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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 658 - Torture

Chapter 658 Torture

A short video was attached to the Weibo post which started to play automatically.

The location seemed to be a shopping mall. A young girl had been pressed to the ground by several people, her clothes not covering her body.

She struggled desperately and cried, but she was no match for these people.

The person standing in front of her repeatedly slapped her face, and soon her hair was disheveled and she was in a sorry state.

A well-dressed middle-aged woman wearing sunglasses stood to the side with her arms crossed as she coldly watched.

There were many people watching at the side. Many of them were taking pictures with their cell phones, looking excited and ready to gossip.

From time to time, whispers could be heard.

“Aiyo! Some young ladies nowadays really don’t care about their dignity at all! They don’t care about being a mistress at such a young age even though it will destroy someone’s family?”

“You look like an attractive girl. Why aren’t you doing something decent?”

“Bah! Serves you right!”

The girl obviously knew that many people around were filming her. She was desperately trying to put on her clothes while keeping her head lowered to try and cover her face.

However, the other party was here to teach her a lesson today, so why would she give her this opportunity?

The woman standing next to her sneered.

“What are you trying to hide? When you climbed into someone else’s husband’s bed, your face was smiling so smugly. Why don’t you let everyone enjoy it seeing it as well?”

As soon as she finished speaking, someone grabbed the girl’s hair and yanked it back!

She cried out in pain as she was forced to raise her head. Her face, which was already red and swollen, was exposed in front of everyone’s eyes.

The camera was very clear.

Ye Ci.

The video stopped abruptly at this point.

The final freeze-frame was of her half-naked body lying on the ground, with tears all over her face.

Even though the image in the video had been pixelated, it was not difficult to see that she had been stripped almost completely naked. The comments section was in an uproar.

( Front row waiting for gossip. Junior biss! ]

[ How exciting! She was practically stripped naked in public. This mistress won’t have the face to live anymore, right? ]

[ When the husband cheats, do the women only know how to find trouble with women? Seeing how fierce she is, I can’t blame her husband for cheating. Besides, it’s not appropriate to do this in front of so many people, right? ]

[ The person above is truly laughing stock material. How do you know that she didn’t take care of her husband? Could it be that you were under the bed? I hope that when your husband cheats, you can also calmly call the mistress your sister. ]

[ I’m dying of laughter. Do you know why there are so many people watching around, yet not even one of them came forward to help? This shopping mall is owned by this person. Surely anyone knows that if a mistress is coming to their territory to act atrociously, they would not be able to bear it, right? ]

[ That’s right. I advise the person with a Holy Mother’s heart to stay away from a fire in the future. Don’t accidentally burn a few relics. ]

[ Crooked message: Has anyone here made a code? A good person has a peaceful life. ]

Such news was common, but it always attracted a lot of attention and stirred up public opinion.

Because the scene of the naked woman was so exciting, the popularity of the news increased rapidly.

The comments section was filled with fierce curses, and some people had even started to pick up on Ye Ci’s identity. [ Speaking of which, doesn’t this mistress’s face seem a little familiar? ]

[ Ye Ci is the daughter of the developer of Qinghe Bridge. This person is really amazing. I remember that she was also the one who cheated in the National Physics Competition, right? This character, tsk tsk, I really don’t dare to compliment her. ]

[ There is something even more interesting. Many people have probably forgotten that she once caused her father’s mistress to have a miscarriage. In the blink of an eye, she has now become someone else’s mistress. What is this? Tit for tat? ]

Ning Li casually looked for a while and raised her eyebrows slightly.

Tao Siwen’s wife was also from a prestigious family. Her family was even slightly more prestigious than the Tao family, and her personality was especially strong.

Therefore, this marriage consisted of a strong woman and a weaker man.

Tao Siwen secretly had affairs with both men and women. He did a lot of dirty things, but he was usually very careful and never dared to let his wife know.

After this incident, Tao Siwen was bound to be skinned alive.

As for Ye Ci, that was even more so.

Today’s video was the best proof.

Ye Ci had no background and could only be dealt with by others.

She had wanted to seize the opportunity to climb up and try to turn her life around, but she had kicked an iron plate[1] and ended up like this.

Ning Li put down her phone and went to take a shower.

Half an hour later, she changed into her pajamas and dried her hair. When she clicked on Weibo again, she saw that this matter had already become a hot topic.

# The Feiyang Mall in the Capital mistress was stripped in public #

# Ye Ci the mistress #

Usually, this kind of negative news, especially with the addition of a video that was quite special, would logically be removed very quickly.

However, a lot of time had already passed. Not only was it not removed, but the number of searches and discussions was also increasing rapidly.

When she clicked on the topic square, almost all of them were scolding Ye Ci.

Ning Li scrolled down and saw that someone had edited out Tao Siwen’s identity. However, it had been quickly done by the public relations.

In the entire incident, only Ye Ci had been left as a target.

Other than those insults, many photos and videos of Ye Ci were spreading. Although the Weibo side had been blocking it, there were too many onlookers at the scene at that time. There was simply no way to stop them.

Ye Ci, this name, this face, became completely famous that night.

The Capital

In a dark rented house, Ye Ci sat on the bed and looked at the insults and humiliations on her phone, as well as the countless unsightly photos and videos. Her body trembled.

She then screamed and tossed her phone away!


[1] A Chinese expression literally meaning “kick the iron plate” which metaphorically saying one gets jinxed.