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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 66 - She Is His Desire

Chapter 66: She Is His Desire

The woman posed the question enthusiastically and did not notice Lu Huaiyu’s furrowed brows.

Ning Li sensed something was wrong, so she wanted to explain, but before she could, Lu Huaiyu beat her to it.

“Tips? I don’t know any tips that I can give you based on my experience. Everyone in the family is busy, so it’s entirely up to Lili to study on her own.”

Ning Li widened her eyes at Lu Huaiyu. His answer was as smooth as butter.

The woman was evidently jealous. “My, my, your family must be happy for her! Unlike my child, he doesn’t even study hard and has to rely on me to oversee his studies!”

Lu Huaiyu chuckled.”It’s normal for a child to like to play. All you have to do is guide him properly. There is still time before the entrance exam, so your child can still make it.”

“Yes, I think so myself! I wonder what kind of study materials Ning Li uses to help her study. I’m wondering if I should get my son some of those as well.”

Ning Li wanted to stop the woman from chattering on further, but Lu Huaiyu mentioned a few titles swiftly.

Deep down, Ning Li felt bad for her classmate.

“I guess that’s all. But you should really think about what is suitable for your son. The books might be suitable for Ning Li but not for others.”

The woman nodded repeatedly and thanked Lu Huaiyu for his advice.

“I didn’t expect you to know this much, Mr. Lu. You look so young, yet you know what papers Ning Li is working on.”

“Because I chose them for her.”

“I see! I can tell now. Mr. Lu, you really care about Ning Li. Both of you must be close, being brother and sister.”

Lu Huaiyu widened his eyes slightly at the second part of the woman’s words. Nevertheless, he simply stayed quiet.

On the other hand, Ning Li was slightly surprised. She looked at him and instantly knew what he was thinking.

‘He admits to it? Brother and sister? But we are not…’

Ning Li felt a strange discomfort inside her, but she could not determine why or how it happened.

“Mr. Lu.” Geng Haifan finally had some time at hand after handling the other parents. “Mr. Lu, if it is okay for you, why don’t we talk about Ning Li’s result and the competition.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “Please do, Mr. Geng.”

“Here is how it’s going to be: given Ning Li’s current results, if she can keep this up, she won’t have a problem applying for the best universities in the country. I heard about her performance in the competitive Physics class from Mr. Zhou, and he praises her a lot. However, I believe that maintaining her results while attending the competitive Physics class demands a lot of her attention and time. I am trying to find out which path she prefers to focus on.”

If Ning Li could get a prize in the competition, she would have a shot at a guaranteed spot at university and would not have to wait until the entrance exam in June.

However, given her outstanding results, she might achieve even more if she focused on her studies.

The school was rather conflicted about it, so they wanted to explore Ning Li’s thoughts.

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li. “Lili, what do you think?”

Ning Li seemed to have figured out the problem a long time ago. She answered almost instantly, “I’ll continue the competitive Physics class and also join the entrance exam in June.”

Both had been her regrets in her past life, so she did not want to give them up now.

Geng Haifan was a little surprised. “You will be tired if you choose to take both on. It’s physically and mentally demanding.”

Ning Li replied with a calm and determined gaze, “I know but I’ve decided.”

“Um…” Geng Haifan looked at Lu Huaiyu, intent on listening to the man’s opinion. “What do you think Mr. Lu?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled. “My thoughts are her thoughts exactly.”

The other parents left one after another.

Among them was Cheng Xiangxiang’s mother. She came over to say hello to Lu Huaiyu, but the man did not seem interested in talking, so she left after an awkward introduction.

Right before Ning Li asked Lu Huaiyu about how he was going back, she received a message from Cheng Xiyue.

[Little Ning Li, is Second Master with you?]

Ning Li felt peculiar. Why would Cheng Xiyue ask her about Lu Huaiyu’s whereabouts? He could ask the man directly instead of texting her, after all.


Cheng Xiyue tugged at his hair anxiously. He looked at the time as he sweated nervously.

[I got caught up with something here. He just had some alcohol, so can you accompany him back to Yunding Fenghua?”

Ning Li looked at the man who was talking to Geng Haifan in the corridor.

