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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 599 - Xijing Art School

Chapter 599: Xijing Art School

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li followed Shen Zhijin upstairs.

Yan Qiu and the others had already arrived in Room 601.

Tang Yi joked, “Little Junior Sister came a little late today!”

Usually, Ning Li came very early, and this was the first time she had ever been delayed.

Ning Li pulled out a chair beside him and sat down, before taking out her computer.

Hearing this, she smiled and said lightly, “Yeah, I had to answer a call at the last minute, so I came up a little late.”

Shen Zhijin glanced at her.

At the moment, Ning Li’s brows were relaxed, and the corners of her lips had curled into a smile. It looked as if she had really just picked up a very ordinary phone call.

If he had not heard it with his own ears, no one would have known what kind of trouble she was facing.

He asked, “Tang Yi, how much of your paper have you written?”

Having been reminded by his boss, Tang Yi immediately came back to his senses and subconsciously sat up straight.

“T’ve already written more than half of it. There are still two more sets of experiments left. The paper will be almost done when I’m done with them.”

Shen Zhijin nodded.

“Tl give you two weeks more then.”

The corners of Tang Yi’s eyes twitched, but he braced himself and answered affirmatively.


Shen Zhijin sat down and flipped through the information that Yan Qiu had just handed over.

“Yan Qiu, T’ll start with you today.”

The group meeting lasted the entire morning.

Just as Shen Zhijin left, Tang Yi let out a mournful howl.

“Two weeks! Boss isn’t asking for my thesis, he’s asking for my life!”

He was just like a baby in the doctorate program, why did he have to bear such great pressure?!

Fu Niannian gloated and patted his shoulder.

“Be content with that. At least the Boss gave you some time to prepare. If it was like Vice Dean Zhou, he would ask today and then expect it tomorrow… Tsk.”

Tang Yi looked up at him.

“The Boss said that this article will be submitted to The Astronomical Journal.”

Fu Niannian paused and slowly withdrew his hand.

… Forget I said anything then.”

His thesis would also be published. It was known that Shen Zhijin was the most demanding in the Institute of Physics.

For core journals of this standard, as long as others published two papers during their Ph.D. period, they would be able to meet the graduation criteria.

However, in Shen Zhijin’s case, this was only the beginning.

With a top-notch professor in the industry, there was nothing more satisfying than this.

Yan Qiu said, “Didn’t I send you the minutes from the last meeting? The Boss mentioned something about your experiment in the middle of it. You can look for it. Maybe it’ll help you work faster.”

‘Tang Yi spread out on the chair.

“Eldest Senior Brother, do you think I didn’t think of this already? But there’s no record of it! I’ve already read it back and forth several times, but I still couldn’t find it!”

Yan Qiu was stunned. “Oh? Did I not remember? Then–”

“Senior Brother, I happen to remember that part. If you need it, I can send it to your email.”

Ning Li suddenly said.

‘The rest of them looked at her with strange expressions.

Fu Niannian asked, “Junior Sister, didn’t you… not write anything down that day?”

He still remembered how exhausted he had been that day. He had typed with both hands the entire time, almost without stopping.

‘As for Ning Li, since the meeting started and after she turned on the computer, she had not done anything.

Now she was saying that she remembered?

Ning Li nodded. “I remembered a part of it. Later on, I made some minor changes to Eldest Senior Brother’s meeting record.”

As she spoke, her fingers tapped on the keyboard a few times before she looked at Tang Yi.

“T’ve sent the email. Senior Brother Tang Yi, can you take a look?”

Tang Yi looked at his computer and saw that there was indeed an additional email.

He opened it and his eyes slowly widened.

After a long while, he turned his neck stiffly.

… Junior Sister, did you… memorize everything?!”

She had not done anything that day!

This… Everything had been written down in her mind?!

Was she some kind of a living printer??

Yan Qiu and Fu Niannian were curious, so they went over as well. They were stunned after they saw it.

After a long while, Fu Niannian sighed.

“Forget it. There’s a difference between the immortal and the mortal. I think it’s better if I just think about what to eat for lunch.”

Yan Qiu and Tang Yi nodded in agreement.

“What would Junior Sister like to eat? Let us all give you a treat!”

Ning Li was about to speak when her phone suddenly vibrated.

She picked it up and took a look. It was a message from Yu Pingchuan.

{ Ah Li, your ‘Summer Cicada’ has been sold, setting a new record: Six million. ]

Ning Li blinked her eyes.

She had expected that the painting would fetch a new price, but she had not expected it to be so high.

The ones she had sold previously had only sold for more than ten million in total.

[ Who is the buyer? ]

[ The other party did not reveal his identity. }

It was within her expectations.

Ning Li did not mind much about this matter. After all, the painting had successfully been sold.

Yu Pingchuan invited her to have dinner with him at Shuiyuan Shijia.

Ning Li had not seen him for a long time, so she agreed.

{ Then, I’ll go to the supermarket in the afternoon… ]

‘As she was typing, she received another message from Wei Songze, inviting her to look at the painting.

After thinking for a moment, she looked at her class schedule. There was only one class that afternoon.

[T’ll look for you at the Xijing Art School in the afternoon. }

Yu Pingchuan would also be teaching there today. After that, they could go back together.

‘Wei Songze could not be more surprised and immediately agreed.

[ Then, Sister Li, let me know when you’re about to arrive. I’ll go to the west gate to pick you up! }

The Xijing Art School was not far from here, but it was not that close either.

It would take nearly half an hour by bicycle.

If the students on either side wanted to choose any classes from the opposite campus, they would usually need to set aside some time for themselves.

She deleted the line of words in the dialog box with Yu Pingchuan. She planned to look for him directly after meeting with Wei Songze.

After settling this matter, she raised her head.

“Let’s go to the cafeteria then.”

That afternoon’s general astronomy class ended at 4:30 pm.

Ning Li packed her things up and took a taxi to Xijing Art Academy.

The campus of Xijing Art School was very large, and the buildings were very unique. The scenery at this campus was more charming than that of the Xijing University campus.

Ning Li showed her student ID card and successfully entered the gate.

However, Wei Songze was not there.

She called Wei Songze but it took him a while to answer.

“Tm here. Where are you?”

Wei Songze sounded apologetic:

“sister Li, my teacher called me to work at the last minute. It’ll probably take another half an hour. Why Don’t you go to Area A of the painting studio first and wait for me there? I’ll be there soon!”


After hanging up, Ning Li looked around before walking toward the studio.

The painting studio of Xijing Academy of Fine Arts was a separate building that had been divided into several sections.

Most people who came here for the first time would take a long time to find their way around.

However, she was not one of those people.

As they were walking forward, a disdainful voice suddenly came from the side.

“That painting by Tree’s Shadow is worth six million?!”