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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 617 - Have Fun

Chapter 617: Have Fun

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Ci’s facial features contorted for a moment.


She was furious and raised her hand to slap Ning Li!

Ning Li grabbed her wrist with one hand.

Ye Ci struggled a few times, but to no avail.

Ning Li looked at her with narrowed eyes.

Ye Ci felt a sharp pain coming from her wrist, feeling as if even her bones were about to break!

Finally, she felt a sense of fear. She looked fierce but was actually timid.

“Ning Li! Don’t you dare touch me!”

‘The comers of Ning Li’s lips curled up into an extremely gentle smile. She said with a faint smile, “Don’t worry. At least, you’ve called me ‘Big Sister’ a few times. Even if it’s for the sake of this ‘friendship’, I won’t slap your face.”

As she said this, she glanced at Ye Ci’s face as if she was sizing her up.

“after all, tonight’s dinner isn’t over yet. If I were to leave a palm print on your face, it wouldn’t look good. Ye Ci, you and the Ye family have been extremely kind to me. How could I have the heart to ruin your good deed?”

Ye Ci’s expression instantly became even uglier.

If she had not been forced to do this, why would she have come here to do such a thing??

She was the daughter of the Ye family and had been pampered for seventeen years. Who would have known that the Ye family would go bankrupt and lose everything overnight?

She had managed to escape from prison with great difficulty. Who would have thought that what awaited her outside would be even more difficult to face?

Every day, she had been squeezed into that shabby house and subjected to criticism and ridicule from the neighbors.

She had not even dared to go out for fear of seeing the impudent and disdainful gazes of those people.

The creditors of the Ye family would come over from time to time to cause trouble. In addition, Ye Cheng had caused such a big problem for them. She could no longer live in Yunzhou!

She could not go to school, so it had been even more difficult for her to find a job. Moreover, she did not care for the meager salary of those jobs.


A few days ago, Su Yuan had come to the Capital to look for Ning Li.

They had all thought that no matter how cruel Ning Li was, she would not ignore her own younger brother.

Besides, Ning Li was worth a lot of money now. That little bit of money was nothing to her.

‘Who would have guessed that Ning Li would reject her so directly?

After Su Yuan had returned home, all she had done was cry and scold.

Her impression of Su Yuan being a gentle and timid person had completely changed.

Instead, she was sarcastic, mean, calculative, and selfish.

It was so unfamiliar to her.

Therefore, Ye Ci had become more and more impatient. In the end, she had simply come to the Capital herself.

What she wanted was to go back to her old life! No, she wanted it to be better than before!

“Ning Li, you’re really good. That’s your biological mother and younger brother!” Ye Ci laughed bitterly in anger.

Ning Li smiled.

“You’re wrong. That’s your mother and younger brother. I didn’t compete with you in the past, and now I won’t ever do so. Since you two love each other so much, how could I ever interfere?”

Ye Ci became riled up and raised her other hand.

Ning Li pushed her away!

Ye Ci’s feet were unsteady, and she stumbled back a few steps, hitting the sink before managing to steady herself.

Ning Li tilted her head.

“hope you have a good time tonight.”

With that, she ignored Ye Ci and turned to leave.

Ye Ci was furious, and she chased after her without thinking.

However, she had only taken two steps when she was stopped by someone.

A woman with heavy makeup walked over with a cigarette in her hand. She said impatiently, “Lil Ci? Why are you so slow? Brother Sheng is still waiting for you!”

Ye Ci stopped in her tracks immediately.

In just that moment of daze, Ning Li had already walked far away.

Ye Ci gritted her teeth but still managed to squeeze out a smile.

“Got it. I’l be right there.”

Ning Li returned to the table. Yan Qiu and the others were still frantically eating.

She sat down beside them.

Fu Niannian asked casually, “Junior Sister, why were you gone for so long?”

Ning Li smiled faintly.

“Tmet an acquaintance and chatted with them for a while.”

Hearing this, the others nodded in understanding and did not take it to heart.

Ning Li’s phone rang, It was a message from Xue Langlang.

Both she and Ding Yu knew that Ning Li was coming here for dinner tonight, so they had asked her if it would be convenient for her to pack two servings of sushi from a sushi restaurant downstairs.

‘The food in that restaurant was very delicious, but there were only two restaurants in the whole of the Capital, and they were not close to the Xijing area.

What’s more, they did not deliver takeout. So, the only way to eat the food was to go to the restaurant.

It was a rare opportunity.

Ning li replied with an “Okay” and asked them what they wanted.

During the meal, other than Yan Qiu who was feeling sorry for his wallet, the rest of them were all very happy.

After the meal, Ning Li went to the sushi restaurant downstairs to pack two servings of sushi before returning to the dormitory.

Room 306.

‘The moment Ning Li entered the door, Xue Langlang, who was reading, and Ding Yu, who was typing on the keyboard, immediately looked up at her.

To be more precise, they were staring at the bag in her hand.


Ning Li handed it over.

“This one is egg yolk, and this one is cherry cheese.”

Xue Langlang rushed up to her.

“ah! Thank you, Ning Li!”

Ding Yu’s fingers tapped on the keyboard twice before she neatly took off her headphones.

Ning Li glanced at her screen. It was a game interface.

In the past, she had always thought that Ding Yu spent all her time working on code every day.

However, it turned out that it was not the case.

In most cases, Ding Yu was indeed typing code, but she would occasionally play games.

Xue Langlang had asked her about it once, and Ding Yu had said that she would only do these things when she was distracted and could not concentrate on her work.

That– usually referred to her mealtime.

Ding Yu walked over to take the sushi.

However, before her hand touched the bag, an agitated and angry voice came from her computer.

“F*ck you! How can you cheat your teammates like this? Just you wait! I’ll report you the next time I see you!”

Ning Li paused and glanced over.

Oh, so Ding Yu had directly given her lead away.

Just to… end the competition earlier and eat this sushi.

However, that was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that this voice was so familiar.

Zhou Fei.

Ding Yu was very calm.

She turned around and walked to the computer. She coldly and mercilessly replied, “Your Grandpa is about to eat. You’d better turn off the microphone.”

The voice on the other side stopped abruptly. Only after a while did the trembling voice speak in disbelief.

“Sister… Sister?”

Ding Yu continued, “If you want to report me, go ahead. But in the future, you probably won’t be able to make it in this district.”

The other party was silent for a long time.

… Sir, please have your meal.”

Ding Yu closed the computer with a bang and then took the sushi from Ning Li’s hands.

“Thank you. How much is it? I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Ning Li gave her a meaningful look.

“No need. This meal is on the house.”

It had been worth it to hear Zhou Fei say this.

She paused and asked, “This teammate of yours, has he been with you for a long time?”

“Not really, just recently.” Ding Yu put on a pair of gloves and ate a piece of sushi, mumbling, “This is so delicious.”

Ning Li, “..”

“Recently, he had been asking me to take him on and mentioned something about taking revenge.” A cold and disdainful look appeared on Ding Yu’s face. “Sick.”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Revenge? Who’s the target?”

Ding Yu thought for a moment and read out an ID.

Ning Li remembered the name that she had seen on Lu Huaiyu’s game interface.

She was silent for a moment and said seriously, “Ding Yu, I don’t like the sound of that.”

“Actually, next time you can ask him to call me dad..”