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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 610 - Candy

Chapter 610: Candy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

No one in the dormitory spoke. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Yao Mingjia could even hear the sound of her own heart beating rapidly. The blood in her whole body started to turn cold.

Her mind had gone blank, with only one thought remaining. Ning Li knew?! She actually knew?!

Since the start of school, there had been several discussion posts about Ning Li on the Xijing University Campus Forum.

She had been bom into poverty. She had often skipped class and fought in school. She had even almost pushed her classmate down the stairs. She had been picked up by a mysterious luxury car outside of school and had not returned at night…

The rumors were rampant and had caused many people to have a very bad impression of Ning Li. This had even given rise to many dark speculations.

The forum could be anonymous. In addition, the discussion of these posts was very high, so they were not conspicuous at all.

Yao Mingjia had always thought that no one knew about the words that she had typed and said.

She certainly had not expected Ning Li to throw out such a sentence right now.

She wanted to refute it, but when her eyes met Ning Li’s mocking gaze that seemed to have seen through everything, her throat went dry and she could not bring herself to say anything.

Ning Li tilted her head slightly and looked at the bed and table behind her. She smiled slightly.

“see that you have a lot of things so it will take a lot of effort to be tidied up. But I’m going to sleep now, so you can do it tomorrow. Of course, you can look for other people to help. I don’t mind.

“”Tve already told you the final deadline which is tomorrow night. If you are even one minute late, an ID will be announced on the campus forum, along with all the posts made by this ID in the past two months.”

“That scene should be quite interesting. What do you think?”

With each word that fell out of Ning Li’s mouth, Yao Mingjia’s face turned paler.

If those were really exposed, then in the future–

After Ning Li had finished speaking, her gaze swept across her face with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“Very good. It looks like you’ve agreed to my suggestion.”

The next day, Yao Mingjia went to look for the counselor, Xia Rui.

Xia Rui was very surprised about her request to suddenly change her dorm room.

‘There were very few girls in the Physics Department and Computer Science Department, so it would not be easy to get into a dorm with other girls.

Besides, the other girls in their dorm were also very outstanding.

Not only that, there was Ning Li, who was known as the national sister, and a top designer. Even many girls who wanted the opportunity would not be able to live in the same dorm with her.

Why did Yao Mingjia still want to move out?

Yao Mingjia was extremely embarrassed by Xia Rui’s question, but she could not tell her the real reason, so all she could do was find an excuse.

‘When Xia Rui saw that she was insistent, she stopped trying to persuade her otherwise.

Coincidentally, there happened to be an empty spot in another dormitory room, so she was transferred over.

Yao Mingjia was not there for the Advanced Math class roll call that afternoon.

Professor Fang Liang looked at the roster and drew a line on it.

Several murmurs could be heard coming from the side.

“What happened to Yao Mingjia? Did she actually skip class?”

“Tdon’t know…”

“Maybe she has something to do.”

In the last row, Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li sat together.

Hearing this, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Ning Li.

“This roommate of yours seems to be quite busy today?”

Ning Li nodded.

“Yes. But she’ll be an ex-roommate soon.”

Lu Huaiyu squeezed her hand under her desk and lowered his voice.

“Then you won’t be going back with me today?”

Ning Li thought for a moment.

“The air in the dormitory has changed. It’s time to go back and take a look.”

Lu Huaiyu sounded regretful.

“What a pity…”

Ning Li was speechless as she stared at him.

suddenly, Professor Fang Liang called out.

“Lu Huaiyt

Lu Huaiyu raised his head.

Everyone in the classroom looked over.

“Come up here and write the answer to this question.”

Professor Fang Liang had been very annoyed recently.

Lu Huaiyu had said that he was coming to make up his attendance in the Advanced Mathematics class. Instead, he was always dating in his class non-stop!

Lu Huaiyu coughed lightly.

“Okay, Professor Fang.”

As he spoke, he stood up, but he did not walk forward. Instead, he bent his head towards Ning Li.

Professor Fang Liang asked, “What are you doing?”

Lu Huaiyu answered in seriousness, “Professor, I don’t know the answer to this question so I’m asking my girlfriend.”

