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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 649 - I Am Tree’s Shadow

Chapter 649 I Am Tree’s Shadow

The old man frowned and turned his head to stare at the painting a few more times. He said hesitantly, “You said that this is fake. Do you have any proof?”

He looked at it but could not see anything wrong with it.

Ning Li smiled.

“This painting is very realistic, but it’s still not realistic enough.”

As she spoke, she raised her hand and pointed at the painting “Aside from that, the color of this leaf is different from the one in the real painting. Although the artist of this fake painting has tried his best to match the colors as closely to the real painting as possible, if you look closely, it’s still different.”

Ning Li pointed out two more details in succession.

“The color transition here and here hasn’t been handled properly either.”

The crowd gradually quieted down. At first, they had thought that Ning Li was just making things up, but after listening for a while, they realized that Ning Li seemed to really understand the painting.

They could not help but consider Ning Li’s words and look more closely at the painting. They then realized that what she had pointed out was just as she had said. Many people were still a little skeptical.

“What she said is reasonable. Could it be that this painting is really fake?”

“I think so. If she did not have a special understanding of this painting, she would definitely not be able to say these things!”

“That’s not necessarily true, right? Could it be that what she said is true? Last year, “Seventeenth Night” had been auctioned off as soon as it came out. Up until now, not many people have even seen the original painting with their own eyes, right? This little girl looks like she’s only 18 or 19 years old. How would she have had the chance to see it?”

Everyone started to discuss with each other in whispers.

Someone suddenly said, “She’s not an ordinary little girl. She’s Ning Li! The designer who worked with G&S previously! She’s Ning!”

As soon as these words were said, many people were shocked.

“So it’s her! I was wondering why she looked so familiar!”

“I’ve watched all of her big shows. There’s really nothing to say. If that’s the case, it’s not surprising that she would have seen the original painting.”

“I thought she was talented in the design of high-end gowns, but now I see that she knows a lot about oil paintings too…”

When the staff member heard these words, he was a little nervous.

He had not recognized Ning Li earlier and had only thought that she was a student who had come to see the exhibition. Who knew–

“So it’s Miss Ning. I apologize for my rudeness just now. Please forgive me.” He quickly apologized and presented a much better attitude.

However, he was not willing to give in easily regarding this painting.

“Miss Ning, I know that you have made great achievements in the field of fashion design. However, this painting has been appraised by several experts from our gallery. There is no doubt that it is the original painting. It is not very appropriate for you to say that this is a fake painting without any proof…”

A good deal had been going smoothly and was about to be completed. Who would have known that Ning Li would suddenly appear out of nowhere?

With just the words “fake painting”, it would most likely stop the sale of the painting.

Wouldn’t the gallery bear the final loss?

Just then, a low and lazy voice sounded.

“I can prove that what she said was true.”

The originally noisy hall quieted down.

Ning Li’s eyebrows twitched slightly, and she turned around to look.

Lu Huaiyu.

He was wearing a white sweater with a round collar and a long dark coat. With his wide shoulders and narrow waist, he looked tall and straight.

His good looks were without comparison and his simple outfit made him look cool, ascetic, and noble.

The staff member recognized him quickly. “Second Master Lu?!”

Lu Huaiyu walked over slowly and finally stood beside Ning Li.

The old man asked in confusion, “Proof?


Lu Huaiyu did not answer the question immediately. Instead, he tilted his head and looked at Ning Li.

He just looked at her, the look in his phoenix-like eyes was so deep that they seemed to sink into the sea, as if he wanted to look straight into her heart.

Ning Li suddenly felt something, and her heart started beating faster and faster.

The next moment, she saw his thin lips slightly raised, and the corners of his eyes and brows seemed to contain an indecipherable smile.

He said slowly, “I bought Seventeenth Night a year and a half ago. That painting is still currently part of my collection, so the one that is here today is naturally fake.”

The man’s deep voice with a smile fell beside her ear, and it sounded like a drum beating.

Ning Li’s mind momentarily went blank.

Lu Huaiyu?

The mysterious buyer was him?!

If “Seventeenth Night” was in his hands, then the other paintings–

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly and said with a low smile, “Besides, I find that painting to be extremely precious. It wasn’t easy for me to win the bid for it, and I’ve kept it hidden in my house. How could I bear to sell it to someone else?”


Many people had heard that the mysterious buyer had bid a high price for “Seventeenth Night”.

However, no one had expected the buyer to be Lu Huaiyu!

Now, the first buyer of “Seventeenth Night” had appeared, and he had personally confirmed that the original painting was still in his hands. So, the painting that was being displayed here today was obviously hiding something fishy!

The staff member had obviously not expected things to develop to this point, so he did not speak for a long time.

The old man suddenly exclaimed, “So that’s how it is! In that case, that means that this painting is indeed fake!”

He waved his hand.

“Then I don’t want it anymore!”

As he spoke, he looked at Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu. “Fortunately, you guys let me know in time. Otherwise, I would really have bought a fake painting!” The onlookers looked at each other in dismay.

“One Gallery is selling a fake painting? Isn’t this a scam?!”

“Exactly! A painting costs from hundreds of thousands to millions. How did they audit it?!”

“After this, the reputation of One Gallery will surely be ruined…”

Hearing these words, the staff member panicked and blurted out without thinking, “But Second Master Lu, what if… what if your painting is the one that is fake? This–“

“The one he bought is real.”

Ning Li suddenly interrupted him.

The staff member was extremely anxious and subconsciously retorted, “Miss Ning, the authenticity of this painting is not something that you can determine with just one sentence!”

Ning Li suddenly laughed. “It’s hard to say for other things, but I do have the qualifications for this particular painting.”

She raised her eyes slightly and looked at Lu Huaiyu, her red lips curling into a faint smile.

