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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 620 - Congratulates Ning Li

Chapter 620: Congratulates Ning Li

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The others turned around.

“Teacher Shen.”

Shen Zhijin’s gaze landed on the computer screen.

The video was playing automatically.

The comments below also came into view.

[ To be so cruel to her own mother and younger brother, she’s just too cold-blooded! }

{ No matter what, this is a little too much… ]

{ No matter how outstanding such a person is, she’s such an egoist… hehe.”

Yan Qiu and the others had not expected Shen Zhijin to find out about this.

After hesitating for a moment, Yan Qiu said, “Teacher Shen, Junior Sister is being bullied on the Internet.”

Shen Zhijin did not say anything as he looked around.

Fu Niannian immediately explained, “Junior Sister has class so she left first. Oh yes, Teacher Shen, your TO sign album is on her desk.”

Shen Zhijin glanced sideways and walked over to pick up the album.

He walked a few steps towards his office before thinking of something, He tumed around and said, “Yan Qiu, later, please ask Ning Li to free up her time for this Saturday and Sunday.”

Yan Qiu was momentarily stunned, but he still answered immediately, “Okay.”

Only then did Shen Zhijin enter his office.

Tang Yi was puzzled and asked in a low voice, “Why is the boss looking for Junior Sister? And for two days?”

Yan Qiu shrugged.

“I don’t know. I guess he has plans.”

The so-called interview video in which Ning Li had been blocked by the media was attracting more and more criticism.

However, an hour after this video had been posted, a blogger forwarded a Weibo post from the Yunzhou Public Security Bureau.

[ Maple Red: It’s no wonder that Ning did not agree to help her mother and brother. It’s because her brother stabbed someone in the school! Everyone, take a look at this notice. An 11-year-old boy who stabbed someone until they have to be admitted into the ICU. If you had a brother like this, would you

help him? }

She forwarded a police report from half a month ago.

The general content was that due to a dispute with his classmates, an 11-year-old boy, Ye, had stabbed two of his classmates. Each person had been stabbed four times and six times respectively with a fruit knife, causing serious injuries.

Although no one had died, the two victims were in serious condition.

In the comments, the blogger also posted a few photos, confirming that the boy was called Ye Cheng. He was indeed the young master of the Ye family. He said that after the incident, Ye Cheng had not gone to school for a long time.

When this Weibo post was posted, it immediately shocked everyone.

[ He stabbed his classmate four times and six times at the age of eleven?! Heavens, what kind of child is this? This is clearly a devil! }

[ He is still a child. Don’t let him off! ]

[ No wonder! I was just saying that Ning’s mother had never cared about her daughter’s life before. So, why would she suddenly humble herself and beg for help? Turns out that it was because of her good son! Who wouldn’t say that Ning felt miserable to see that? Not only does she have a mother who

abandoned her after giving birth to her, but she also has a brother like this? If I were her, I would also be eager to sever all ties with them! ]

[Is this child a sociopath? If he dares to do this now, won’t he be even more terrifying in the future? ]

[ For those who scolded Ning for abandoning her family earlier, if that doesn’t work, would you be willing to help with crowdfunding for this mother and son pair? ]

Those who had criticized Ning Li earlier seemed to have been silenced in an instant.

It was true.

Ning Li and Lin Fengmian were not related by blood, yet she had been so willing to help. Why was Ning Li so determined to not help her own brother?

Now, they had finally gotten an answer.

Who would be willing to help such a terrifying child?

Did he think that he had already lived too long?

Acomment was pushed to the top.

[ Speaking of abandoned, was Ning’s so-called mother really the one who was abandoned? Wasn’t it Ning who had actually been abandoned, right? }

This Weibo post was too powerful.

How could the official Weibo of the Yunzhou Public Security Bureau be fake?

More and more people were on Ning Li’s side.

With such a mother and brother, what need was there to help them?

‘The topic of # Heartache Ning # was quickly pushed to the top.


Xijing University’s official blog released a piece of good news.

[ Xijing University: Congratulations to our student Ning Li for her research paper on the detection of the magnetic field shape of nebulae and revealing the effect of gravitational distortion, which she has successfully published in Universe magazine. She is the youngest first author in Universe’s 100-year

history! ]

Below were two pictures, one was the cover of Universe’s latest issue, and the other was Ning Li’s ID photo.

The girl in the photo had a beautiful face with an aloof expression.

Xijing University was one of the top universities in the country, with a total of five million official Weibo fans.

Therefore, once this Weibo post was published, it immediately caused a sensation!

The news had come so suddenly that many people were still stunned.

[ What did I just see?! Ning Li published a paper in “Universe”?! }

[A paper?! An 18-year-old has a paper in “Universe”?! ]

[ Ifyou don’t know, then ask, is this “Universe” very powerful? }

Under this comment, the replies came quickly.

[ The first thing you have to understand is that it is the top academic journal in the physics world. Once you publish a piece, it is the kind that can last a lifetime. ]

[ Our principal published an article two years ago. The banner hung in the school for a month. By the way, he’s forty-nine. Smile.jpg. ]

[ The youngest person to have published a paper in Universe was Shen Zhijin when he was twenty years old. This record has been maintained for a full twenty years– Until today, when it was broken by Ning Li. ]

[ Shen Zhijin! The top big shot in the physics world?! Sorry to bother you, but the world of the god of learning is not a world that we mortals can disturb. }

Soon, the people below all kneeled down.

Many fans came running over.

[ Sister can take care of her family, design high-fashion gowns, and even publish papers in ‘Universe’! Sister is the best! ]

‘The number of reposts on Weibo started to increase at an alarming rate.

Someone posted a comment in the comment section.

{ Click to repost, I’m shocked. ]

Seeing this, many people subconsciously clicked on the repost.

[ Lin Fengmian: Congratulations, Sister! ]

{ Tang Wei: Congratulations, Ning! ]

These two people had a lot of traffic, and the number of fans reposting was the highest.

Even the official blog of G&S also reposted their congratulations.

However, as they went on, the style gradually became a little strange.

[ Universe: Congratulations, Ning Li. ]

{ Fino Laboratory: Congratulations to Ning Li. ]

{ Chinese Science Observatory: Congratulations to Ning Li. ]

{ National Planetarium: Congratulations to Ning Li. ]

{ National Physics Association: Congratulations To Ning Li.. ]