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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 616 - Congratulations

Chapter 616: Congratulations

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At noon the next day, Huanxing Entertainment officially announced that it had terminated its contract with Xu Yini.

At the same time, Xu Yini had withdrawn from the filming of “The Palace Wall.” Several brands also announced that they had terminated their cooperation with Xu Yini.

Xu Yini cleared her Weibo account and officially withdrew from the industry.

On the Internet, many things about Xu Yini were causing a stir.

One could even hear quite a few people discussing it as they walked around the campus.

It took a few days before it gradually calmed down.

That afternoon, Yan Qiu sent a message to all the members in the small chat group.

[ Are you all free tonight? Let’s have a meal at Red Cotton BBQ? It’s my treat! ]

Fu Niannian replied instantly.

{ Tsk, it’s rare for Eldest Senior Brother to treat us. Of course, I’m free! ]

Tang Yi immediately sent a shocked emoji.

[ This place isn’t cheap. Why is Eldest Senior Brother being so generous? ]

Yan Qiu’s smugness almost overflowed the screen.

[ After publishing two papers, your Eldest Senior Brother will soon have a small amount of money! ]

Upon further questioning, he revealed that he had submitted two papers at the same time this month, and they were both core journals with extremely high impact factors.

Just these two papers alone were enough to crush many professors from the top universities in the country.

Not to mention, he was only a third-year Ph.D. student this year.

After all, he was being mentored by Shen Zhijin, and his professional standards were extremely high.

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi were envious, and Ning Li followed up with a congratulatory sentence.

‘When Yan Qiu saw that she had agreed to go as well, he was very happy.

{ Then our lab group is complete! Don’t stand on ceremony tonight, just order to your heart’s content, even if it’s expensive! ]

Ning Li typed a few words in the dialog box before deleting it.

It was perfectly normal for Yan Qiu to celebrate after such good results.

However, he had not invited Shen Zhijin.

Of course, it was not that he was unwilling to do so. It was just that Shen Zhijin never attended such gatherings.

Ning Li had originally wanted to ask, but then she remembered that Yan Qiu had mentioned this matter a few times before. She thought about it for a moment before letting it go.


She sent one last sentence.

[ Okay, thank you, Senior Brother. ]

The Red Cotton BBQ was quite a distance from Xijing University, on an extremely prosperous commercial street. The small group took a taxi there.

Just as Fu Niannian had said, the prices at the Red Cotton BBQ were not low.

This could be seen from its location and decor.

‘There were many tall buildings around, with flashing neon lights. The atmosphere was extremely lively.

They entered a tall building and walked towards the elevator.

“Junior Sister, have you not eaten at this barbecue restaurant before? Let me tell you, the taste is really superb!”

‘Tang Yi spoke about this restaurant as if it was some kind of family treasure.

Ning Li was listening to him speak when a burst of noise suddenly came from behind.

She turned around and saw a few men walking in.

They looked to be in their thirties or forties, and they were accompanied by a few young and beautiful women.

It was already autumn, and the nights in the Capital were still quite cold. However, these women were all dressed in very light clothing as they stood beside the few men and smiled.

Ning Li had little interest in this and was just about to withdraw her gaze when her eyes suddenly focused.

She fixed her gaze on the last figure following the group of people.

That person was very familiar.

That same person also seemed to have noticed her gaze as well, and raised her head to look over.

The two of them stared at each other.

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

What a coincidence to bump into Ye Ci here.


Ye Ci’s body stiffened and her face turned pale. She had never thought that she would bump into Ning Li here!

Ning Li looked at her thoughtfully.

Despite a big difference in her makeup and dressing style, how could she not recognize this face and this person?

Then, she looked at the group of people next to her.

Even though Ning Li did not say anything, this glance still made Ye Ci feel extremely humiliated!

At this instant, she felt as if all her clothes had been stripped clean!

She wanted to turn around and leave, but she did not dare. Her entire body was cold.

“Lil Ci, what are you standing there for? Why aren’t you coming over?”

‘The middle-aged man who was walking in front turned back to look at her and called her very intimately.

Ye Ci braced herself and walked over.

The man smiled and took her hand.

“Why is your hand so cold? Is the place cold?”

Ye Ci bit her lower lip.

“No, no…”


The elevator door opened.

Yan Qiu called out to her, “Junior Sister, let’s go!”

Ning Li responded and followed.

The group of people did not come over, as if they were waiting for the elevator next to them.

Just as the elevator door was about to close, Ning Li looked up and saw that the man’s hand was already wrapped around Ye CI’s waist.

She raised her eyebrows.

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi did not disappoint Yan Qiu. They had really looked through the menu and chosen the expensive items.

At first, Yan Qiu had been very calm, but in the end, he could not wait to kill the two of them with the menu.

After a round of commotion, Ning Li finally ate the barbecued meat.

‘As expected of the restaurant that Tang Yi and the others found so unforgettable, the taste was indeed very good.

Halfway through eating, Ning Li got up to go to the restroom.

Just as she entered, she heard someone vomiting.

Then, Ye Ci pushed the door open and walked out of the stall.

Her face was red, but her lips were pale, and she reeked of alcohol.

The two of them had come face to face again.

Ning Li turned the tap, and the cold water washed her hands.

Ye Ci stood there and looked at her.

After a long time, she sneered.

“Ning Li, are you happy to see me like this?”

Ning Li tured off the tap and gently shook the water droplets from her hand. She took out a piece of paper towel and slowly wiped her hands.

She merely turned around to look at Ye Ci when she was done.

She smiled.

“Why? Was it not good staying in Yunzhou?”

Ye Ci’s expression changed.

Of course it was not good to stay in Yunzhou!

She had long had enough of the shabby, crowded, and dirty living quarters, not to mention the endless scolding and humiliation!

Ye Sheng had caused trouble, and those people came to cause trouble every day!

Perhaps Su Yuan could tolerate it, but she could not!

She could not survive in Yunzhou. Which influential figures over there did not know her?

That was why she had come to the Capital.

She had not expected to be seen by Ning Li not long after she had arrived!

Ye Ci’s face was pale and her heart was filled with hatred.

She suddenly took a step forward and closed in on Ning Li. She gritted her teeth as she forced out each word, “Ning Li, you have harmed the Ye family and me to this extent! Don’t you have anything you want to say?!”

Ning Li tilted her head slightly and raised her hand to fan it gently, as if to chase away the smell of alcohol.

Then, she looked at Ye Ci again.

After thinking for a moment, the corner of her lips curved up slightly.

“Oh, right– Congratulations.”