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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 656 - Greetings to Fourth Uncle

Chapter 656 Greetings to Fourth Uncle

Ning Li had heard someone mention before that the second master of the Gu family had a pair of twin sons. It must be these two who were in front of her.

She had never seen these two children before, but they had actually recognized her.

“How did you recognize me?” Ning Li asked.


Gu Siqi smiled until his eyes curved. “Sister Ah Li looks the same as in the photo!”


Ning Li was surprised.

How could they have seen her photo–

Gu Sicheng nodded.

“Yes! Dad–“

Gu Siqi pulled him back and continued. “Dad said that Grandma has a few photos of Sister Ah Li!” Gu Sicheng coughed.

“Yes, yes!”

Old Madam Gu?

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat.

Gu Siqi continued.

“I think Brother Siyang sent it to Grandma.”

Ning Li understood.

It had to be the photo that she had taken with the three of them the last time she had gone to Gu Siyang’s family home for dinner.

“I see…”

Gu Sicheng asked curiously.

“Sister Ah Li, don’t you go to school in the Capital? Why did you come to Haicheng?”

Ning Li explained with a smile.

“I came here for a meeting. I’ll go back in two days.”

The two boys nodded in unison to show their understanding

“Our school organized a study trip. We’ll return to Hong Kong City when it’s over.”

A shout came from behind. “Ning Li?”

Ning Li turned around.

A few of her fellow seniors had walked for some distance before realizing that Ning Li was not following them. They turned around and called out to her.

“It’s time for us to go!”

“I’ll be right there.”

Ning Li replied before turning back to the two boys in front of her again.

“It was nice to meet you guys today, but I need to go. You guys should go back too. Have fun.”

Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng were a little reluctant to leave.

Just then, Shen Zhijin, who was walking in front, also heard something and turned around.

He saw Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng.

Gu Sicheng unintentionally raised his head and saw him too. He could not help but say, “Eh, isn’t that Fourth Aunt–“

Then, something came to his mind and he swallowed the rest of his words.

Gu Siqi also looked over but did not say anything At that moment, their teacher seemed to be calling them back.

Ning Li bent down slightly.

“Alright, you guys should go back too. We’ll see each other again another time.”

Gu Siqi and Gu Siyang said in unison, “Goodbye, Sister Ah Li.”

Ning Li nodded.

The two boys turned around and left.

However, Gu Sicheng ran back after only taking just a few steps.

“Sister Ah Li.”

He looked at Ning Li hesitantly. He then turned back to look at Shen Zhijin before pulling Ning Li’s sleeve gently and saying in a low voice, “Please help me and my brother say hello to Fourth Uncle.”

Ning Li was stunned.

Gu Sicheng did not wait for her to answer. After saying that, he went back.

He ran to Gu Siqi’s side. The two little heads leaned together and said something. Gu Siqi nodded.

They returned to the team and soon turned down another path.

Ning Li pursed her lips and turned around to follow.

The teachers had also noticed the situation and began to joke with each other.

“Ning Li, do you know those two children?”

Ning Li’s gaze could not help but sweep across Shen Zhijin’s face.

His expression was as calm as ever.

She nodded.

“They are… a friend’s children.”

Everyone understood, but they did not pay too much attention and continued to move forward.

Ning Li looked at Shen Zhijin’s back and softly sighed in her heart.

That afternoon’s meeting was held at the Institute of Physics at Hua University. The teachers and students who were participating in the meeting were all outstanding representatives of the two universities’ academies.

Other than Shen Zhijin, the most eye-catching person from Xijing University was Ning Li.

After the meeting, it was already past six o’clock in the evening.

During the two-day meeting, everyone’s food and accommodation had been arranged uniformly.

Ning Li and the others followed Shen Zhijin to the staff canteen of Hua University.

A few teachers recognized Shen Zhijin and came over to greet him.

After eating, Tang Yu allowed Ning Li and the others to have some free time.

“It’s rare for you to come to Hua University. You may go around to explore, but don’t be too late. Please pay attention to your safety.”

Ning Li thought for a moment before going to buy a bottle of yogurt. She quietly drank it in a corner of the canteen, as she occasionally swiped her phone.

After a while, someone walked over.

“Why didn’t you go back to the hotel?”

Ning Li looked up and saw Shen Zhijin standing in front of her.

She looked behind him, but Tang Yu and the others were not there. Shen Zhijin seemed to have guessed her question, and he said lightly, “They have already gone downstairs.”

Ning Li stood up.

“Teacher Shen.”

Her gaze swept across Shen Zhijin’s face.

“Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng asked me to say hello to you.”

That night, Gu Siqi and his brother followed the teacher back to the hotel.


The two of them were staying in the same room, but they did not go back to their own room. Instead, they knocked on the door next door.

“Dad! Mom! We’re back!”

The school had organized the school trip for the students. Their parents were not required to accompany them. However, Gu Tingchuan had not seen them in a long time, so he had come with Yun Jingrou to accompany them. Yun Jingrou was not in the room, but Gu Tingchuan was on the phone.

“Not a single painting? How can there not be a single one?!”

“There were so many paintings at the auction before, yet you guys couldn’t buy a single one?”

“Lu Huaiyu? He bought the “Seventeenth Night” painting, right? What about the others?” “Then go talk to Lu Huaiyu’s assistant! Double! No, Triple!”

“What do you mean? Of course I know that kid from the Lu family doesn’t lack money! What? You want me to talk to him? If I could talk to him personally, why would I need you guys?!” “Go and look again! If you manage to find one, just buy it, no matter what!”

Gu Tingchuan hung up the phone angrily.

He really did not know how these people did things!


Gu Siqi had seen that he had finished his call, so he spoke up.

Gu Tingchuan turned around, and the expression on his face eased up a little.

“You’re back? How was your day at Hua University today?”

“It was great!” Gu Siqi said, “I even bumped into Sister Ah Li!”

Gu Tingchuan was stunned.


Gu Sicheng also smiled, and his eyes curved.

“Sister Ah Li! It’s the Sister Ah Li from the photos that you’ve saved on your phone!”

Gu Tingchuan’s face instantly darkened.

These two brats had taken the opportunity to look at his phone when he had not been paying attention and had seen the two photos. Why were they still thinking about it now?!

“This is the only thing you remember clearly!”

He held himself back but asked, “Why was she at Hua University?”

“It seems she was there for a meeting. There were quite a few teachers with her, and a few of them were probably Sister Ah Li’s classmates.”

Gu Siqi said, “She said that she would return to the Capital in two days.”

Gu Tingchuan acknowledged him with a “hmm”.

The room then quieted down.

The sons stared at the father with wide eyes.

Gu Tingchuan’s brows slowly furrowed.

“And then?” Gu Siqi shrugged. “And then… that’s it.”

What else could there have been?

Gu Sicheng’s mouth moved, but he did not mention that he had met his fourth uncle. Gu Tingchuan frowned even more. “You didn’t invite her over for dinner?”