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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 655 - Sister Ah Li

Chapter 655 Sister Ah Li

The next morning, Ning Li went to the Institute of Physics.

Besides Shen Zhijin, the deputy dean of the Institute of Physics, Tang Yu, and the Head of the department, Jian Shishi, were also present.

Among the four students, there were two doctorates and one graduate student. Ning Li was the only undergraduate student. The group took the school bus to the Capital Airport.

The Capital was less than an hour’s flight away from Haicheng. Two teachers from Hua University were responsible for picking them up. First, they took them to a hotel that was next to Hua University.

The three teachers were given their own rooms, while the students had shared rooms.

However, since Ning Li was the only girl among the four students, she was also given her own room.

At noon, they had a meal before taking a rest at the hotel. At three o’clock in the afternoon, they officially headed to Hua University.

Hua University was as famous as Xijing University. It was also a famous university with a hundred-year history.

Under the guidance of the teacher from Hua University, Ning Li and the others entered the Hua University campus through the main east


“Junior, have you been to Hua University before?”

A senior who was walking with them asked curiously.

Ning Li shook her head. “No.”

The architectural style of the entire campus of Hua University was very different from that of Xijing University. Here, one could clearly feel a very different cultural atmosphere.

One of the teachers who was walking in front suddenly turned around and said with a smile, “Then this time, you should take a good look around.”

He had addressed this to Ning Li.

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curved.

“Teacher Wu is right.”

The other people who were walking with them looked over.

Tang Yu asked, “Wu Xi, do you and Ning Li… know each other?”

Wu Xi was from Hua University. Why did she seem to be quite familiar with him when she had never been here before?

Wu Xi smiled. “Back in the National Physics Competition, I was Hua University’s student recruitment representative.”

Tang Yu was momentarily stunned.

“Oh, that’s right. At that time, Ning Li took first place in the National Physics Competition. I seem to remember that she got full marks?”

Only then did everyone come to a realization.

According to tradition, students who obtained outstanding results in the National Physics Competition Finals could sign a contract with a top-tier University.

Ning Li had achieved first place, so she had obviously been the target of the rivalry between Xijing University and Hua University.

Wu Xi recalled the situation at that time and could not help but laugh.

“Exactly. At that time, Zhu Nan and I had fought over her, but in the end, she didn’t choose anyone! Haha!”

No one had expected Ning Li to actually voluntarily give up the guaranteed acceptance.

Wu Xi clicked his tongue.

“We have to accept that she had given up the offer. Anyway, her grades were good, so it didn’t make any difference whether she took the offer or not. As expected, she became the top scorer in M province in science. I had thought that there would be a chance for us this time, but who knew that she would still choose your school in the end?”

At this point, he was still a little jealous.

“Ning Li, if you had visited Hua University before, do you think you might have wanted to choose this place instead?”

Xijing University had really picked up a great deal!

Tang Yu did not like to hear this.

He raised his chin.

“Sigh, that’s not what I said. Ning Li applied to the astronomy department where Zhijin is. If she didn’t apply to our university, where else would she apply to?”

Was there a more convincing reason than this?

Hearing this, Wu Xi was at a loss for words. He could not think of anything else to refute.

After all, in the field of astrophysics research, Shen Zhijin was indeed at the top.

Hearing this, Shen Zhijin’s eyes seemed to light up with a faint smile.

“By the way, I heard that Ning Li is now working on a project with Professor Shen?” Wu Xi asked.

Shen Zhijin nodded slightly.


Wu Xi sighed.

If it had been anything else, he might have been able to fight for it.

However, Ning Li wanted to learn astronomy. Thus, Xijing University, Shen Zhijin, really had been her best choice.

Ning Li walked behind them. As she listened to their conversation, s the surrounding scenery.

Just then, they reached an intersection. On the left side of the road, a group of children who looked like primary school students came down the road.

All the boys were wearing suits and bow ties while the girls were wearing knee-length skirts and small leather boots.

There were about twenty of them. They looked to be around eleven or twelve years old, and more than half of them looked like foreigners.

They were exquisite, beautiful, and elegant.

There were around four or five adults with them. They were led by a woman in her thirties, holding a small red flag in her hand. She seemed to be the teacher in charge.

As she walked, she introduced the history of the university to the students in English.

Ning Li looked over there.

With just a glance, she could tell that these children had to be from an aristocratic school and came from wealthy backgrounds.

They must have come here on a school trip.

It was probably not a common scene on the campus of the university. Many people around them looked over there, and from time to time, they could hear some comments that expressed their curiosity and surprise. “These children are all so beautiful! Sigh, there’s even a pair of twins!”

“I think they’re from Bai City? I heard someone speak German when they were talking to their teacher.”

“It’s obvious that these children have been raised under an elite education… They’re really different…”

Ning Li withdrew her gaze.

However, at that moment, a childish boy’s voice sounded.

“Sister Ah Li?”

Ning Li was stunned.

This voice… was it meant for her?

She looked over hesitantly and saw a boy in the queue looking over.

He looked to be about 11 or 12 years old. His tailored suit made him look tall and straight, clean and handsome.

When he saw Ning Li turn around, his eyes lit up and his face revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

“Sister Ah Li!”

Ning Li was a little lost.

She did not know this child, but why did he seem to know her?

Just then, another boy standing next to the boy also looked up.

Two identical little faces– twins.

When he saw Ning Li’s face clearly, his eyes widened slightly and he asked his brother next to him, “Is it really Sister Ah Li?” “Of course it’s true. She looks the same as in the photo!” Gu Siqi nodded affirmatively.

Gu Sicheng felt that what he said made sense, but…

“But isn’t Sister Ah Li in the Capital?”

Gu Siqi frowned. He had almost forgotten about this.

Just in case, it was better to go and confirm it.

“Then I’ll go and ask.”

As he spoke, he took a few steps forward and came to the side of the teacher in charge who was holding the little red flag.

Gu Sicheng also hurriedly followed.


Ning Li was still wondering who these two kids were when she saw them whispering something to the teacher and even pointing at her.

The teacher in charge looked over and nodded with a smile.


Then, the two little boys walked directly toward her. “Sister, are you Ning Li?” Gu Siqi asked, becoming more certain as he approached her. Ning Li looked at the two children in front of her and nodded. “I’m Ning Li. And you are–” “Hello, Sister Ah Li!” Hearing her say this, Gu Siqi felt relieved. A smile appeared on his face. “Hello, Sister Ah Li. I’m Gu Siqi.” Gu Sicheng also obediently called out. “I’m Gu Sicheng.”

Hearing these names, a guess instantly flashed through Ning Li’s mind.

“Is your father… the Second Master Gu?”

The two little boys nodded at the same time.