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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 660 - Birthday, June 26th

Chapter 660 Birthday, June 26th

Lao Yu was obviously a professional. He quickly set up the tripod and set up the lens.


The light was turned on, and the bright light shone.

Ning Li blinked her eyes.



Subconsciously, she looked around, but saw that everyone else was behaving normally, as if there was nothing unusual about this.

As if sensing her gaze, Gu Sicheng blinked and asked, “Sister Li, what’s wrong?”

Ning Li asked hesitantly, “Is your family… always so… grand when taking photos?”

Gu Siqi adjusted his small black bow tie and said in seriousness, “Not really, Sister Li. It’s just that the school trip is over, so it’s appropriate to commemorate the occasion with a good photo.”

Ning Li was silent for a moment.

These words seemed to make sense, right?

After all, the Gu family was the number one family in Hong Kong City. It would be normal for them to be more particular about everything

Lau Yu adjusted his camera and secretly sighed in his heart.

Tsk, this new one was really different!

He said, “Everyone, look at the camera.”

Hearing this, Ning Li did not continue to ask any questions. She looked up. “Everyone, smile.” Ning Li’s lips curved into a smile. Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng also straightened up.


Lau Yu lowered his head to check the photo.

“Eh, this one isn’t good. Let’s have another one. Second Master, please smile a little.”

Gu Tingchuan coughed.

“Got it.”

Lau Yu pressed the shutter again.


He looked at it and was silent for a moment.

“Second Master, you don’t have to smile so…”

It was a very creepy sight!

Gu Tingchuan was a little annoyed.

“Then you didn’t make it clear just now!”

Old Yu, “…”

‘I told you to smile, but I didn’t force you to smile like this!


Gu Tingchuan wanted to say something something else, but Yun Jingrou secretly stepped on him. His lips moved, and he snorted in the end.

“Let’s take another one.”

Gu Sicheng suddenly asked, “Sister Li, did you have fun in Haicheng this time?”

Ning Li nodded.


“Did you have more fun in our house?”

Gu Tingchuan turned his head slightly.

Ning Li could not help but laugh.


When she laughed, her peach blossom eyes were clear and bright, and the dimples on the corners of her lips were faintly discernible.

Gu Tingchuan momentarily went into a daze, and his usually cold and solemn eyes were tinged with a rare gentleness.

Gu Sicheng narrowed his eyes.

“My brother and I feel the same way!”

Lau Yu suddenly said, “Good! Maintain it like this!”

As he spoke, he quickly pressed the shutter.


After a long time, the photoshoot finally ended

Lau Yu quickly left.

Yun Jingrou held Ning Li’s hand and sat down beside her.

“Ah Li, come and eat.”

“Thank you, Aunt Jing.”

Ning Li had been worried that since she was not very close to Second Master Gu’s family, it might be a little awkward for her to come today.

However, such a situation had not happened.

Although Second Master Gu always looked serious when he was not smiling, with Yun Jingrou around, the atmosphere was very lively.

Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng were the same. They asked her all kinds of questions and told her interesting stories about their school. After the meal, the two brothers even opened their small cakes and shared them to her.

All in all, everyone had eaten happily and contentedly.

Ning Li stayed here until eight o’clock before she took her leave. The family went out to see her off.

“Sister Li, brother and I will miss you.”

Gu Sicheng said reluctantly.

Gu Siqi blinked.

“Sister Li, you will miss us too, right?”

Ning Li nodded with a smile:

“Yes. Besides, I will be going to Hong Kong City soon. I’m sure we will see each other again soon.”

Hearing her words, the two brothers waved goodbye.

Ning Li looked at Gu Tingchuan and Yun Jingrou. “Then, Second Uncle Gu, Aunt Jing, I bid you goodbye.”

With that, she got into the car.

The black car slowly drove away.

At noon the next day, the group from Xijing University boarded a flight back to the Capital.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the plane arrived at the Capital airport.

Ning Li followed them to the exit and took her phone out to turn it on.

There were four WeChat friend requests on her phone– They were all from Second Master Gu’s family of four.

Ning Li clicked yes.

Then, Gu Tingchuan sent her a few photos without saying anything.

These were the photos that had been taken last night.

Ning Li clicked on them. They had indeed been very well taken.

When she slid to the last photo, she was stunned.

It showed her happily talking with Gu Sicheng. On the other side, Gu Siqi was listening attentively with a curious look on his face. Gu Tingchuan and Yun Jingrou had also turned their heads slightly to look at her with smiles on their faces.

Especially Gu Tingchuan. Most of the time, he looked fierce and serious. However, at this moment, he looked at her with a rare gentleness.

She stared at the photo for a long time.

“Ning Li, it’s time to get on the bus.”

Tang Yu urged her from the front.

Ning Li raised her head and saw that the bus from Xijing University had already arrived.

“It’s here.”

As she spoke, she put away her phone and followed them. She sat down in the last row by the window.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingchuan’s family had returned to Hong Kong City. They took a bus to the Gu family’s old residence.

Gu Tingchuan stared at his phone with a serious expression, without moving.

Yun Jingrou finally could not help but say, “You’ve been staring at your phone for half an hour. Haven’t you seen enough?”

Gu Tingchuan frowned.

“These photo…”

“Weren’t these photo taken very well?”

Lau Yu had sent the photos to them as quickly as he could and he had looked through all of them earlier. Other than the first two questionable ones, the rest were pretty good.

“I’m not saying that these photo aren’t good,” Gu Tingchuan said.

He was worried about something else.

Yun Jingrou glanced at him.

“Is it so difficult to send it directly to Mom and Dad?”

Gu Tingchuan had a disapproving look on his face.

“How is that appropriate?”

Yun Jingrou, “…”

Yes, it’s not appropriate. Yet, it had been appropriate to call Lao Yu to bring his equipment over.

Gu Siqi suddenly said, “Oh, Sister Ah Li doesn’t seem to post often on WeChat moments.”

A thought flashed through Gu Tingchuan’s mind.

He slowly sat up straight.

“Exactly. Why doesn’t she post on WeChat?” Yun Jingrou looked at him with difficulty. “Do you even hear what you’re saying?”

Gu Tingchuan turned around and shouted. “Gu Sicheng.”

It was quiet and peaceful as the bus drove along the road.

Ning Li was resting with her eyes closed as she leaned against the back of the chair when her phone suddenly rang.

She opened her eyes and realized it was a voice call from Gu Sicheng. At this time…

Ning Li picked up the call and lowered her voice. “Sicheng?”

“Sister Li.”

Gu Sicheng sounded a little aggrieved, “Do you not want to see my brother and me? You didn’t even post pictures of us in your WeChat moments.”

Ning Li, “…”

Two minutes later, Ning Li posted an update.

Caption: A trip to Haicheng. Caption: A group photo of five people.

A senior sitting in front of her happened to turn around and look at her.

“Ning Li, it’s time for us to get off the bus.”

Ning Li nodded. “Okay.”

That senior accidentally saw her picture and casually asked,

“Eh, Ning Li, was it your birthday yesterday?”

Ning Li was stunned. She looked down and saw that there was indeed a small cake in the picture.

She smiled.

“No. This cake belongs to someone else.”

“Oh, oh. In that case, when is your birthday


At that moment, the bus had already entered the gates of Xijing University and slowly stopped. Ning Li picked up her backpack and stood up. She casually replied, “June 26th.” Shen Zhijin’s fingers trembled slightly as he sat in front, and he suddenly opened his eyes.