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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 615 - Embarrassing

Chapter 615: Embarrassing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If the first recording could be explained as Xu Yini being a little self-willed in private, then the second recording could not be washed clean, no matter what.

Any artiste who said such words would be cutting off their own path.

This was not just her behaving like a diva, in fact, she simply did not value her fans at all.

This was the real deal– a fatal blow!

‘When the two audio clips appeared, everyone was stunned.

[ This is Xu Yini’s voice, right? Did I mishear her? What did she say? ]

[I can’t believe it… Her fans are wholeheartedly devoted to her, yet she actually said such a thing? Xu Yini, you really don’t have a heart! ]

[ I vomited. Look at the apology Weibo she just posted. The top comments were from her fans who strongly supported her! I thought she really cared about her fans. I didn’t expect her to be like this in private! ]

{ Annoying? Annoying? Xu Yini, is this how you want to destroy the hearts of your fans? ! ]

[ Hilarious. To think that her fans were still frantically trying to smooth things over for her. In the end, not only did she not appreciate their kindness, she’s even annoyed to death by them! Please, fans, come and listen carefully! You are nothing to your master! ]

This time, Xu Yini’s fans finally stopped coming to control the comments.

Instead, many of them were shocked, disappointed, and heartbroken.

No matter what mistakes an artiste had committed, there would always be fans with a thick filter who would choose to forgive her.

But what if– she did not value her fans at all?

All the love and favoritism seemed to have become a joke at this moment.

This Weibo post quickly became a hot topic. In just a short 20 minutes, the number of reposts had exceeded 100,000.

Compared to the video of her acting like a diva, these two audio clips had caused even more waves.

Fans were like the artistes’ city. Now that Xu Yini had destroyed her own city walls, who was there to blame?

Of course, not everyone immediately accepted this matter.

Xu Yini’s big fan, “Yini Dream”, posted on Weibo, questioning whether the two audio clips had been maliciously edited.

However, not long after that had been posted, some big shots in the Tech Zone posted an analysis post, confirming that the two clips had no traces of editing and that they had indeed happened.

~~ In other words, Xu Yini had indeed said those words.

Immediately, “Yini Dream” deleted her blog and at the same time, blacked out her profile picture.

Immediately after that, “Xu Yili’s Global Fan Club” announced that they were no longer fans of Xu Yini, and blacklisted her profile picture.

After that, Xu Yini’s eleven posts announced that they were closed, one after another.

# No longer a fan of Xu Yini #

Soon after, she became a trending topic.

Countless fans and passersby rushed to Xu Yini’s Weibo.

‘When compared to the two audio clips, her Weibo post seemed especially ironic.

The comment that had been pushed to trending one had been deleted at some point.

The other hot comments that were originally used to control and support Xu Yini were gradually replaced by other normal comments.

Doubt, abuse, resentment, disappointment…

Like a flood, it easily swallowed Xu Yini!

At this point, the public relations department could do nothing to save the situation.

There was no movement on Xu Yini’s Weibo. Only the ever-increasing number of comments showed the anger of countless fans.

In the beginning, they had been very protective of her. After hearing the audio, they had been very angry with her.

Everything had come to a dead end.

That night, Xu Yini returned to the Xu family.

Xu Yini’s parents had already found out about what had happened online. They were both angry and distressed over Xu Yini.

They were angry that she had been so careless when she was doing things outside. She had actually left behind such a big piece of evidence.

What was distressing were the endless curses and insults that were enough to cover the sky and the earth. They were like knives that fell upon Xu Yini’s body.

Even though they knew that Xu Yini’s actions were wrong, she was still their only daughter after all. How could they not feel terrible seeing her being scolded like this?

Xu Yini also felt as if she had been wronged and her eyes were red from crying.

She had always been successful since she was young. Everyone had praised her, so she had grown up extremely prideful.

This time, in order to quell the scandal of her acting like a diva, she had reluctantly posted the apology on Weibo.

Who knew that after that, there would be two audio clips, which would cause the whole situation to begin deviating from its track.

Those people were scolding her too harshly. She had only seen a part of it, yet even that caused her temples to throb, and her heart felt extremely uncomfortable.

Father Xu looked at her with tightly knitted brows.

“Enough, don’t cry anymore. Since things have already come to this, from now on, you can retire from the entertainment industry!”


Xu Yini raised her head in shock.

“Dad, what did you say?!”

Father Xu’s expression was ugly.

“In the past, when you said you wanted to enter the entertainment industry, your mother and I didn’t quite agree. In the end, we couldn’t persuade you to change your mind, so we agreed to it. Now, things have ended up like this! Do you think that you still have a chance to continue staying in the

entertainment industry?!”

‘With the Xu family’s background, it would not be impossible for them to continue supporting Xu Yini.

After all, she had not made a mistake of principles.

However… it was meaningless.

Just based on the last two sentences that she had said, who else would be willing to be her fan?

Wouldn’t that be looking for trouble for no reason?!

Xu Yini bit her lip.


But, she was not willing to accept this!

As if she could see through her thoughts, Mother Xu quickly followed suit to dissuade her.

“Yini, this time, Mother agrees with your father’s suggestion. There’s really nothing particularly great about being a celebrity. Besides, you’re old enough to familiarize yourself with the family–”

“But I’m not interested in those things!” Xu Yini interrupted her, “Didn’t you and father agree previously that you would always support me?”

Father Xu was so angry that he laughed in exasperation.

“Support you for what? For you to continue to embarrass yourself and the Xu Family?!”

He pointed at Xu Yini and said in a stern voice that she had never been heard before.

“I’m not asking for your opinion! You’d better take care of all these messy matters immediately! The Xu family can not afford to lose face!”