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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 646 - Assistant

Chapter 646 Assistant

It was one thing for Big Brother to have met her due to the presence of Gu Siyang, but when had Third Brother gotten together with her??

Oh, yes, previously he had mentioned that he was going to the Capital.

At that time, he had even specifically advised him to remind their big brother to be careful with Ning Li when he saw him.

What had Third Brother said at that time?

— Okay, I got it.

This was what Third Brother meant by “I got it”??

Gu Tingchuan’s face was dark and his jaw was taut. His eyes stared at the two photos as if they were about to burn two holes in them.

Seeing that he had not spoken for a long time, Old Madam Gu asked again, “What’s the matter?”


Gu Tingchuan took a deep breath and said with difficulty, “The one on the right…”

His eldest brother and sister-in-law sat side by side with Ning Li. They were all smiling, and Gu Siyang’s big white teeth were even more dazzling

He choked and turned to look to the left.

“The one on the left…”


Lu Huaiyu was sitting behind Ning Li with his arm stretched out, practically holding Ning Li in their arms. Third Brother, who was sitting next to them, had a gentle smile on his face.

Gu Tingchuan secretly gritted his teeth.

He could not say that it looked good. In fact, he had already restrained himself by not cursing out loud!

“Tingchuan?” Old Madam Gu finally sensed something was wrong. She turned to look at him. “You think they both look good, so you can’t pick which one you prefer, right?” Gu Tingchuan, “…”

Old Master Gu glanced at him lightly.

Gu Tingchuan said firmly, “… Right.”

He could not choose… which one made him feel worse!

Old Madam Gu took the photo and looked at it for a while. She thought of something and asked, “By the way, Jingrou should be bringing Siqi and Sicheng back to China tomorrow, right?”

Gu Tingchuan’s head hurt even more at the thought of those two brats.

“Yes. Their school organized a school trip to Haicheng for four days. They will only return to Hong Kong City after the school trip is over.”

Gu Tingchuan had a pair of twin sons. They were eleven years old this year, Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng. The two children had been attending school in Bai City. The reason they had not come back before the horse race event was because Yun Jingrou had been accompanying them while they sat for their examinations in Bai City at that time.

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “Then you should take those few days off and go to Hai City to accompany them.” Gu Tingchuan said, “That’s what I plan to do as well. I came here today to inform the both of


Old Master Gu looked up.

“Then why are you still here if you’re not ready to pick them up?”

Gu Tingchuan, “…”

He took one last look at the two photos.

“Then father and mother, I’ll be going first.”

He had walked for some distance when he could not help but curse, “What are Big Brother and Third Brother doing?!”

The assistant next to him lowered his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes.

The second master of the Gu family had a bad temper. When he was angry, he could not be confronted directly. The best solution would be to quietly follow him.

Gu Tingchuan was still angry when he thought of the two photos he had just seen.

The assistant adjusted his glasses. “Then… Second Master, do you need to return the 1,000 copies of Universe that you ordered?” “Why should I return it?!” Gu Tingchuan flung his hands out furiously.

“Increase it to 2,000 copies! No! 3,000 copies!”

The assistant nodded respectfully.

“Yes, Second Master.”


After a morning class, Ning Li went to the laboratory.

Tang Yi was the only one in the laboratory.

Ning Li glanced around and found that Fu Niannian and Yan Qiu did not seem to have come at all.

She asked casually, “Senior Brother Tang Yi, are you alone?”

Usually, at this time on Monday, everyone in the lab was present.

Tang Yi raised his head and looked over.

“Hey, you still don’t know? Eldest Senior Brother had acute appendicitis last night. Senior Brother Niannian and several others sent him to the hospital together.”

Ning Li was stunned.


“Yes,” Tang Yi sighed, “I’m glad that the illness isn’t very serious, but I think he’ll need to recuperate for a while.”

As he spoke, he raised his chin.

“Yes, Senior Brother was supposed to come over today to conduct the experiment, but he can’t do it now. Senior Brother Niannian told Eldest Senior Brother that he wanted me to help him collect his things first.”

With Yan Qiu’s current situation, the original progress of the experiment would definitely be delayed. However, there was no other way around it now, so all he could do was just recuperate first.


Ning Li thought for a moment, took out her phone, and sent her well wishes to Yan Qiu in their group’s private chat group.

Yan Qiu did not reply, but Fu Niannian said that the hospital was already preparing for the surgery, so they did not have to worry.

Feeling slightly relieved, Ning Li then took out her computer.

By the afternoon, Yan Qiu’s surgery ended successfully. His family rushed to the hospital, and everyone finally felt at ease.

However, Yan Qiu’s illness in the hospital still had a significant impact.

Other than his own experiments and thesis progress being interrupted, there was another matter that was more troublesome.

He was Shen Zhijin’s assistant. He usually helped Shen Zhijin handle many things. Now that he had suddenly fallen ill, he would have to find another person to take over.

This person was not easy to choose.

First, he had to have sufficient ability.

With Shen Zhijin’s status as an assistant, the content that he needed to coordinate and handle was usually of a very high level and cumbersome.

Just this alone was enough to filter out most people.

Moreover, this person also had to be trusted by Shen Zhijin.

Therefore, the best choice was the other students that Shen Zhijin was currently leading

“Second Senior Brother, the Boss will probably choose you, right?”

That evening, the small group of people in the laboratory had gathered to discuss this matter.

Tang Yi’s first thought was of Fu Niannian.

However, Fu Niannian did not think so.

“That’s hard to say. I only just transferred to follow the Boss this year. My previous research direction was quite different from our boss. The Boss has a lot of content, so I’m afraid it’ll be a little difficult for me to do it.”

As he spoke, he helplessly spread his hands, “More importantly, my German isn’t good enough.” Shen Zhijin was the general manager of Fino Laboratory, and he had frequent and close contact with the headquarters in Bai City.

During their communication process, they usually used German.

Therefore, if one wanted to become Shen Zhijin’s assistant, their standard of German had to be extremely high.

On this point, Fu Niannian was quite far behind Yan Qiu.

“German? That’s true…”

Tang Yi nodded in agreement and suddenly looked at Ning Li.

“Wait, Junior Sister knows German!”

Previously, Ning Li had translated a German document for Yan Qiu, hadn’t she?

Moreover, from Shen Zhijin’s feedback, it seemed like he had been quite satisfied.

In other words, Ning Li’s German proficiency was very good. Fu Niannian also looked over and clapped his hands.

“That’s right! How could I have forgotten Junior Sister?”

Ning Li met their gazes and said hesitantly, “But I’m not considered to be Teacher Shen’s student yet. Isn’t that a little inappropriate?”

Fu Niannian said, “What’s inappropriate about that? Eldest Senior Brother already told us that at the seminar earlier, the Boss said publicly that you’re his student. Doesn’t that count?”

Tang Yi nodded. “That’s right! Besides, with Little Junior Sister’s ability, it won’t be a problem for her to take over Eldest Senior Brother’s position! If you don’t…”

The sound of footsteps came, and Tang Yi’s voice came to an abrupt halt.

Shen Zhijin stood at the door with a sealed document bag in his hand. His gaze swept over the few of them before finally settling on Ning Li.

“Ning Li, come over.”