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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 631 - Dilemma

Chapter 631 Dilemma

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Zhijin left after giving his instructions for the day.

The entire laboratory was eerily quiet until his figure completely disappeared outside the door.


Ning Li bit on the straw and finished her last sip.

She looked at Yan Qiu.

“Senior Brother, wasn’t Teacher Shen being quite lenient?”

Yan Qiu gave her a faint gaze. He really did not want to recall the tragic past of him being punished by having to clean the laboratory for an entire week after he had drunk a cup of coffee in the laboratory.

Why had he been punished when he had drunk it, but when Little Junior Sister had drunk it… She was given free rein to do so?!

Tang Yi had only been under Shen Zhijin this year, so he did not know much about it. When he saw the situation, he chimed in.

“That’s right. Eldest Senior Brother, why were you so nervous?”

Fu Niannian patted Yan Qiu’s shoulder with a sympathetic expression on his face.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I understand you, but different people have different destinies. You–”

Yan Qiu face was blank.

“Put away the smile that’s on your face. Both ends are going to reach the back of your head.”

Fu Niannian hissed and touched his face.

“Is it that obvious?”

Ning Li threw the cup into the trash can and returned to her seat. Her slender fingers tapped on the keyboard a few times.

“Senior Brother, I’ve finished writing my summary and sent it to your email. Please check and see if there are any problems with it.”

Yan Qiu was shocked.

“You’ve already finished writing it?!”

He was still one-fifth away!

Ning Li nodded.

“If there are any issues, I’ll make the necessary changes.”

Yan Qiu had witnessed Ning Li’s amazing memory before.

She had always been very efficient and accurate in writing things like this.

Since she had sent it over, she must have already checked it herself so there should not be any problems.

Fu Niannian glanced at him and shook his head.

“Sigh, it seems that the boss’s differential treatment isn’t unreasonable.”

Yan Qiu was momentarily speechless.

Fu Niannian looked at Ning Li with a smile.

“Speaking of which, we still have to thank Little Junior Sister properly. If it weren’t for her, would we be able to live a life of drinking coffee in the laboratory?”

As he spoke, he suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up.

“Oh right, Little Junior Sister, do you like durian?”

Ning Li looked at him warily. “… Just so-so.”

Fu Niannian looked disappointed.

“Sigh, it’s really delicious…”

Ning Li hesitated for a moment.

“Durian flavored mille-feuille is alright. I would eat it again if I had the chance–”

“Thank you, Little Junior Sister!”

Fu Niannian immediately replied happily.

Tang Yi was also itching to make a move.

“Junior Sister, then do you like snail powder–”

Ning Li looked at him indifferently.

Fu Niannian had already picked up a book.

“Tang Yi! If you dare to eat snail powder noodles in the laboratory, I’ll beat you to a pulp even if the boss doesn’t let you finish it!”

Tang Yi said, “Eh, watch what you’re saying, Second Senior Brother. Would I be that kind of person?”

Fu Niannian sneered.

“You better not be.”

Yan Qiu reflected on his life for a while and decided to let everything slide.

Then, he quickly took his phone out and searched for the nearest coffee and milk tea shop. He then solemnly ordered a cup for himself.

Yan Qiu finally handed over the summary of the seminar to Shen Zhijin before the group meeting on Wednesday.

After the group meeting, Shen Zhijin assigned tasks to them.

Ning Li was responsible for organizing and analyzing the data measured by the Chinese Science and Technology Observatory.

She had sat in her seat for most of the day, until Gu Siyang had called in the evening.

Ning Li had hung up at first, but Gu Siyang had persistently called a second time.

She then stopped what she was doing, walked out of the lab, and picked up the call in the corridor.


Gu Siyang’s cheerful voice came through.

“Ning Li! Have you set off yet?”

Ning Li paused for a moment before she remembered something.

She had previously made an appointment to have dinner with Liang Su tonight.

She needed Liang Su to confirm the final draft of her design with her. Liang Su had also said that she did not have time to measure her finger previously, so she did not know how big the ring should be. Thus, she had

specially invited her to have dinner with her.

She had been busy processing the data all day and had actually forgotten about this.

She looked at the time.

“I’m still at school.”

Gu Siyang was a little surprised.

“Oh? You’re not here yet?”

“Yes, there’s still the last bit of data that needs to be done. Teacher Shen needs it urgently.” Ning Li did some calculations. “But it’ll be done soon so there won’t be any delay.”

After she had finished speaking, Gu Siyang did not reply.

She felt that something was a little strange.


A moment later, Liang Su’s gentle voice sounded.

“It’s alright, Ah Li. You go ahead. We’ll wait for you.”


Ning Li’s heart moved slightly.

“Besides you and Siyang, there’s also–”

Liang Su gave a helpless look to Gu Tingfeng who was beside her.

Everything had been fine initially, but Ning Li had suddenly mentioned Shen Zhijin.

She said, “…and your Uncle Gu.”

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