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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 612 - Someone Wants to Mess With You

Chapter 612: Someone Wants to Mess With You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li took the phone.

The one who had revealed the news was an entertainment account with six million fans.

[ Eight circles of entertainment: It seems that Xu Yini acted like a diva on set and threw a bowl of porridge directly onto her assistant’s face! Her persona as an innocent and gentle young lady has collapsed! ]

There was a video attached below. It had been taken from quite far away from a bird’s eye view.

However, the clarity was pretty good and one could see the facial features of the person in the video.

It looked like the set of a certain film production. Xu Yini seemed to have just finished filming a scene and was resting on a recliner.

Aman could be seen holding a sunshade for her as she looked down at her phone.

A young girl who seemed to be Xu Yiniss little assistant, then walked over with a bag in her hand.

She squatted down beside Xu Yini and took the lunch box out of the bag before handing it over to Xu Yini.

Xu Yini seemed to be in a bad mood. She put away her phone impatiently and took the lunch box.

After taking a sip, she stood up abruptly.

Her voice could not be heard clearly, but it was not hard to see that she was particularly angry at this moment.

Then, she threw the bowl of pumpkin porridge at the little assistant.

The boiling hot porridge immediately splashed all over the little assistant’s face and head!

She was caught off guard and cried out in surprise. She had been scalded so badly that she had taken a few steps back, looking extremely miserable.

However, she could not care about herself. Instead, she was extremely flustered and repeatedly bowed as she apologized to Xu Yini.

Xu Yini did not seem to be appeased. She raised her hand and pointed at the little assistant, as if she was scolding her.

This movement attracted the attention of the people who were around. A few of the staff members who were standing at the side all looked over.

However, they merely looked over, and none of them went forward to intervene.

After about a minute, a middle-aged man who looked like the director walked over and gently tried to cajole her for a while.

Only then did Xu Yini restrain herself a little. However, just as she turned around, she turned around to point at the little assistant and said something.

The man who looked like the director also nodded repeatedly at the side. The expression on his face was apologetic, with a faint hint of fawning.

Only then did Xu Yini let it go and returned to her recliner.

All throughout, the little assistant had been hunched over without daring to retort.

Only when Xu Yini sat down did she leave in fear.

After walking some distance away, she took out a piece of toilet paper and wiped the porridge off her head and face, bit by bit.

‘The camera was quite far away, and since only her back was showing, only her slightly trembling shoulders could be seen.

Finally, after discreetly wiping up her face, she tuned around, and left.

This appeared to be the end initially, but the little assistant unexpectedly came back with another serving of porridge.

She had not changed her clothes nor even washed her hair and face. She had merely given herself a simple wipe.

Everyone could tell that after she had been scolded by Xu Yini, she had immediately gone to buy a second serving.

However, Xu Yini was still not satisfied this time. She only opened the lid to take a look before ignoring it.

The little assistant lowered her head to apologize and went to buy a third serving.

Ultimately, she ran back and forth six times in a row.

By the time she returned for the last time, the sky was already a little dark.

Xu Yini still had not eaten any of the porridge. She got up to shoot the last scene and returned to her trailer.

The little assistant quickly followed her as she helped her to carry her bag.

The only thing left on the set were several bowls of porridge that had not been touched by anyone.

The moment the video was released, it had immediately caused a huge uproar!

Ever since Xu Yini had made her debut, she had always presented herself as pure and innocent. Bestowed the title of “First Love of the Nation”, she had attracted a large number of fans.

Later on, someone had revealed that she came from an extremely good background, which had led to the persona of a “True Daughter of a Good Family’.

‘The daughter of a prestigious family, with her own resources. She was truly a fair, rich, and beautiful woman, a flower of wealth in the world.

Even her fans felt as if they had become noble as well.

Now, such a sudden revelation had surfaced, and it was an irrefutable fact!

The comments section immediately exploded.

{I can’t believe it! Is this really Xu Yini? ]

[ OMG, this rich miss is so spoiled?! This has really opened my eyes! ]

[ Where are Miss Xu’s fans? Quickly come forward and show yourself. Is this really your master? }

[ ‘m dying of laughter. Even a passerby could tell that she didn’t run away! }

[ This is so disappointing! That little assistant looked like she’s only in her early twenties, right? I wonder how her parents felt when they saw her being bullied like this? I always thought that Xu Yini was gentle and generous, but I didn’t expect… Since then, her fans have turned against her!”

The criticism came from all directions.

In the middle, there were only sporadic rebuttals and explanations from Xu Yini’s fans.

[ It’s just a edited video. The full picture is not known, so no comment! }

However, such words only made any passersby feel even more disgusted.

[Is the person above Xu Yini’s fan? Can you bring your brain with you? The video can indeed be edited, but if this person didn’t actually do such things, how could it have been edited? }

[ Exactly. Was someone grabbing Xu Yini’s neck and forcing her throw it at the girl’s face? ]

[ She’s really a fan who goes with the flow! Xu Yini is arrogant and unruly, and her fans are all blind! ]

At first, Xu Yini’s fans tried to control the comments, but as the longer the incident fermented, they gradually lost their ability to do so.

After all, this video had been recorded very clearly!

However, during this period of time, there were also rumors that she had offended someone, which had caused her resources to decline.

However, since there had almost never been any negative news about Xu Yini before, most people had a good impression of her.

‘The company had released news saying that her exposure had decreased recently because she had been concentrating on filming.

The fans had been greatly comforted and more or less believed it.

They did not expect that after such a long time, Xu Yini would be trending again because of this!

Huanxing Entertainment, waiting room.

Xu Yini sat on the sofa, the hand that was holding her phone was trembling slightly.

Mei Li rushed over with an anxious expression.

“yini! What happened to the news?”


Xu Yini threw her phone on the floor.

“How would I know?!”

She suddenly raised her head.

“Didn’t you say before that the news was being kept under lock and key? How did it get out today?”

Mei Li was also having a headache.

She held her forehead with one hand and suppressed the anger in her heart.

“That day when you lost your temper on the set, many people knew about it. It took me a lot of effort to get them to agree to keep quiet about it. But this– this was filmed by the paparazzi!”

No matter how capable she was, how could she have predicted that this scene would actually be filmed by someone?!

Xu Yini came from a rich family, so her temper was indeed a little arrogant and willful.

At the beginning, it had been fine. She only gave people a hard time, but she would not really do anything.

However, for some reason, her temper had become worse and worse over the past few months. As time went on, it had become more and more serious.

This video clip was the only time she had actually made a move.

This one time, however, was enough to destroy her reputation!

Mei Li frowned and looked at Xu Yini.

“Yini, this time it’s obvious that someone wants to mess with you!”

However, with Xu Yuni’s background, who would dare to do that?