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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 659 - A Strategic Move

Chapter 659 A Strategic Move

On the Internet, Ye Ci’s scandal caused a big stir.

However, this did not affect Ning Li.

The next day, she went to Hua University with the teachers and seniors of Xijing University as usual to attend the exchange meeting.

During the afternoon meeting, she made a speech, which was appreciated by several professors from the Institute of Physics at Hua University.

Wu Xi sat next to Shen Zhijin and could not help but sigh.

He turned his head and asked in a low voice, “Professor Shen, I heard that Ning Li has become your assistant for the time being?”

Shen Zhijin nodded.

Wu Xi sighed secretly.

Shen Zhijin had always had high standards. If anyone wanted to be his assistant, they would not be able to do it without having sufficient ability.

On the other hand, Ning Li had only just entered her first year of university this year.

She was extremely talented and had a steady personality. Now that she was personally led by Shen Zhijin, her future was truly limitless.

“It’s not easy to meet a student who is so in tune with you!” Wu Xi’s heart was still feeling a little sour.

When Shen Zhijin heard this, his gaze swept across Ning Li’s face.

She had just finished her speech with a thank you.

Everyone applauded.

Shen Zhijin also applauded.

He tilted his head slightly and smiled in agreement with Wu Xi’s words. “Yes, it’s indeed a rare stroke of luck.”

The meeting ended at six o’clock in the evening. This had also been the last meeting. The group from Xijing University would take the plane back to the Capital at noon tomorrow.

Everyone came out of the meeting room one after another.

Ning Li carried her backpack and followed behind.

“Ning Li?”

Ning Li turned her head and saw that it was a male student from Hua University.

He was tall and upright, and very handsome. He looked like the type that would be very popular on the campus of a university. He looked at her with undisguised admiration in his eyes.

“Ning Li, I gained a lot of knowledge after listening to your speech today. Are you free tonight? Would you allow me to treat you to dinner?”

Not far away, a few students from Hua University began to jeer.

At the same time, the three seniors from Xijing University looked sympathetic.

This one was really tough.

Ning Li looked indifferent.

“I’m sorry, I already have an appointment.”

The guy was stunned, but he did not give up.

“What about tomorrow? You guys are leaving at noon, right? Then I can take you in the morning–“

“I don’t have time either,” Ning Li interrupted him.


The guy had not expected Ning Li to reject him so directly.

“Then, then would you add me on WeChat? If there are any academic problems in the future, we can communicate immediately.”

As he said this, he took out his phone.

Ning Li frowned slightly.

Just then, a voice was heard.

“Ning Li.”

Ning Li turned her head.

Shen Zhijin was standing not far in front of her with a calm expression.

“Please remember to arrange the data requested by the Sanjiang Astronomical Research Institute and send it to them before noon tomorrow.”

Ning Li nodded. “Yes, Teacher Shen.”

After Shen Zhijin finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Ning Li looked at the boy in front of her.

“You should be able to tell that I really don’t have the time. Besides–“

The corners of her lips curved up. “My boyfriend used to work at the headquarters of Fino Laboratory, and my teacher is Shen Zhijin. So, most probably, I won’t have any academic questions to discuss with you.

“If you really have questions, you can read more literature and relevant core journals. I think you’ll gain more knowledge there.”

After saying that, she walked past the boy and continued on straight ahead.

After a few quick steps, she caught up with Shen Zhijin.

“Teacher Shen.”

Shen Zhijin turned his head.

Ning Li said, “Teacher Shen, I won’t be going to the cafeteria with you, the teachers, and the seniors later. I have… I have a friend who wants to have dinner with me.”

Shen Zhijin looked at her calmly.

After a while, he said, “Go ahead. Go early and come back early.”

The Gu family had sent a special car to pick her up.

Ning Li walked closer and found that both the young Gu twin brothers were also in the car. “Sister Li!”

Two heads popped out of the car window and looked over.

Ning Li was surprised:

“Why are you guys here too?”.

Gu Sicheng said, “We’re going back to Hong Kong City tomorrow. We don’t know when we’ll see Sister Ah Li again, so we came together so that we could spend some time with Sister Ah Li for a while!”

Ning Li could not help but laugh.

She really did not know how the second master of the Gu family had produced such a sweet-talking son. She got into the passenger seat and fastened her seatbelt.

“It should be pretty soon. I’ll go to Hong Kong City when I have some time later.”

Gu Siqi’s eyes lit up.

“Sister Ali, you’ll definitely be riding Qingfeng when you go, right? Can you teach me?”


Ning Li agreed without hesitation.

The driver started the car.

The lights lit up.

The car continued to drive along the bank of the Hengjiang River.

On the left was the surging river water, and on the right were all kinds of buildings.

A cruise ship slowly sailed over the river, interweaving with the bright lights on the shore to form a beautiful scenery.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at Xirong Residence.

This was a villa that stood on the bank of the Hengjiang River.

Every inch of land in Haicheng was precious, and the border of the bank of the Hengjiang River was even more so.

At a glance, the area was filled with top-notch office buildings.

In a place like this, owning a single villa was no longer just measured by money.

The Gu twin brothers got out of the car first and led Ning Li inside. “Dad! Mom! Sister Ah Li is here!”

A neatly dressed short-haired woman walked out. When she saw Ning Li, she laughed heartily.

“Ah Li! Come quickly! We’ve been waiting for you!”

This had to be Yun Jingrou.

Ning Li walked over.

“Aunt Jing.”

Yun Jingrou had a straightforward personality. While they were on the phone the other day, this was what she had asked her to address her


“Come, come!” Yun Jingrou called out as she led her inside.

Ning Li soon saw Gu Tingchuan. Gu Tingchuan coughed. “She’s here.”

There was a subtle awkwardness in the air.

Yun Jingrou had to silently remind herself three times that this was her husband, so she still had to save him.

She said to Ning Li, “Ah Li, your Second Uncle Gu has been waiting for you.”

Gu Tingchuan frowned.

What was the point of telling the children all this?!

Ning Li blinked.

“Second Uncle Gu, I’m sorry to have kept you and Aunt Jing waiting for so long.”

Gu Tingchuan turned his head away.

“Ahem! It hasn’t been long! Then… Let’s Eat!”

Ning Li followed them to the dining room and saw two small cakes on the table.

She was stunned.

Yun Jingrou explained, “The twins and the others have finished their study tour. Every child was given a cake as a souvenir.”

Ning Li understood.

They all took their seats one by one.

Gu Tingchuan suddenly said, “Since their study tour has ended, it’s time to take a photo as a memento.”

As soon as he said that, Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng immediately moved over.

Gu Siqi waved at Ning Li.

“Sister Ah Li, come quickly!”

Ning Li, “… I don’t think it’s appropriate, right?”

Gu Sicheng’s eyes were curved in a smile. “Sister Ah Li is already here, how can we not take a photo together? Come, come!”

Ning Li hesitated for a moment, but still walked over.

Gu Tingchuan and his wife sat side by side, while the brothers stood behind them.

Ning Li was then pulled to stand between the two brothers.

She looked around and fell into deep thought. All five of them were here. Who would be in charge of taking the photos?

Gu Tingchuan quickly gave an answer.

“Lau Yu, you can take the photos now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ning Li saw a man carrying a tripod and lighting equipment walk in.

Ning Li, “???”