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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 634 - A Letter

Chapter 634 A Letter

Shen Zhijin looked over.

Tang Yi asked in surprise, “Junior Sister, do you know German?!”

Translating professional documents required a high level of language ability.


He himself knew some simple German, but it was barely enough for daily communication. It was far from enough to be able to translate documents.

Ning Li had a low-key and steady personality. Her making this statement proved that she had absolute confidence in doing this well.

Ning Li nodded and asked again, “Teacher Shen, when do you want this document?” Shen Zhijin stared at her for a few seconds before handing the document over.

“Just give it to me before 1 pm tomorrow.”

Ning Li took it.


After she finished speaking, she pulled out a chair and sat down as she turned on the computer.

Then, she flipped to the first page, and her slender white fingers quickly began to tap on the keyboard.

Feeling curious, Tang Yi came over to take a glance at the document. What he saw were a few unfamiliar words appearing in the first paragraph of the text. Those words appeared to be professional astronomy terms.

He felt like there were crackling sounds in his ears.

He turned his head to look at Ning Li, and when he saw her typing rapidly, he could not help but be shocked. Wasn’t this speed a little too fast?!

Tang Yi asked in disbelief, “Little Junior Sister, you… are you able to understand all of this?”

Ning Li stared at the computer and gently tapped her chin.

Tang Yi’s emotions were very complicated.

Surely this was not just a mere matter of understanding it?

With her browsing and translation speed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that she was proficient.

“I didn’t expect Little Junior Sister to have studied German before…” he muttered softly.

Ning Li said lightly, “Yes, many of the documents that I read in the past were originally in German. Because there were no translations, I learned German on my own.”

As it turned out, this had indeed greatly increased her reading speed later on.

To her, mastering a language was much easier than translating the documents word by word.

Tang Yi was shocked and his entire body went numb.

Just for the sake of reading documents… she had learned German on her own?!!

The key was that she could actually make such a statement in such a calm tone!

Shen Zhijin’s gaze swept across her computer screen.

In fact, from the moment Ning Li had opened her mouth, he had already been certain that she was qualified for this task.

Sure enough, it was as expected.

Hearing Ning Li’s words, his gaze shifted slightly and he looked at her again.

He also knew a little about Ning Li’s family situation.

She had needed to earn her own tuition and living expenses without any help. Of course, she could not have been able to afford to pay for German lessons.

So, she had taught herself, and she was even better than most people.

Shen Zhijin watched for a while, then turned around and went back to the office.

Tang Yi also moved back to continue to record the data.

The entire laboratory fell silent.

Time always passed quickly when she was focused on something.

Ning Li turned another page and heard someone knocking on her desk.

She looked up.

Shen Zhijin said, “It’s late. Let’s go back first.”

Ning Li looked at the time and realized that it was already past 10 pm.

She had to go back before the entrance to the dormitory was closed.

She got up to pack her things and bid farewell to Shen Zhijin and Tang Yi before leaving.


When Ning Li returned to the dormitory, she saw Xue Langlang on the phone.

“Okay, then mom, can you send me the time of your flight again? I’ll go and pick you up.”

Xue Langlang sounded very happy.

After listening to the reply from the other end, Xue Langlang dragged out her reply. “Hmm… okay. I’ll wait for you guys at the school then. Call me when you’re almost there.”

As she spoke, she laughed again.

“Hmmm… Bye, Mom. Mwah!”

Ning Li put down her backpack, took out the document and laptop, and continued to translate.

Xue Langlang hung up the phone call and looked at Ning Li.

“Ning Li, are you free tomorrow night?”

Ning Li turned her head. “What’s the matter?”

Xue Langlang’s eyes sparkled. “Tomorrow is my 19th birthday. My parents will be coming over to celebrate it with me, and they really want to invite you and Ding Yu over. I’ve already confirmed with Ding Yu that she’s free. I just didn’t know if it was convenient for you.”

Ning Li paused for a moment.

Xue Langlang was afraid that she would refuse, so she quickly said, “My parents know that you and Ding Yu are both very outstanding, especially you. They heard that you’re doing a project with Dean Shen, so they really want to meet you!”

As early as the first day of school, when she arrived at the dormitory, she had not been able to suppress the excitement in her heart. She had told her family that she and Ning Li would be sharing the same dormitory room.

Her parents were both university teachers, both of which taught subjects related to physics. Thus, they had always been very appreciative of Ning Li.

They were both even more impressed with Ning Li after her paper had been published in “Universe”.

It was quite touching because they would be making a special trip to accompany Xue Langlang on her birthday. At this point, Ning Li really could not refuse.

She nodded in reply.


Xue Langlang happily made a “Yes” gesture.

Her family worshipped and admired Shen Zhijin, and now that Ning Li was highly valued by Shen Zhijin, they were naturally excited to have dinner together.

“Then, let’s go together at 6:30 tomorrow afternoon.”

As Xue Langlang spoke, she caught a glimpse of the document in Ning Li’s hand out of the corner of her eye. She was a little surprised, “Ning Li, are you… translating this document?”

“Hmm, Senior Brother Yan Qiu isn’t feeling too well, so Teacher Shen passed the task to me,” said Ning Li.

Xue Langlang glanced at her with a sigh.

“Sigh, Dean Shen already values you so highly… If my parents knew that you were helping Dean Shen with these matters, they would definitely be so envious!”

Ning Li, “…

It had to be said that Shen Zhijin’s status in the physics world was indeed extremely high.

In the past, she had only had a vague understanding of this concept, but she had not had any concrete feelings about it.

However, the more and more time she spent with Shen Zhijin, this perception had become more and more profound.

She gathered her thoughts and continued to look at the document.

At 10 am the next day, Ning Li sent the translated manuscript to Shen Zhijin’s email.

Half an hour later, she received a reply from Shen Zhijin.

To her surprise, Shen Zhijin had actually commented on her translation.

The completion of the whole manuscript was actually very good, but there were a few minor errors.

Shen Zhijin had spent many years in Bai City, so his German was naturally more proficient and more accurate than hers.

Ning Li noted down the few points he had pointed out and thanked him again.

It was a rare opportunity to meet such a teacher who was so willing to teach.

Especially this person, who was Shen Zhijin.

In the afternoon, after Ning Li’s class had ended, she received a call from Xue Langlang. She said that she had already met up with her parents and Ding Yu had already arrived. She was just waiting for her to go over, after which everyone would take a taxi to have dinner together.

Ning Li walked out of the complex and was about to head towards the west gate when she received another message from Tang Yi.

[ Little Junior Sister, a letter has been sent to the Institute. I’ll help you take it to the lab. Just come and get it when you’re free. ]


Who would write a letter now? Especially to her?

Ning Li frowned.

[ Senior Brother, who sent the letter? ]

After a while, Tang Yi sent a photo over.

A letter.

Recipient: Ning Li, Institute of Physics, Xijing University.

Sender: Ning Haizhou.