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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 625 - From Shen Zhijin’s Observation

625 From Shen Zhijin’s Observation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As a representative of the researchers in Fino Laboratory, Jiang Ran had also attended the seminar.

At the moment, she was standing with a young and handsome foreign man.

Because the man was so tall and big, she had not noticed Ning Li and the others nearby.

Hearing this, her expression changed slightly.

Of course, she had also seen Lu Huaiyu.

Some people, no matter where they were, would easily become the focus of everyone’s attention.

It was not just her. There were so many people here as well. Was there anyone not looking at Lu Huaiyu?

He was cold and noble, undisciplined and languid. Even the hazy twilight could not conceal his peerless beauty.

She let out a soft “hmm” with an indifferent expression on her face.

Seeing her reaction, the man was a little surprised and smilingly teased her.

“What? Aren’t you going to go over there and greet him?”

Jiang Ran felt a little emotional.

When he saw her like this, the man teased her with a smile.

“Why? Don’t you like him anymore? Back then, you worked so hard to get into Fino Laboratory just because of him.”

Jiang Ran frowned slightly.


Kony shrugged in an unconcerned manner.

“Everyone knows about this. Are you going to deny it? Also, didn’t you apply to transfer back to this branch because of him?”

As he spoke, he lowered his voice and smiled.

“You’ve done so much for his sake and never said anything. When will you catch up–”

“Kony.” Jiang Ran pursed her lips. “He already has a girlfriend.”


Kony was stunned.

He had been abroad for a long time, so he did not know the situation here. He thought that Lu Huaiyu was still single.

After a while, he said nonchalantly, “Even if he has a girlfriend, it’s still possible for them to break up. As long as they’re not married, won’t everyone still have the

same opportunity?”

Jiang Ran did not speak, her eyes drooping slightly.

The conversation between the two could clearly be heard.

Yan Qiu frowned.

Kony and Jiang Ran were both from the Bai Cheng Headquarters of Fino Laboratory. Although he was not familiar with them, he knew who they were.

He knew that Kony was very open-minded about such things, but he had not known that Jiang Ran’s admission and application to transfer out of Fino Laboratory

had something to do with Lu Huaiyu.

He did not usually care about such private matters, but– Lu Huaiyu was Little Junior Sister’s boyfriend!

He looked at Ning Li, but found that her expression was unexpectedly calm, as if she had not heard those words at all.

Just then, Lu Huaiyu raised his eyes and the corners of his lips lifted slightly. He immediately stretched out his long legs to walk over.

Everyone’s gaze followed him involuntarily.

Kony raised his chin.

“No, this is not to do–”

He did not finish his sentence because he soon realized that Lu Huaiyu was not coming over.

Jiang Ran suddenly realized something. She followed Lu Huaiyu’s gaze and her heart sank.

–Ning Li.

At some point, she had come here. In fact, Shen Zhijin and Yan Qiu were also here.

Then, what they had spoken about just now… Surely, she had heard it too?

Kony also caught sight of Shen Zhijin. He immediately restrained himself and greeted him respectfully.

Shen Zhijin was the general manager of Fino Laboratory while he was just an ordinary researcher. The difference in status was obvious. Naturally, this respect was

absolutely necessary.

However, for some reason, Shen Zhijin’s attitude today seemed to be particularly cold and he only faintly responded.

Kony felt a little strange.

Although Shen Zhijin was proud and distant, he was usually not like he was today…

He quickly thought about it and felt that he had not done anything wrong. Was it because he had not immediately noticed Shen Zhijin and the others coming over?

He felt a little regretful and said embarrassedly, “… | was so focused on chatting that I didn’t realize that Professor Shen was also here…”

Jiang Ran was also embarrassed, but for some reason, when she saw Ning Li standing there, a subtle curiosity suddenly arose in the depths of her heart.

She wanted to know what Ning Li’s feelings were after hearing those words? What would her reaction be?

However, what disappointed her was that Ning Li’s expression was very calm, without the slightest ripple.

Jiang Ran frowned.

Didn’t she care?

How could that be?

Any girl who knew that someone else liked her boyfriend and had done so much for his sake would surely not be indifferent, right?

Just as her thoughts were surging forth, Lu Huaiyu arrived in front of Ning Li.

He first greeted Shen Zhijin and said with a smile, “Teacher Shen, I’m here to pick Ah Li up.”

Shen Zhijin’s gaze swept over his face indifferently.

Lu Huaiyu’s brows raised slightly.

For some reason, in that instant just now, he actually sensed a very subtle… scrutinizing intent from Shen Zhijin’s gaze.

However, it had only appeared for an instant before it quickly dissipated, as if it had never happened.

Shen Zhijin nodded. “Okay.”

Lu Huaiyu suppressed the strange feeling that he was having at that moment and raised his hand toward Ning Li.

“Ah Li.”

When Ning Li walked over, Lu Huaiyu’s hand landed on her shoulder. With a slight lifting of his fingers, he carried her backpack for her.

Then, he extended his other hand to hold hers.

The entire process was very smooth. It was obvious that he had done it many times.

Ning Li said, “Teacher Shen, Senior Brother, we’ll take our leave first.”

Yan Qiu waved his hand.

“Junior Sister must be exhausted after the past two days. It’s time for her to relax!”

Before Ning Li could speak, Lu Huaiyu nodded with a smile.

“Thank you for Senior Brother Yan Qiu’s reminder. I’ll keep it in mind.”