“I forgot to introduce myself.

“I’m Tree’s Shadow.”

I’m Tree’s Shadow.

The room fell silent.

Everyone looked at Ning Li in shock as they wondered whether they were hearing things!

Tree’s Shadow. She was Tree’s Shadow?!

“How could she be Tree’s Shadow?!” Shang Wenwen muttered in disbelief. “Isn’t Tree’s Shadow a man?!”

Sheng Ruxue’s lips moved, but her throat was


“That’s just outside speculation. Actually, no one knows the truth.”

Whether Tree’s Shadow was male or female, their age and appearance were all secrets that were not known by anyone. Everyone had only been able to make all kinds of speculations. In the end, they had deduced that it was a man based on his carefree and mature style of painting.

Who would have known that they had guessed wrongly!

Tree’s Shadow was actually a young girl who was only eighteen years old!

Shang Wenwen covered her mouth, her eyes still filled with shock.

Sheng Ruxue’s lips turned pale.

In front of so many people, Ning Li would surely not tell a lie like this.

She was Tree’s Shadow!

Not even three years had passed since her first painting, yet she had already become a popular and sought-after existence in the art world!

Some people admired her paintings, while others might not.

However, there was one thing: Her talent in painting was undeniable!

Even if there was anyone who did not like her style, they had to admit that Tree’s Shadow was a rare genius.

And just a few days ago, what had she said to Ning Li?

“Do you know? If you’re not a professional in the field, it’s better not to express too many opinions so as not to attract too much ridicule.”

Sheng Ruxue’s limbs went cold, but her face was burning red Tree’s Shadow was the best in oil painting!

Her face hurt as much as the feeling she felt when she had vented her anger as she had said those words!

No wonder… It was no wonder Ning Li had looked at her like that at that time.

Right, what else had Ning Li said?

‘It just so happens that I’d like to give you a suggestion as well: It’s best not to judge people at will when they don’t know their circumstances fully. Otherwise, it’s very easy to be embarrassed.’

At that moment, Sheng Ruxue wished there was a hole in the ground for her to crawl into!

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li as the smile on the corner of his lips deepened slightly.

— I’m Tree’s Shadow. It had not been easy for the young lady to admit that.

Ning Li then looked at the staff and tilted her head.

“There shouldn’t be anyone more qualified than me to determine whether my painting is real or fake, right?”

Everyone fell silent again.

The staff member’s lips moved soundlessly. Finally, he regained his rationality and wanted to say something, but not a word could leave his lips.

Their gallery had displayed a fake painting and even questioned the true artist of the painting!

What a joke!


The staff member’s face had turned red.

Although this matter was very unbelievable, no one doubted that this was Ning Li’s painting.

This was One Gallery, and there were so many people present. Everything that happened here would quickly spread.

If he lied, he would very quickly be exposed. Since she had dared to proclaim that, then there could be no doubt-she was indeed Tree’s Shadow!

The staff repeatedly apologized.

“Earlier, I was blind and failed to recognize Mount Tai[1]. Please forgive me!”

Ning Li was actually not very concerned about his apology. Right now, she was more concerned about another matter.

“This painting is a fake. Because your gallery didn’t review it properly, it was put up for auction here. Such a big mistake can’t be solved with just an apology.”

Ning Li’s words were filled with doubt.

“I want to know who was in charge of the appraisal of this painting. In addition, you must also have the identity of this fake painting’s artist. Report the information to me.”

The staff member and everyone else was stunned.

Was Ning Li trying to pursue accountability?

The staff member was stunned and looked troubled.

“T-this might be a little troublesome. Every painting is appraised and examined by more than three experts. We can’t blame any one person alone. In addition, all artists’ personal information is confidential. I’m afraid we can’t provide this to you.”

Ning Li’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The staff member seemed to have noticed her unhappiness and quickly said, “But don’t worry, the fault definitely lies with us this time. Once again, we sincerely apologize to you! Don’t worry, we will try our best to compensate you for the loss caused by this incident!”

Logically speaking, this attitude of admitting their mistake was pretty good.

However, Ning Li seemed unmoved.

She said, “It doesn’t matter if there are multiple audits. All you need to do is send the list of names to me. In addition to that, the privacy of an artist is a rule that must be followed only without infringing on the interests of others. Now, however, this fake painting has been openly displayed and auctioned publicly. I have the right to request that you provide all relevant information unconditionally and conduct a thorough investigation on this matter.”

She said these words in a calm and unhurried manner.

However, under the calmness, there was an undercurrent that surged with an irresistible force.

That staff member still wanted to say something, but when he met Ning Li’s gaze, he inexplicably swallowed those words back down.

Just then, a middle-aged man walked over.

“What’s going on?”

When the staff member saw him, he immediately rushed over.

“President Wu.”

He explained everything in a low voice.

Wu Cheng frowned when he heard that.

Then, he looked at Ning Li. “Miss Ning, I’m really sorry about what happened today. I apologize on behalf of the gallery, but I’m afraid we can’t fulfill your request. You don’t have the right to demand unconditional cooperation, so—”

A few footsteps came from nearby. At the same time, a familiar voice sounded.

“Wu Cheng? What happened?”

Wu Cheng turned around and said in a much gentler tone, “Teacher Wang Yan, you’re here. Actually, it’s nothing much. It’s just a misunderstanding with Miss Ning.”

Wang Yan had already walked over from the back of the crowd. When he saw Ning Li, he was stunned.

Then, he looked at Wu Cheng and then at Ning


The painting “Seventeenth Night” was hanging next to them.

He hesitated for a moment and carefully asked, “Little Master Aunt, is there a problem with your painting?”

[1] This is a metaphor meaning that one is too narrow-sighted to recognize someone with high status or ability.