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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 657 - Came Out

Chapter 657 Came Out

Gu Siqi, “…”

Gu Sicheng asked, “Dad, did you want to invite Sister Ah Li over for dinner?”

Gu Tingchuan raised his voice. “When did I say that?”

Gu Sicheng nodded seriously. “Just… just now.”

“Well, you heard wrong!”

“Dad, I heard it too. That’s what you said,” Gu Siqi added.

Gu Tingchuan choked. Gu Siqi spread his hands. “Dad, you should have mentioned this earlier. Then we could have invited her when we met Sister Ah Li today.”

If he had not said it, how could they have thought of it?

After all, the two of them were here on a school trip, while Ning Li had come here to attend a meeting. It had just been a coincidence that they had met.

Soon, they would return to where they had come from. Who would have thought of having a meal together?

Gu Sicheng considered it seriously. “But this was the first time that we ever met Sister Ah Li. If we were the ones to invite her, would she agree?”

“This…” Gu Siqi looked at his father with uncertainty. “It’s hard to say. Would she not like Dad?”

Gu Tingchuan was furious. “Gu Siqi, what are you talking about?!” Gu Siqi rested his chin on his hand. “After all, Sister Ah Li has already had dinner with Eldest Uncle’s family and Third Uncle. If she skips over you, then this…” “That’s your Eldest Uncle and Third Uncle…”

Gu Tingchuan did not want to talk about this at


Those two people were extremely cunning, one more than the other. He was different from them!

Gu Sicheng sighed.

“Sigh, but isn’t it too late to talk about this now?”

“What’s too late?”

Yun Jingrou had just returned from the hotel gym when she heard the father talking about something with his sons. So she had casually asked this question.

The two brothers turned around at the same time.


Yun Jingrou was already over forty this year, but because she exercised all year round, she took good care of herself. She looked very young, and her short hairstyle gave a bold and beautiful appearance.

Gu Sicheng summarized what had happened earlier.

“My brother and I bumped into Sister Ah Li at Hua University today. Father complained that we didn’t invite her over for dinner.”

Gu Tingchuan, “…”

Yun Jingrou was a little surprised.

“She came to Hua University?”

“Yes, she said that she was here for a meeting. Unfortunately, she will be leaving in two days, so we said it was too late.”

“I see.”

Yun Jingrou looked at Gu Tingchuan.

“Then why don’t you just call her directly?”

Gu Tingchuan, “… I’m not calling her! Why should I call her for no reason?” “I think you’re the one who’s being ridiculous. Aren’t you the one who wants to invite her over for dinner?”

Yun Jingrou was completely speechless,

“If you don’t want to call her, I’ll call her!”

As she spoke, she moved to take her phone out.

Gu Tingchuan was slack-jawed for a long while.

“Well, you’re the one who’s insisting on calling her! I don’t care!”

Yun Jingrou could not be bothered with him. She walked to the side to make the call and waved at the two brothers.

Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng followed her and squeezed in close on either side of her. Yun Jingrou looked at her phone and suddenly remembered that she did not have Ning Li’s phone number.

She called out, “Give me her phone number.”

Gu Tingchuan grunted before smoothly spitting out a series of numbers.

Yun Jingrou dialed.


Gu Sicheng asked in a low voice, “Mom, Dad even knows Sister Ah Li’s phone number by heart. Why didn’t he just call her himself?”

Yun Jingrou looked over at her husband and pursed her lips.

“Ignore him, he’s being pretentious!”

Gu Sicheng replied with an “OH”.

Gu Siqi nodded in agreement.

The call was quickly picked up. “Miss Ning?”

Upon hearing this, Ning Li briefly took her phone away and looked at it strangely.

“You are…”

Yun Jingrou was a straightforward person.

“Hello, I’m Yun Jingrou. I’m also Siqi and Sicheng’s mother.”

Ning Li was even more surprised.

The Gu family’s second master’s wife?

“Hello, you–“

“Sister Ah Li!”

Before Ning Li could finish her sentence, the brothers’ voices were heard.

Ning Li’s lips curved into a smile.

“It’s like this. Siqi and Sicheng saw the video of you riding a horse and admired you greatly. When they saw you today, they wanted to invite you over for dinner…”

Gu Tingchuan stayed in his seat without moving, but his attention was already focused on the other side of the room.

Yun Jingrou and the two brothers were huddled together as they talked on the phone for quite a while. The conversation seemed to be very lively.

Gu Tingchuan was a little tempted.

Since they were a family of four and three of them were already making a phone call together, wouldn’t it be inappropriate for him not to go over and say a few words?

He pretended to nonchalantly get up.

However, just as he took half a step forward, he heard Yun Jingrou say with a smile, “Okay, then it’s a deal. Goodbye, Ah Li.”

The two brothers shouted together, “Goodbye, Sister Ah Li!”

Yun Jingrou cleanly ended the phone call.

Gu Tingchuan sat back down.

Yun Jingrou looked over. “Alright, I’ve already arranged for her to go to Xi Rong for dinner tomorrow night.” Gu Tingchuan was stunned. “Xi Rong?”

The Gu family had many properties in Haicheng. He had not expected Yun Jingrou to choose that place. “Yes. It looks like she has a very full schedule these two days. I guess she doesn’t have much time to have fun. Xi Rong is near the river, so I can show her the night view.”

Haicheng’s economy was prosperous. The Hengjiang River ran through the city center and the night view was superb. Gu Tingchuan thought about it and felt that this was a pretty good decision. “Okay.”

In the hotel, Ning Li hung up the call and saved Yun Jingrou’s number.

She had never met the wife of the second master of the Gu family before, but from this phone call, it was not hard to tell that she had a straightforward and free personality.

She thought of the second master of the Gu family’s temper and could not help but laugh.

She did not know who Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng resembled more in terms of their personalities.

She held her phone and continued to look at her computer, as she made preparations to speak at the meeting tomorrow.

She only turned off her computer after she had tidied everything up.

She casually picked up her phone and scrolled through Weibo, only to see a piece of gossip. [ Lord Fifth of Entertainment: A mistress is beaten up in the middle of the street! The mistress was stripped naked on the spot. How wonderful! Gossip. JPG! ]