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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 614 - Kill

Chapter 614: Kill

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the Internet, Xu Yini’s diva behavior continued to be a hot topic.

Countless people flooded Xu Yini’s Weibo, demanding an explanation from her.

However, even though an hour had passed, Xu Yini and the agency managing her had yet to respond.

Of course, there was no way they were not aware that the matter had become so big.

Hence, this silence made it seem like they were even more guilty.

[ From the ‘Second Love Letter’ fans to you, we have followed all of the variety shows that you participated in, and all the films and TV series that you filmed. We also purchased the products that you endorsed and supported you as much as possible. I did not expect to have misjudged you. It will be so hard

to step back, but we’ll never follow you again. ]

[ Before becoming an artiste, you have to be a human being first. ]

[ I’m so disappointed. Goodbye. ]

[ I really don’t know how I was blind enough to fall in love with you back then. This young miss has experienced hardships in the entertainment industry, so she should return home as soon as possible to inherit the family fortune! Don’t come out and cause trouble again. ]

It was not a rumor, and neither was it false.

Everything had been clear in the video. It was impossible to refute it.

At first, Mei Li’s plan had been to pull the trending topic and forcefully suppress the matter.

However, Weibo had not cooperated, so they could only watch as the matter had gotten bigger and bigger.

In addition, other than Weibo, other media platforms had also pushed the headlines at the same time as if it had been discussed beforehand.

Within an extremely short period of time, this matter had already exploded.

“Yini, you need to send an apology letter.”

After going back and forth a few times, they had still been unable to control the development of the matter. Mei Li and the entire public relations department of Huanxing Entertainment were exhausted, so this was the only plan they could come up with.

Of course, Xu Yini was unwilling.

In reality, it had always been others who would bow to her. When had she ever lowered her head to others?

She tried calling Lu Huaiyu, but of course, she could not get through.


Also, after seeing the news, many of the brands that she had been collaborating with had begun to discuss the termination of their contracts with her.

Since she was the party at fault, not only would the contracts be terminated, but she also faced having to pay a large amount of compensation.

Of course, Xu Yini could afford to pay the compensation.

However, the point was that if her reputation was tarnished, it would be really difficult for her to survive in this industry.

Mei Li tried all kinds of persuasion before finally convincing Xu Yini to send an apology letter more than two hours after the incident had been exposed.

[ Xu Yini: Hello, I’m Xu Yini. Something happened to me a while ago, which caused me to be in a bad state of mind. It was my fault for not controlling myself and venting my negative emotions onto the staff. After I had gone home that day, I regretted my actions. I apologized to her and received her

forgiveness. But I didn’t expect that after a few months, the incident would be exposed again, causing her to be hurt a second time. Therefore, I solemnly apologize again. I’m sorry. Finally, I also hope that this matter ends here. I don’t want to implicate innocent people anymore. Thank you, everyone. ]

Once the apology letter had been sent out, it immediately caused waves again.

Xu Yini’s fans quickly rushed over to control the scene. The hottest comments at the top were all positive comments.

[ So that’s what happened. Hugs to you, Yini! ]

[ Did something happen to Yini? I’m so worried. ]

[ Everyone makes mistakes. Yini has already apologized. The little assistant sister has also forgiven Yini, so let’s move on from this matter! }

{ Qingin has been with Yini for a long time. If Yini really didn’t treat her well, she would have left her job long ago! No matter what, I hope Yini will always be happy! ]

This apology letter was written with some standards.

It was just a few lines of words, making a big deal out of a small matter.

On one hand, it implied that Xu Yini had encountered some troubles, which was why she had suddenly exploded emotionally. On the other hand, it emphasized that she had gone back to apologize to her little assistant and had already obtained the other party’s forgiveness.

The person involved had already let it go, so why were the others still filled with righteous indignation?

[ 1 believe that Xu Yini really didn’t mean it that day, and I also believe that she truly realized her mistake. The last time we went to see her, she invited us to drink milk tea and even advised us to go back early, saying that it wasn’t safe for a young girl to be outside when it was dark. How could such a

gentle person be bad? }

This comment was pushed to the top of Xu Yini’s Weibo post apology.

There were more than 3,000 comments below. Basically, all of them were from fans who were embracing and encouraging each other.

They still stood firmly on Xu Yini’s side.

The netizens were furious.

With such a light touch, the direction of the wind had quickly reversed.

Although there were still many people who thought that Xu Yini had gone too far that day, the apology had worked to win back a portion of the people’s hearts.

The public’s opinion about Xu Yini had finally tuned for the better.

Mei Li and the others finally heaved a sigh of relief.

If they humbled themselves and admitted their mistakes, those people would no longer be able to stand on the moral high ground to suppress Xu Yini.

If they waited a little longer, this matter would naturally be resolved.

However, just as they thought that this hurdle could finally be overcome, another wave arose.

Just half an hour after Xu Yini’s apology letter had been released, the blogger who had first exposed her acting like a diva once again released the news.

[ Entertainment Circle: Surely no one would really believe Xu Yini’s apology letter, right? ]? Miss Xu’s temper is well-known in the entertainment circle. Before you try to clean up her mess, could you please listen to these two recordings? If anyone is able to continue being a fan of Xu Yini after listening to

them, I will only be able to say that I’m impressed. Ultimately, it’s still Miss Xu’s fans who will suffer. ]

‘There were two audio recordings.

‘The first was a conversation between Xu Yini and a makeup artist backstage at Capital Television’s New Year’s Eve concert.

At the beginning of the recording, there was a warm and unfamiliar female voice asking Xu Yini which lipstick number she preferred. Xu Yini impatiently picked a wild strawberry color.

The makeup artist continued.

“Alright, then you might need to change your makeup a little. We can use these two for eye shadow and blush. What do you think, Yini?”

This question was very normal.

However, in the next moment, Xu Yini suddenly raised her voice.

“Are you the makeup artist or am I the makeup artist? If you want to ask me about something like this, what do I need you for?!”


After a moment, the makeup artist was at a loss and apologized.

“… ‘m sorry…”

The stool was kicked over and the makeup artist seemed to groan in pain.

Following that, Xu Yini scolded the person in a bossy manner.

“You’re the one who didn’t do your job well. What’s that face for?”

‘The makeup artist apologized again, but Xu Yini was clearly ungrateful.

“If you can’t do the job, then get out now! There are plenty of people who can replace you!”

‘The second segment was rather noisy. One could vaguely hear the enthusiastic screams of the fans, shouting Xu Yini’s name.

Ayoung female voice said earnestly, “Yini, these are the letters and gifts that the fans just sent over…”

“There’s no need to give them to me. Just throw them away later.”

Xu Yini’s voice sounded exceptionally clear, and the tone of irritation and disdain in it was also clearly displayed.

“It’s always like this every day. It’s so annoying!”

She said..