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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 644 - It’s Not Good to Argue With Her

Chapter 644 It’s Not Good to Argue With Her

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly and lowered her chin slightly.

“Well, what you said makes sense.”

Sheng Ruxue was stunned, obviously not expecting Ning Li to have such a reaction.

Any normal person would have been ashamed and embarrassed, right?

Why did she–

Just as these thoughts were going through her mind, she saw Ning Li looking over with a very calm expression on her face.

“I would like to give you a piece of advice as well: When you don’t know the whole picture, it’s best not to judge. Otherwise, it’ll be very awkward.”

Sheng Ruxue felt very uncomfortable


Was Ning Li talking about her?

However, she had clearly heard what Ning Li had said those two times.

By saying this now, was it possible that she was just being stubborn and trying to find a way to save her own face?

She wanted to say something to refute her, but when her eyes met Ning Li’s, those words became stuck in her throat again.

“Wei Songze, let’s go.”

Ning Li did not seem to want to say anything more. She called out to Wei Songze and left.

Wei Songze did not look very happy. He glanced at Sheng Ruxue, then turned around, and quickly followed Ning Li out.

“Sister Li, what she just said to you, are you just going to let it go?” Wei Songze could not help but speak angrily after the two of them had walked out of the building.

Sheng Ruxue was usually very arrogant, but her words today had been even more outrageous.

“Does she think that she’s the only one in the world who knows about oil painting?!”

Ning Li’s expression was indifferent. “Why bother with her?”

“But her words were too harsh!” Wei Songze ran his fingers through his hair in annoyance.

His original intention for inviting Ning Li to the art exhibition today was to have some fun. Who would have known that such a thing would happen?

His good mood had completely disappeared, and Ning Li had even been ridiculed for no reason.

Ning Li smiled.

“Speaking of which, it could be said that she was trying to speak up for Teacher Wang Yan.”

“Speaking up for Teacher Wang Yan? You hadn’t even said anything, yet she was already babbling over there! She wasn’t doing it for Teacher Wang Yan, she was doing it for herself! It must be because she was upset when you said that her painting was inferior to mine!”

Wei Songze snorted disdainfully.

“If she didn’t like hearing it, she should have said something back then. Why would she take this opportunity to vent now? How interesting.”

That had happened a long time ago, yet Sheng Ruxue still remembered it clearly!

Ning Li was not really angry. There was no actual need for that.

Besides, there was no reason for her to argue with Sheng Ruxue.

She shook her head.

“Whether she’s good or not, it’s up to her master to teach her. It’s not up to me.”

Hearing this, Wei Songze suddenly laughed.

With his hands behind his head, he followed behind Ning Li with his long legs, looking casual.

“Sister Li, you’re too polite. How is it not up to you? It’s obvious that you’re lazy. If Teacher Wang Yan finds out about today’s incident later, tsk, that scene–“

Ning Li glanced at him.

Wei Songze immediately lifted his hand to make a zipper gesture over his mouth.

Only then did Ning Li withdraw her gaze.

Wei Songze knew that she was not really angry, so he chuckled and moved a little closer.

“Speaking of which, Sister Li, Teacher Wang Yan’s painting is quite good. Why did you say that it’s not suitable to be displayed there?”

Ning Li paused for a moment. “The painting is of Teacher Wang Yan’s first love.”

Wei Songze’s eyes suddenly widened.

He had met Wang Yan’s wife before. She was a teacher in the ceramic design department of the Xijing Art School.

The key point was that she was not the same person as the girl in the painting!

A rare look of sympathy appeared on Ning Li’s face. “This art exhibition will be held for a few days.”

Elsewhere, after Ning Li and Wei Songze had left, Sheng Ruxue was no longer in the mood to continue looking at the exhibition.

After thinking for a while, she went to Wang Yan’s office.

Seeing her, Wang Yan was a little surprised.

“Ruxue, why are you here? Didn’t you say that you would be going to the art exhibition this morning?”

“I did,” Sheng Ruxue said.

Wang Yan smiled and asked, “What did you think?”

Sheng Ruxue pursed her lips.

“The others are fine, it’s just that N… someone said that the painting of yours that was selected was not good, so I argued with her a little.”

Wang Yan was a little surprised, but then he waved his hand carelessly.

“Since it’s a piece of art, people will judge it anyway. There’s no need to fight over it.”

“But it’s your work after all.” Sheng Ruxue frowned, “It’s not just me. Everyone thinks that your painting is very good. It’s just that one person who’s so picky. I think she’s doing it on purpose. She’s just trying to nit-pick.”

Wang Yan picked up his glass of water. Seeing that she was so concerned, he asked casually with a smile, “So, which piece of work was chosen that would cause you to fight over it?”

“It’s ‘Spring Maiden’, which you created during your time in university.”


Wang Yan spat out a mouthful of tea. Sheng Ruxue hurriedly handed him a piece of tissue paper, but Wang Yan could not care less about that. With a terrified expression on his face, he asked, “Did you say that ‘Spring Maiden’ is on display?!”

Sheng Ruxue did not know why he was reacting this way, so she nodded hesitantly.

Wang Yan spat out the tea leaves that were in his mouth. In his heart, he had already thoroughly greeted the teacher in charge of this art exhibition.

He had so many paintings, all of which were good! Yet he had to choose this one!

How could he have peace when he went home?!

Sheng Ruxue was puzzled. “Master, what’s wrong?” He really could not bring himself to explain. “It’s… it’s nothing… That painting was done a long time ago, and the techniques used were still not very skilled…”

Of course, it was of little use to say these things now.

He put down his glass, shook his head and sighed.

“Never mind, just go back first.”

He wanted to be alone.

However, Sheng Ruxue did not move.

She paused for a moment, with some hesitation on her face, before speaking up with determination.

“Master, I wonder how Elder Mei is doing now? I haven’t visited him since he got sick…”

Now that she was Wang Yan’s disciple, even if she was only Mei Yanqing’s new grand-disciple, she had to show her gratitude. Wang Yan waved his hand.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Even I haven’t been there, let alone you. Only Master and the others can show up at his place. Just go home and paint in peace.”

Sheng Ruxue was a little disappointed.

Being able to visit Mei Yanqing was an opportunity that many people could not get. She had originally thought that since she had become Wang Yan’s disciple, this layer of relationship would definitely make it more convenient for her than the average person. She had not expected… “Alright Master, I’ll go back first.”