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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 621 - Professor Shen’s Daughter Is Really Beautiful

Chapter 621: Professor Shen’s Daughter Is Really Beautiful

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing all these official IDs caused countless people to gasp.

It was normal for Universe to forward their congratulations, but the following–

‘The Chinese Science Observatory?!

The National Planetarium?!

Even the National Physics Association?!

These officials represented the top existences in astrophysics in the country. To the vast majority of people, this was as far away as an unreachable dream.

Now, however, it was as if they had all agreed to congratulate Ning Li at the same time!

{ Ahhhhhhh! Respect! All respect to Ning Li! ]

{ There are so many official Weibo posts. If anyone of them could even congratulate me, this life would be worth it. Now, all of them have come out to congratulate her… I wouldn’t even dare to think like this in my dreams! ]

[ This is a true lifetime series, I’m able to witness everything while I’m still alive. Let’s not talk about other things. Brothers, I’m going to kneel first! ]

[ Front row photo! I’m basking in the glory! Dear Ning Li, please bless my thesis to be published smoothly! ]

Initially, many people had not understood the significance of Ning Li publishing this thesis.

However, now that so many official Weibo posts had been posted, they finally realized what this meant.

— The height that Ning Li was standing at had long exceeded their imagination.

As soon as this news was released, it quickly became a hot topic.

# Ning Li Universe’s youngest contributor #

# Congratulations to Ning Li

#t Ning Li #f

A few entries appeared on the hot searches one after another, causing a heated discussion.

[ Ning Li is so awesome, isn’t she? A work published in Universe by an 18-year-old?! ]

[ She has created history… This is as expected of a god who got full marks in the National Physics Competition. She’s a real physics genius. There’s nothing else to say. ]

[.No, even her ID photo is so good-looking? Then how much more beautiful must she be in real life?! Also… what is there that she doesn’t know?! ]

[ This is truly the brightest new star in the local physics world. It’s no wonder that so many officials are celebrating her at the same time. It’s clear that she’s a group favorite! ]

Ning Li scrolled through Weibo during class.

Obviously, the other students in the classroom had also quickly learned of this news and looked over at her.

One could faintly hear gasps and exclamations.

Ning Li scrolled through the comment section twice and accidentally caught a glimpse of a comment.

[ Ah Li Not: My granddaughter-in-law is truly amazing! [ dance }[ dance ]{ dance ]! ]


Ning Li had already scrolled over, so she flipped back to take another look.

However, she accidentally refreshed it and added a few hundred more comments, instantly engulfing that comment.

Just as she was thinking, the bell for the end of class rang.

“Ning Li.”

The astrophysics professor on the podium looked over at her with a smile.


Ning Li put away her phone and the comers of her lips curled up.

“Thank you.”

Xijing University First Affiliated Hospital

Mei Yanqing was wearing a hospital gown and sitting by the bed when Yu Pingchuan held up his phone to show him.

“This is the journal that Ah Li published–”

‘Mei Yanqing turned his head away.

“Tm not reading it!”

Yu Pingchuan asked, “Are you really not going to read it?”

Mei Yanqing raised his voice.

“I said I’m not reading it! I won’t read it! Xu Yin must be so happy right now. I don’t care about him!”

Yu Pingchuan, “Huh, how sour.”

However, with Mei Yanqing’s temper, he could only stroke his hair.

He moved as if to put away his phone. “So you’re really not going to read it? There’s a photo of Ah Li here–”

Mei Yanqing’s shoulders twitched before he finally turned around in frustration.

“Let me see it!”1

Hong Kong City.

Gu Tingchuan and Gu Tingyun sat facing each other. The air between them was delicate.

“You can’t buy that magazine.” Gu Tingchuan frowned.

Gu Tingyun nodded in agreement.

“That’s right. After all, the editor-in-chief is–”

He paused for a moment, unable to pronounce the name.

Gu Tingchuan frowned even more.

“You can’t buy a first edition either. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll publish other periodicals.”

Gu Tingyun acknowledged.

“She’s so outstanding. She’ll surely publish many more articles in the future. We won’t miss this one.”

The two of them looked at each other.

Gu Tingchuan stood up.

“I just remembered that I still have something to take care of at the pier, so I’ll be taking my leave first.”

Gu Tingyun smiled faintly.

“Take care, Second Brother.”

After Gu Tingfeng left, Gu Tingyun made a call.

“Buy 500 copies of Universe and send them to my private residence. Hmm, there’s no need to tell my father and mother. There’s also no need to tell my eldest brother and second brother.”

Gu Tingfeng strode out and said to his assistant who was following him, “500 copies.”

The assistant immediately understood. “Yes, si!

“No, make it 1,000 copies.”

Gu Tingfeng paused and his face darkened.

“The study at home is too empty.”



Yan Qiu and the other two had gathered together. The whole laboratory was very quiet.

After a long while, Yan Qiu could not help but mutter, “No wonder the Boss asked Little Junior Sister to make sure that she was free this Saturday and Sunday. The Tenth International Symposium on Astrophysics and Space Science will be held in those two days…”

Ning Li should have qualified to participate in the symposium.

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi looked at each other.

“It’s still better to have fun as a loser.”


Yan Qiu patted them on the shoulders.

“It’s fine. With Little Junior Sister’s article, it should be worth at least two Red Cotton BBQ meals, right?”

Fu Niannian was displeased. “Shouldn’t it be at least three meals?”

Tang Yi, “T’d do it agai

Yan Qiu resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“Forget it. Ill go and look for Little Junior Sister to go through the process.”

Ning Li had indeed received the invitation to this seminar.

Shen Zhijin and Xu Yin had both been invited as experts for the seminar.

So, on Saturday morning, Ning Li and Yan Qiu set out from school together and followed Shen Zhijin to the Capital International Conference Center.

Xu Yin would be waiting there to meet them.

Half an hour later, Ning Li and her group arrived.

Even though there was still some time before the start of the seminar, the parking lot was already almost full.

They followed the signs and headed to the second floor of the conference center.

Just as they reached the main door on the first floor, a man in his thirties walked toward them. Judging by the sign hanging in front of him, he was also a member of the conference.

‘When he saw first Shen Zhijin, he was stunned. Then, with a pleasantly surprised expression, he took a few quick steps forward.

“Hello, Professor Shen. I’m Zhu Zhou, a researcher from Sanyue Laboratory.”

Shen Zhijin nodded politely.


His position in the industry was extremely high, and he often met his admirers.

Zhu Zhou had met Shen Zhijin and Yan Qiu before, but he had never had the chance to chat with them, so he was very excited.

His gaze swept past Ning Li, who was behind him, and he was stunned for a moment before he immediately smiled.

“I didn’t expect Professor Shen’s daughter to be so beautiful.”