The side of his face was rigid while the gaze in his eyes seemed clear. He did not seem intoxicated.

However, since Cheng Xiyue texted her because of this, he must be worried about something.

Ning Li replied. [Okay.]

Lu Huaiyu came over and saw her texting. “Who are you texting?”

“Brother Xiyue said he got caught up with something and can’t come over. He told me to accompany you back.”

Lu Huaiyu’s brows furrowed for a moment before they eased. “You don’t need to. Just stay in class.”

“It’s self-learning class in the afternoon.” Ning Li lifted her head up defiantly and stared at him with her charming eyes. “Besides, your place is near. I’ll send you back and come back to school later.”

Lu Huaiyu complied since she insisted. He patted her head and said, “Okay.”

The two went out of the school and hailed a taxi to head towards Yunding Fenghua.

Inside the confined space of the taxi, the smell of the alcohol on Lu Huaiyu seemed stronger.

“Second Brother, did you drink a lot?”

Lu Huaiyu shook his head as he rolled down the window. “Not a lot. I met some friends. We talked and I drank a little.”

Ning Li simply grunted as a reply.

Lu Huaiyu crossed his legs as he tapped his fingers on his knees.

“Mr. Geng said…”

Geng Haifan had gone further into the discussion about Ning Li when he was talking to Lu Huaiyu in the corridor.

So, Lu Huaiyu selected a few points and talked to her about them. His original voice was already rich and pleasant, and now with the addition of his insobriety, he seemed to have a drawl.

However, he was patient as he talked about Ning Li’s studies in detail.

Ning Li nodded in reply to his words at first, but as she listened to more, she simply kept quiet.

Soon, Lu Huaiyu noticed her mood. He paused and asked, “What’s—”


The driver stepped on the brakes all of a sudden.

Ning Li’s head plunged forward uncontrollably, but before her face could hit the front seat, a strong force pulled her to the side, and she landed on a strong chest instead.

Lu Huaiyu hugged her tightly with one arm and wrapped her head with his other hand. He looked at the driver with a cold glare.

“Watch how you drive!”

“There seems to be a crash in front,” the driver explained.

Ning Li freed herself from his chest after hearing what happened.

Two cars were involved in a crash ahead of them, so the driver was forced to step on the brakes to avoid a collision.

She tugged Lu Huaiyu’s sleeve because his strong tug at her hand just now made her forearm feel a little painful.

“Second Brother—”

She paused before she could finish her sentence because she noticed something wrong with Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu shut his eyes and moved his hand away from her. He said with a hoarse voice, “Just go around them.”

Fifteen minutes later at Yunding Fenghua, Lu Huaiyu alighted from the car and told the driver to send Ning Li back to school.

Ning Li turned around to the mansion as the taxi drove off.

Lu Huaiyu had already gone inside the yard.

However, when she thought about his strange reaction earlier, she was a little worried. Moments later, she said, “Driver, please go back.”

The mansion’s door was not locked.

With a frown, Ning Li quickly went up to the second floor.

Lu Huaiyu’s master bedroom door was left open and his jacket was carelessly tossed in front of the entrance.

She walked closer and knocked on the ajar door.

“Second Brother?”

There was no reply.

She tightened her lips and went in.

The curtains blocked the sunlight, making the room dark.

However, she was able to spot a person on the bed. He seemed asleep though it did not feel like it.

Ning Li walked over to the bed.

“Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu frowned and slowly opened his eyes when he heard her voice.

Ning Li bent over to feel his forehead.

“You are having a fever…”

Lu Huaiyu suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer.

Abruptly, Ning Li fell onto the bed and her back accidentally hit the head of the bed. She looked up and accidentally locked eyes with Lu Huaiyu.

His gaze appeared cold and ferocious, and she had never seen him like this before. The man was as cautious as a beast watching an invader of his territory.

Ning Li looked appalled.

“Second Brother!”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment for a better look at her. Moments later, the icy cold feeling in his gaze melted.

Ning Li sighed a breath of relief.

In the next moment, Lu Huaiyu took advantage of her smaller physique and held her face in his palms. He stared at her. His finger that had a thin layer of callus caressed her soft and pinkish lips. Besides enjoying the sensation, he also desired what he saw.

In the end, he decided to move closer.