She didn’t know where his confidence came from…

She said, “Then when we go tomorrow, if Master says something, just remember what I said to you the first time.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her with a faint smile. He bent his head closer and looked into her eyes.

“You know it’s not easy for me to marry a wife.”

Ning Li’s ears were slightly warm. She hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him on the side of his face. “Then you need to work hard.”

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh.


Early Saturday morning, Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu made their way to the First Affiliated Hospital.

Mei Yanqing’s scans were clear. The news that he would be discharged had been tightly sealed.

According to the previous arrangements, Yu Pingchuan and Ning Li would be in charge of the discharge this time.

They had just arrived outside the ward, but before they could knock on the door and enter, they heard Elder Mei talking.

“No, no! I made the wrong move just now. Let’s start again!”

Then, a patient voice sounded.

“Mei Yanqing! How many times have you regretted your moves in this game of chess? Let me tell you, don’t go too far!”

Ning Li was stunned. Old Master Lu?

Subconsciously, she looked up at Lu Huaiyu, but he did not look surprised at all. It was as if he had already expected this.

Elder Mei raised his voice.

“I only misread it, alright? Lu Qishan, if you’re able to play this game, then play it. If you’re not, then just leave right now! No one will stop you!”

The corners of Ning Li’s eyes twitched.

Elder Mei was famous for his fiery temper, and his mouth was unforgiving. She had not expected him to quarrel with Old Master Lu today.

Although these two had a good relationship, Elder Mei was indeed…

She was worried that they would make too much of a big fuss, so she raised her hand to knock on the door.

However, before her hand had even landed on the door, she heard Old Master Lu mutter to himself, “If you want to play, then let’s play. What are you arguing for? But this is the last time. I won’t yield to you again after this!”

However, these words did not appease Elder Mei. Instead, they made him even angrier.

He sneered.

“Yield? Lu Qishan, do I need you to yield?! Forget it! This chess game is meaningless! Pingchuan, Pingchuan? Call Ah Li!”

Old Master Lu hurriedly said, “Eh, eh? In-law! In-law! Why are you angry? I merely said that in passing. I made a mistake! A mistake! Who doesn’t make mistakes? Hehe… You play, you play!”

Elder Mei was furious. “Who’s your in-law?!”

Ning Li, “…”

She finally understood what Lu Huaiyu had said yesterday.

This was really quite… fulfilling…

She glanced at Lu Huaiyu.

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly

“It looks like Grandpa and Elder Mei are having a good chat.” Ning Li, “…” She silently sympathized with Old Master Lu in her heart and finally knocked on the door.

Knock, knock.

“Master, it’s me.”

The various voices inside the door suddenly stopped and were followed by the messy sounds of packing.

Then, Yu Pingchuan came over to open the door. When he saw Ning Li, it was as if he had seen his savior.

“Ah Li, you’re here!”

He had been tortured to death by these two people for the past few days!

Ning Li looked into the ward.

Elder Mei was sitting on the bed, covered with a blanket. Old Master Lu was sitting beside him, holding a half-opened orange in his hand.

The two of them looked at her at the same time.

“Ah Li.”

“Ah Li is here?”

The two of them smiled quietly.

Ning Li was silent for a moment.

“Master, you should pack up and get ready to leave the hospital.”

“Also, Grandpa Lu, you have a chess piece in your sleeve.”

Elder Mei was unwilling to allow Old Master Lu and Lu Huaiyu to send him back with them.

However, because Ning Li was also there, he had to try and curb his temper and return to Jinse Bay with them.

However, this harmonious atmosphere did not last long Half an hour later, Old Master Lu and Lu Huaiyu were both driven out together.

Looking at the tightly shut door, Old Master Lu spoke resentfully.

“Seriously, the older you are, the more temperamental you are! I’ve never seen someone so difficult to please!”

Lu Huaiyu was silent for a moment, but he still sensibly reminded him.

“Grandpa, if you hadn’t kept asking about the flowers and wine for the engagement, Elder Mei wouldn’t have kicked us out.”

Old Master Lu choked for a moment.

“But… But didn’t I do it to show respect?! Besides, I’ve already screened the list of choices for a few rounds before I even came up with the final list for him to choose from. Have I not saved him so much trouble?!”

Lu Huaiyu’s expression was expressionless. “You even asked what you should wear on the day of the wedding.”

Old Master Lu’s imposing manner instantly weakened.

“I was only asking casually…”

Lu Huaiyu did not say anything.

The cold wind blew. Fang Qingyun looked at the two of them hesitantly.

“Old Master, Second Master, shall we go back now then?”

It was such a pity that they could not have dinner with Elder Mei and Ah Li…

As Lu Huaiyu thought of this, he turned to look at Old Master Lu and said seriously, “Actually, I think it would be great if you wore a Tang suit that day.”

Ning Li stayed at Jinse Bay all day before getting ready to leave after dinner.

She walked out of Jinse Bay to hail a taxi by the roadside.

As she was waiting for the taxi, she felt a touch of coolness on her forehead.

She was stunned. When she looked up, she found that it was snowing.

It was already December. The weather in the Capital was very cold, and the first snow had come early.

After a few minutes, the taxi arrived and she got in.

It was a snowy day so the driver drove slowly, and the traffic on the roads was especially congested. An hour later, Ning Li arrived at school and found that the snow here was exceptionally heavy. The ground was already piled with thick snow, making it very difficult for the vehicle to drive through.

With only a few hundred meters left, Ning Li got out of the car, intending on walking back.

Just then, she raised her head and accidentally saw a familiar figure walking out of a flower shop on the right.

Shen Zhijin.

He was holding a bunch of red camellias in his arms.

The light from the flower shop reflected off the snow on the ground, outlining his tall and straight figure.

Ning Li called out,”Teacher Shen.”

Hearing this, Shen Zhijin looked up.

However, in the very next moment, his expression changed!

“Ning Li! Be careful!”

Almost at the same time, a frigid cold wind suddenly attacked from behind!

Ning Li’s heart suddenly jumped!