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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 636 - Missing You

Chapter 636 Missing You

In fact, it was more than that.

Everything she had experienced over the past 18 years had been the result of having such parents.

If her mother had loved her, she would not have left when she was six years old and never looked back.

If her father had loved her, he would not have written her such a letter just when she had finally crawled out of the mire of life after suffering so much.

What she was facing today was not the same torture she had had to go through every single day in the past.

Tang Yi did not say anything because he really had nothing to say. The laboratory quieted down, the atmosphere now feeling a little more depressing. Shen Zhijin stood up straight. “That’s all for now. Send it to me after you’ve made the necessary changes.”

Only then did Fu Niannian come back to his senses. “Alright, Teacher Shen.”

Shen Zhijin walked to the side. As he passed the trash can, he tilted his head slightly and took a look.

The torn envelope had been messily thrown inside. The name of the sender could be vaguely seen.

Ning Haizhou.

Ning Li rushed to the west gate and saw Xue Langlang and Ding Yu at first glance. A middle-aged couple was standing beside them.

Xue Langlang called out to her.

“Ning Li!”

Ning Li walked over and greeted Xue Langlang’s parents one by one.

“Hello, Uncle and Auntie. I’m sorry I’m late.”

At first glance, Xue Tao and his wife looked like high-ranking intellectuals with gentle temperaments.

When they saw Ning Li, both of them smiled with undisguised admiration in their eyes.

Xue Langlang shook her head.

“It’s not too late! You’re following Dean Shen now. Isn’t it normal for you to be busy? So, shall we go now?”

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curled up.


Xue Langlang’s parents had rented a car here, which could fit five people. All of them got into the car and headed to the restaurant.

They headed to a restaurant where they had booked a private room in advance.

The whole group sat down. Xue Langlang ordered a meal and handed the menu over.

“Ning Li, Ding Yu, what else would you like to eat?”

Ning Li felt that all these were about the same, so she let Ding Yu order.

Xue Tao looked at Ning Li and asked curiously, “Ning Li, I heard that Professor Shen’s research direction this time is–“

Before he could finish, Xue Langlang shot him a disdainful glance.

“Dad, I know that you admire our Dean Shen, but isn’t it inappropriate to ask this now?”

Xue Tao coughed. “That’s true, that’s true. Today is Langlang’s birthday, we won’t talk about anything else.”

As he spoke, he laughed again.

“Guess what gift your dad has prepared for you this time?”

Xue Langlang shook her head, but a look of anticipation appeared on her face.

Xue Tao walked to the side and took a huge box out of the cabinet in the private room.

Ning Li took a look and saw that it was a Lego model of the Milky Way.

“Wow! Dad, you truly understand me!”

Xue Langlang was pleasantly surprised. She cherished the Lego box greatly. “I’ve wanted it for a long time!”

“Your dad knew that you liked it. This time, he specially asked someone to bring it back from Hong Kong City,” Xue Langlang’s mother said with a smile.

Xue Tao laughed.

“As long as Langlang likes it!”

Xue Langlang conveyed her feelings to the two of them.

“Thank you, Father! Thank you, Mother!”

Ning Li observed quietly from the side.

She seemed to be thinking a lot, but it also seemed like she was not thinking about anything at all.

The waiter quickly began to serve the dishes.

Xue Tao and his wife were both very talkative people so the atmosphere during the meal was very pleasant.

It was also this kind of family that could nurture Xue Langlang’s lively and optimistic character.

Just as Ning Li was thinking about it, her phone vibrated.

She took a look and saw that it was a message from Lu Huaiyu.

( Li, how was dinner? ]

He knew that Ning Li was accompanying Xue Langlang tonight for her birthday celebration.

Ning Li lowered her eyes.

( Delicious. ]

After a pause, she typed another line of words.

[ I just miss you a little. ]

After dinner, it was time to cut the cake.

Just as Ning Li had accepted a piece of cake from Xue Langlang, her phone vibrated.

Lu Huaiyu was calling her.

She put down the cake and picked up the call.

“Second Brother?”

There was the sound of wind from the other end of the phone.

Lu Huaiyu said, “I’m downstairs. Which private room are you in?”

Ning Li was stunned and subconsciously asked, “You’re here?”


Lu Huaiyu’s voice contained a smile.

“Didn’t you say that you missed me?”

‘Because you missed me, I came.

‘You just have to wait where you are.’

Ning Li curled her fingers.

“Ning Li?”

Xue Langlang suddenly called out to her and winked at her.

“Since Senior Lu has come to pick you up, I won’t keep you!”

As she spoke, she packed two more cakes and handed them over.

“I promise!”

Ning Li carried the cake downstairs and indeed saw the familiar tall and straight figure.

He was wearing a trenchcoat today, which made his waist and legs look even longer.

When he saw Ning Li, he walked over.

When he stood in front of Ning Li, he tilted his head and swept his gaze over her face.

Then, he ruffled her hair and said in a low and gentle voice,”Who bullied Ah Li?”

Ning Li raised her face.

“I received a letter from my father today.”

Lu Huaiyu paused.

Ning Li continued, “He asked me to help Su Yuan. I tore up the letter.”

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes were deep as he looked at her.

Ning Li seemed to be recalling something as she spoke softly.

“The last time he wrote to me was when Grandma had passed away. And the last time… was about eleven years ago. I can’t remember it clearly.”

For him, for Grandma, for Su Yuan.

But not for her.

Lu Huaiyu opened his trenchcoat, pulled her into his embrace, and kissed her between the eyebrows.

“You don’t have to remember it if you can’t remember it clearly.”

The familiar smell of cedar filled the air, and his body exuded a warmth that dispelled the bone-deep chill of late autumn.

Ning Li pressed her forehead against his chest.