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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 606 - Ning Li, Come Here

Chapter 606: Ning Li, Come Here

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yuan deliberately did not lower her voice, so her words were immediately heard by many people around her.

‘The expressions on everyone’s faces were varied.

Ning Li’s background had long been exposed along with her relationship with Lin Fengmian as brother and sister.

Almost everyone knew that her parents had divorced when she was young and that her grandmother had raised her.

Since this woman claimed to be her mother, then… She must be her mother who had remarried.

However, why did it sound like Ning Li had a younger brother?

Also, it seemed that her mother and younger brother were not doing very well?

‘As Su Yuan spoke, her eyes turned red.

Recalling the torture she had been enduring recently, her tears began to fall which made her look very pitiful.

. Ning Li, it’s true that mommy has let you down in the past, but this has nothing to do with Lil Cheng, does it? He’s only eleven this year! If even you, his biological sister, don’t help him, what will he do in the future?!”

The Ye family had already fallen, and they were already facing very difficult times. Now, this incident had happened as well.

‘The other party’s parents had some influence and were determined to deal with them. How could they handle it?

‘That day on the phone, after being rejected by Ning Li, Su Yuan had also been very angry.

However, not long after, she was once again forced into a desperate situation.

She did not want people to come to her house every day to collect their debts, nor did she want to be stabbed in the back wherever she went.

Wherever she went, even if she did not do anything, she would still receive a lot of ridicule and even abuse.

It was almost impossible for them to stay there any longer!

But if they left that place, where else could they go?

So, for Ye Cheng’s sake and her own sake, the only thing she could do was to look for Ning Li again.

Knowing that Ning Li would not pick up her call, she had gritted her teeth and come directly to Beijing.

Other than that, Ning Li was a student of Xijing University, so it was very easy to find her.

She had been waiting there the whole morning, and finally, she had found her.

Su Yuan was in tears.

“… Ning Li, this matter will only inconvenience you slightly. If you help me, it won’t take up too much of your time…”

“Are you done?”

Ning Li picked up her phone and looked at the time, her tone indifferent.

“If you’re done, then I’ll take my leave first. I have a class later and I don’t want to be late again.”

Su Yuan had not expected Ning Li to be so determined even though she had come to beg her in person.

She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything else, Ning Li continued, “You can say these words once or even a hundred times, but they’re all the same. I already said what needed to be said on the phone the other day. Even if it’s for Ye Cheng, I hope you’ll take care of it yourself.”

Su Yuan’s face turned pale.

After Ning Li had finished speaking, she stopped paying attention to her mother and turned to leave.

The surroundings were eerily quiet.

No one had expected to witness such a scene.

Su Yuan’s heart was filled with anger, anxiety, deep fear, and despair.

It had not been easy for her to come this time. Before she had come, she had specifically told those people that she would come here to ask Ning Li for money.

Those people knew that Ning Li was Ning and had a close relationship with the popular idol, Lin Fengmian. Thinking that since Su Yuan was her biological mother and Ning Li would pay for the money no matter what, so they had asked Su Yuan to come.

If she returned empty-handed…

Su Yuan said anxiously, “Ning Li! Mom is not in a hurry. Why don’t you go to class first and we can talk about it later, okay?”

Ning Li walked away without turning to look back at her.

Su Yuan took a while to calm down. When she heard all the chatter around her, she finally came back to her senses. She felt humiliated and embarrassed.

She lowered her head and turned to leave.


A young woman’s voice suddenly sounded.

Su Yuan looked up and saw a well-dressed girl standing in front of her.

“You are…”

Yao Mingjia smiled politely.

“Hello Auntie, I am Ning Li’s roommate. I overheard part of your conversation with her just now. You… and Ning Li, is there some kind of a misunderstanding?”

Su Yuan’s lips twitched.

Yao Mingjia gave her a sympathetic look.

“I don’t know about your family matters, but I believe that Ning Li is not so heartless that she would ignore her own mother and brother. Why don’t you find an opportunity to talk it out with her properly?”


Su Yuan did not know Yao Mingjia, but she had to admit that these words spoke to her heart.

Right now, she really needed Ning Li’s help.

“But… but… she doesn’t want to see me now…”

Yao Mingjia smiled.

“That’s because her class really will be starting soon. She probably doesn’t want to be late. Why don’t you wait until her class is over?”

“She has two back-to-back classes in the complex this afternoon. I reckon that class will only end at six o’clock. So, please wait patiently.

The afternoon classes went by very slowly.

Ning Li sat in the last row and flipped through her book. She could feel a few inquisitive gazes on her.

She turned a blind eye to all of them.

Time passed slowly.

Finally, the bell rang.

Ning Li picked up her backpack and went out.

However, just as she walked out of the main door of the general building, she saw Su Yuan standing not far away in front of her.

She frowned slightly. She had not expected Su Yuan to be waiting here.

“Ning Li!”

Su Yuan shouted again.

Ning Li turned around and walked to the right, completely ignoring her.

However, in the next moment, Su Yuan’s sharp cry rang out.

“Ning Li! You just want your mother to kneel down and beg you before you will agree to help your brother, don’t you?!”

Ning Li stopped in her tracks.

It was time for classes to end. Countless students rushed out of the building.

$u Yuan’s voice immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Countless gazes looked over and fell on Ning Li.

A strange silence fell upon the crowd.

Ning Li stood where she was with her black backpack on one shoulder. The fingers that were holding the strap of the backpack slowly tightened and her knuckles tuned white.

She knew that everyone was watching… watching this absurd and ridiculous farce.

Surprise, curiosity, contempt, sympathy…

That was the shackle that she had wanted to get rid of countless times over the long years that had passed.

Su Yuan was crying behind her.

In the strange silence, her crying sounded even more miserable and pathetic. It felt like a sharp thorn, stabbing fiercely at her!

A gust of wind blew, bringing a chill to her entire body.

suddenly, a clear and deep voice came from the front.

“How is the school’s security work done? Why are troublemakers so casually allowed to enter?”

Everyone was shocked.

Ning Li’s fingertips moved slightly as she looked up.

It seemed that several school leaders had just happened to be passing by. The one who had spoken was Shen Zhijin, who was standing in the center, surrounded by the others.


As he looked over, his elegant face seemed to be covered in a thin layer of frost.

The other leaders beside him looked uneasy.

One of them quickly said, “Vice-principal Shen, it’s due to our staff’s negligence. Don’t worry, we’ll deal with it right away!”

As he spoke, he immediately walked to the side and began to make a phone call. The tone of his voice was stern as he spoke.

“. How could you allow this to happen?! Don’t you properly vet all outsiders? How could you just allow these people in?!”

Everyone was stunned. They had not expected this matter to blow up.

Shen Zhijin looked at Ning Li.

Ning Li stood there alone as she was surrounded by the crowd.

He remembered the phone call that he had overheard the other day. He frowned slightly, but his voice softened.

“Ning Li, come here..