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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 601 - Why Are You Here

Chapter 601: Why Are You Here

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sheng Ruxue was stunned.

Shang Wenwen recognized Ning Li first and exclaimed, “Ning?!”

Sheng Ruxue instantly understood.


It was her!

Not long ago, Ning had made a public appearance at the G&S Fall/Winter Collection show. That beautiful and pure face was hard to forget.

Just by looking at the screenshots of the live broadcast, it was clear that she was already very beautiful. She had never expected to see her in real life, and to see that she was even more beautiful in person.

Ning Li glanced at the three of them indifferently, before withdrawing her gaze and continued walking forward.

Sheng Ruxue glanced at Xue Bingyu, who was beside her. Seeing that he was still staring in awe in that direction, the smile on her face immediately faded.

Shang Wenwen asked curiously, “I wonder why she came to Xijing Arts School?”

Many people knew that Ning and Ning Li were the same person. She had been admitted to the Institute of Physics at Xijing University as the top scorer of the M province’s science college entrance examination. She had even been appointed as the representative of the freshman to give a speech at the

school’s anniversary ceremony. She was a true god of learning.

However, she was currently not attending classes at her own campus. Why was she here instead?

“Lguess she has something to do,” Sheng Ruxue said calmly. “After all, she is doing haute couture fashion dresses. That means she has some connections with the profession of fashion design.”

After thinking about it, she felt that this was the most likely explanation.

As she spoke, she turned around to leave.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go too.”

Xue Bingyu came back to his senses.

“Ruxue, please wait for me.”

‘The comers of Sheng Ruxue’s lips twitched, and she gave a shallow smile.

“There’s no need. I’m planning to go to Mingxi Square with Wenwen later. You don’t have to accompany us.”

Xue Bingyu suddenly seemed to realize why she was angry and the expression on his face changed slightly.

“Ruxue, I’m not–”

Sheng Ruxue tugged at Shang Wenwen.

“Let’s go.”

The campus of Xijing Arts School was very big. Ning Li walked for another twenty minutes before she arrived at the studio building.

At this time of the day, there were still many students in the studio building.

Ning Li came to Area A and found a corner to sit down.

Several people noticed her arrival and seemed to have recognized her as well, so they were all looking over at her.

Fortunately, the atmosphere in the studio building was very good. Even though they recognized Ning Li, they still restrained themselves and kept quiet.

Ning Li looked around as she leisurely sat on the chair.

Then, she took her phone out to look at the time.

The sound of approaching footsteps could be heard.

Ning Li looked up and saw Wei Songze walking toward her.

A few students greeted him. They seemed to be his classmates.

‘When they noticed that Wei Songze was walking toward Ning Li, they were all shocked.

However, Wei Songze ignored them and greeted her delightedly.

“Sister Li!”

He deliberately lowered his voice, but it was not hard to hear his excitement and happiness.

“So, you’ve finally remembered me!”

Ning Li gave him a withering look.

“see that you’re living quite a good life here.”

Wei Songze chuckled.

“Stay calm, Sister Li!”

Xijing Academy was his dream academy and he was indeed living very happily here.

“My paintings are in A103. Sister Li, would you like to see them now?”

Area A of the painting studio building was the oil painting area. In addition to the place for the students to paint, there was also an exhibition area.

The works of students that were well-painted were selected to be put on display here. These were rotated every month.

This month, only two oil paintings by freshmen had selected.

Wei Songze was one of them.

Ning Li stood up and followed Wei Songze to the exhibition area.

‘The zigzag-shaped exhibition area was very empty and quiet.

Ning Li followed Wei Songze into the exhibition area and soon saw his painting.

It was a painting of a lotus plant at the end of summer.

‘The withered lotus leaves were hanging low, and the sky after the rain was suffused with a light green color, reflecting onto the surface of the lake.

It was quiet and depressing.

Wei Songze crossed his arms and touched his chin.

“Sister Li, please have a look at my painting. I feel like there’s something wrong, but I can’t tell…”

Ning Li raised her hand.

“Your composition isn’t right. The spatial distinction at the beginning hasn’t been done properly. Also, the colors of the reflection in the lake don’t match. It would be better to mix in some cold colors.”

Im the end, she came to a conclusion.

“This painting can be considered useless. You should redraw it.”

With each word that she said, Wei Songze’s expression became increasingly gloomy.

When he heard the last sentence, the corners of his eyes twitched crazily.

“It… It’s not that bad…”

He was about to retort in defense of himself, but when he saw Ning Li’s calm expression, he automatically swallowed the rest of his words.

“… Okay, I got it!”

He pointed to another painting at the side.

“Then Sister Li, what about this one? This one was selected along with mine.”

Ning Li looked at it and said calmly, “The intention is good, but the technique is still too raw and is not up to the task. They’re not as good as you.”

Only then did Wei Songze become happy.

He was not the worst! It was just that Sister Li’s standards were too high!

‘As the two of them were talking, another person had walked in.

Just as Ning Li finished speaking, a laugh came from behind.

“Students nowadays are really amazing. They’re so sharp.”

Hearing this, Ning Li turned around.

Two middle-aged men were standing a few steps behind her, followed by a person she had just encountered.

Sheng Ruxue had originally intended on going to buy paint with Shang Wenwen, but she had suddenly received a call from her second uncle. He said that he happened to be at Xijing Arts School and wanted to invite her and Teacher Wang Yan to have a meal together.

They had been high school classmates and had a good relationship with each other.

So, she had turned back halfway.

‘Wang Yan said that Sheng Miao rarely came here and planned to show him around first, so Sheng Ruxue had gone along with him.

Her paintings had been selected to be displayed at the exhibition area this month, so they had specially come here.

‘Who would have known that they would hear such unpleasant words as soon as they arrived?

The smile on her face gradually faded.

‘Wei Songze immediately greeted him.

“Teacher Wang Yan.”

He did not know the others, so he was not familiar with them at all.

Wang Yan nodded, but his gaze fell on Ning Li with a hint of surprise.

However, no one noticed him at that moment.

Ning Li glanced at the newcomers. Her gaze paused on Wang Yan who was standing in the middle for a moment before she took the initiative to speak first.

“Tm not a student of Xijing Arts Academy, so I don’t know much about these things. I didn’t mean to offend you, so please don’t mind me.”

After saying that, she turned to leave with Wei Songze.

Sheng Miao was momentarily stunned for a moment before he smiled.

“This… This young lady has quite a personality.”

The corners of Wang Yan’s eyes twitched.

Just as Ning Li and Wei Songze walked out of the studio, the phone in her pocket vibrated.

She took it out and took a look. It was a message from Wang Yan.

[ Why are you here today? Why didn’t you tell me in advance? ]