Professor Fang Liang, “… Ning Li! You come up and write it instead.”

Ning Li, “… Okay.”

As she walked forward, she thought, how did all these things always end up falling on her head??

‘When the class ended, professor Fang Liang returned the homework book to Lu Huaiyu.

“Don’t come again in the future.”

Lu Huaiyu’s expression was especially sincere.

“professor Fang, I really want to attend your class.”

Professor Fang Liang was extremely annoyed!

“Ican’t control Shen Zhijin and I can’t control you either?!”

Lu Huaiyu was serious as he spoke.

“Teacher Shen won’t come to make up his attendance for your class, right? Please give me another chance?”

Professor Fang Liang pondered for a moment. He felt that his words were indeed reasonable, and he finally compromised.

“Alright then.”

After dinner, Ning Li finally managed to coax Lu Huaiyu to leave with much difficulty. Only then did she return to the laboratory.

Just as she walked in, she was stopped by Fu Niannian.

He came over with a smile.

“Junior Sister, why don’t I help you with the duty tonight?”

Ning Li glanced at him.

“Senior Brother, if you have something to say, just say it.”

“Ahem!” Fu Niannian rubbed his nose. “I… 1 do have something I want to ask you to help me with… Um, can I ask you to help me get an autographed album from Lin Fengmian?”

Ning Li was a little surprised.

After her relationship with Lin Fengmian had been exposed, there were indeed many people who had asked her to do similar things. However, the people in the lab had never mentioned it before.

“Senior brother, it’s not you who’s asking for it, right?”

Fu Niannian spread his hands helplessly.

“My cousin who just entered junior high school happened to find out that I was in the same research group as you and has been begging me for a long time.”

He himself was not really interested in idols and celebrities.

Previously, someone had asked him to help contact Ning Li, but he had politely rejected them.

He felt that it was not very appropriate.

However… this time, it was his cousin, and he could not resist. After hesitating for a long time, he had finally come over to ask her.

Ning Li immediately agreed.

“Sure. If it’s an autograph, do you want me to get a TO sign?”

It was rare for Fu Niannian to ask her for help.

He had not expected to receive such an unexpected reward. Fu Niannian was so touched that tears welled up in his eyes.

“I knew that Little Junior Sister was the best!”

Ning Li took her phone out and opened the memo.

“Senior Brother, what’s your cousin’s name?”

“Xiaoxiao! Xiaoxiao, it’s the Xiaoxiao that Mu Yuzi sang about.”

Ning Li nodded and made a note of it.

‘As she thought about it, she looked at Yanqiu and Tang Yi.

“Senior Brothers, do you want to join in as well? I’ll get Fengmian to sign it together.”

‘The two of them immediately stood up excitedly and came over.

“Thank you, Little Junior Sister!”

‘When Shen Zhijin entered, he saw that Ning Li was surrounded by the others who were talking excitedly.

“My cousin is his sister fan. Her name is Yanxia, Yanxi.

“Junior Sister, can I have two? One is Tang Min, and the othe

Fu Niannian was the first to notice Shen Zhijin. He immediately stood up and called out.

“Teacher Shen.”

The small group restrained themselves as they looked over.

Fu Niannian hurriedly explained, “Teacher Shen, we are asking Junior Sister for her brother’s TO sign. We’ll be done very soon.”

Shen Zhijin looked at Ning Li who was standing in the middle.

“TO sign?”

“Itis a signature and blessing that is specially given to a person. It is unique,” Fu Niannian explained.

This was something that he had only just learned.

Ning Li nodded and said,

“Teacher Shen, if you need it, you can join in as well.”

She said this just in passing. After all, being caught up in this matter did seem a little unprofessional.

However, she did not expect Shen Zhijin to think for a moment before nodding his head gently.


Ning Li and the others were instantly stunned.

However, Ning Li reacted very quickly.

“Then, Teacher Shen, how many cards do you need?”

Shen Zhijin said, “One.”

Ning Li replied, “Oh right, who would you like this signature to be addressed to? I have to note down the name.”

Shen Zhijin was silent for a moment before speaking softly.


“For Candy..”