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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 65 - Your Sister, Ning Li, Is Really Great

Chapter 65: Your Sister, Ning Li, Is Really Great

“I believe every parent here has received news about the results of the recent monthly test. The objective of this parent-teacher meeting is for everyone to know about your child and how they are doing in their studies a little better.”

Geng Haifan was behind the rostrum with the class results in his hand.

“There are less than 8 months away from the entrance exam and this period is key. The students cannot afford to slack off anymore.”

The parents in the classroom nodded in agreement.

While Ning Li heard the speech from her own seat, she reacted calmly. She had experienced the entrance exam in her past life, therefore it granted her a different perspective of the exam compared to the other students.

Geng Haifan further explained the school’s upcoming arrangements for the students, and he analyzed the monthly test results in detail for the parents.

“To all the third-year students, having a stable mindset is very important in this critical period. Ning Li, who has just transferred to Second High a month ago, did exceptionally well when it came to this particular point.”

Geng Haifan switched his attention to Ning Li and flashed her a smile full of praise.

“She was able to adapt to Second High’s environment and got first place in the recent monthly test.”

All the parents turned to Ning Li when they heard the astonishing news.

Pei Song had always been the first, but he now lost to a girl who had just transferred to the school a month ago. Everyone was deeply impressed by Ning Li’s achievement

“That’s Ning Li? The girl who got 737 in the monthly test? Impressive! I heard there were only four students in all of the third-year who got 700 marks and above.”

“But…why aren’t her parents here with her? She did so well in the test, but her parents can’t even spare a day to attend the meeting?”

“I heard she comes from a complicated background…”

The parents were talking about Ning Li softly as they looked at her with a complicated gaze.

Nevertheless, Ning Li simply turned a blind eye to their prying gazes.

Geng Haifan said, “Ning Li, can you—”


Knocks came from the door before it was opened.

A towering figure appeared at the entrance. It was a stylish young man.

His suave-looking black shirt made his shoulders look wide and his waist slim while his black slim-cut pants fit his long legs well. He also had a black coat hanging from his hand. It seemed like he just came from some formal event.

His eyes were deep and clear, and regality seemed to overflow from his head to his toes.

“Excuse me.”

His voice sounded rich and charming.

“Is this the first class of the third year?”

The spacious classroom was silenced by his question.

First of all, the man arrived unannounced. Secondly, his gentlemanly bearing was breathtaking at first glance.

Surprised, Geng Haifan nodded. “Yes, this is the first class. And you are…”

Although he had not met the young man before, he could tell based on his looks that the young man was something else.

“I’m Lu Huaiyu.” Lu Huaiyu then looked at the lonely figure sitting in the corner of the classroom. “I am here for the parent-teacher meeting in Ning Li’s place. I got held up by some business halfway. Sorry, I’m late.”

Geng Haifan was stunned for a moment before he realized who the young man was.

Lu Huaiyu was the person who had applied for leave on Ning Li’s behalf the other day. He seemed to be her second brother. He smiled and said, “It’s totally okay. We were just talking about Ning Li. Please come in, Mr. Lu.”

Geng Haifan had called Su Yuan earlier, but no matter how much he tried to persuade her, Su Yuan refused to attend the meeting.

He was slightly angry because of it. Of course, he knew how the mother treated both her daughters differently.

The Ye family had both a big business and a large family. The mother could have simply called someone to accompany Ye Ci to the hospital for a quick check-up.

The parent-teacher meeting was important to Ning Li, and as the girl’s parent, Su Yuan should be there for her, at least this one time, but…

No one from the Ye family came for Ning Li, but there was Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu nodded and thanked Geng Haifan before he walked over to Ning Li.

Some of the parents knew Lu Huaiyu or had at least heard of his name. Therefore, when they saw the young man in the classroom and learned that he was there for Ning Li, they were astonished as their jaws fell to the ground.

Lu Huaiyu did not seem to notice the unusual reaction. His long legs seemed to saunter to Ning Li’s side.

Ning Li had yet to recover from the astonishment. Why would Lu Huaiyu come for the parent-teacher meeting on her behalf?

Ning Li did not have anyone sitting beside her, hence the empty seat. Then, Lu Huaiyu pulled the chair out and sat down. His cold and refreshing scent contained a hint of alcohol, and it filled Ning Li’s nose, enveloping her whole.

Did Lu Huaiyu just drink?

Ning Li looked at him carefully.

The man rarely wore such formal wear. Maybe he just came back from a drink. His black hair was slightly disheveled and there were sweat beads at the tip of his nose. He seemed to have come over in a hurry.

He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his first button, showing off his distinctive collarbones.

Ning Li could clearly feel the heat from the man since she was just sitting beside him.

Meanwhile, Geng Haifan continued talking about the results.

She could not help but ask the man softly, “Second Brother, why are you here?”

Lu Huaiyu leaned back. He was extremely tall, and the tiny seat seemed absurd for him. Any slight movement and his legs would hit the desk. He said with a bright smile, “I just told your teacher why I’m here.”

Ning Li was speechless.

Other than the few times when her grandmother had attended the parent-teacher meeting, Ning Li had attended all the meetings herself.

Therefore, when Lu Huaiyu said he was there for her, an unfamiliar feeling welled up within her. She wanted to talk about it but could not find the right words.

“Ning Li’s result…” Geng Haifan mentioned her name.

Instantly, Lu Huaiyu looked at the rostrum with a serious expression.

Ning Li’s heart was racing, as though something inside her was expanding. It was an extremely strange feeling, but she did not hate it. She even felt…

She lowered her head unconsciously and pinched the edge of the paper on her table.

The meeting went on for a full 40 minutes.

After that, the parents surrounded Geng Haifan as they tried to find out more about their children.

The quiet classroom became lively again.

Ning Li then looked at Lu Huaiyu.

As though he saw through her mind, he seized the moment and said, “I was having a meal around the area, and Zhou Fei told me that you are having a parent-teacher meeting, so I decided to drop by.”

Ning Li already had a hunch that Zhou Fei had sold her out. Little did she know, Zhou Fei had simply complained to Lu Huaiyu about how heartless the Ye family was.

Who would have thought that Lu Huaiyu would come over himself?

“Then…did I interrupt any of your business?”

While Lu Huaiyu was away in Yunzhou to treat his condition, he had rejected a lot of his work and meetings.

For as long as she could remember, Ning Li had only seen him in formal wear during Old Master Cheng’s birthday dinner. There must have been something important today for him to wear a formal suit.

When Lu Huaiyu heard her question, he looked at her and smiled. “No.”

“Are you Ning Li’s brother?” one of the parents came over and asked.

The parent was a woman in her mid-40s with a slightly bloated physique and a forgettable face. She did not seem to know who Lu Huaiyu was.

Lu Huaiyu thought for a moment before he answered, “Yes, I am.”

The woman looked envious. She attentively asked, “Your sister, Ning Li, is really great! I heard that she achieved a score of 737 on the monthly test! What’s her education like at home? Can you share some tips with me?”