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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 598 - Debt Collection

Chapter 598: Debt Collection

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She did not speak. The person on the other end waited for a moment before speaking nervously.

“Ning Li, this is your mother.”

Su Yuan’s voice was no longer as calm and proud as it used to be. Instead, it carried a trace of cautious pleading.

Ning Li’s brows furrowed slightly as her stomach chumed.

“Madam Ye.”

She spoke coldly.

“Tremember saying that there’s no longer any relationship between us. There’s no need to see each other again, and there’s no need to contact each other again.”

Su Yuan had expected this attitude from her.

If she had not been forced to do so, why else would she have been willing to be ridiculed by Ning Li?

She said anxiously, “Ning Li! Mom– I really have something urgent to talk to you about!”

As if she was worried that Ning Li would hang up the phone, she spoke quickly.

“Yes, it’s like this. A few days ago, your brother had a conflict with someone at school and stabbed him! “The other party is currently in the hospital. Although he was saved, he still needs a huge amount of medical fees. You know what our family’s situation is like now. Where will we be able to find the

money? So… So… I wanted to see if you could help–”

Ning Li sneered.

“Madam Ye, so you called me today to ask for money?”

Su Yuan was irritated by her laughter.

What kind of life had Ning Li lived in the past, and what kind of life was she living now?

On the day she had gone to bring Ning Li back to Yunzhou, her first reaction when she saw Ning Li in the cafe was that her clothes and shoes were too cheap.

Then, when Ning Li had walked into the Ye family’s villa just like that, all she had felt was embarrassment and humiliation.

That had been a symbol of her failed marriage and her embarrassing past.

She had never thought that she would have to come to Ning Li for money one day.

But now, there was really no other way.

“You… You’re a top designer now. The pay from G&S should be pretty good, right?”

Su Yuan spoke carefully, “Ning Li, this bit of money is nothing to you now, is it? Even if you have resentment towards your mother, Lil Cheng is your biological brother! Do you really have the heart to do that?”

In fact, she had never thought of asking Ning Li for this money.

After the incident with Ye Cheng, the other party’s parents had demanded a lot of money and had even threatened to teach them a lesson if they could not get it together as soon as possible.

The Ye family had completely fallen and all their assets were frozen. Su Yuan herself did not have any skills and did not know how to make money at all.

For the past few months, she had been living by selling off her previous luxury goods, including clothes and jewelry.

However, that was ultimately not a long-term solution.

She had to support herself and Ye Cheng, and now there was Ye Ci as well.

The situation had already been difficult enough, but who knew that Ye Cheng would actually cause such a disaster!

Her former friends had long since cut ties with her, and even Ye Ting had been implicated by the Ye family. She was very unpopular with her husband’s side of the family, as if she was in the midst of a divorce and could not be bothered with her at all.

Then suddenly, the news had suddenly broken out–

Ning Li was actually Ning!

The designer that was currently the most sought after by the top luxury group, G&S!

This bit of money was not even worth mentioning to her at all.

The more those people had pressed her, the more pressured she had become. Su Yuan had not been able to take it anymore and had finally decided to look for Ning Li.

Su Yuan had known that if she used her own number to call Ning Li, Ning Li would definitely not pick up. Thus, she had deliberately used a new number.

Ning Li’s lips curled into a cold smile as she gave an objective evaluation.

“Stabbed someone? Then, it sounds like he’s quite capable.”

She had fought countless times since she was young, but it had never gotten to this point.

Ye Cheng was only eleven years old now, yet he had actually dared to use a knife.

“Since it’s his own fault, then he should bear the responsibility. I have no obligation to help. If Madam Ye has nothing else to say, I’ll be hanging up. Don’t call again in the future. I don’t have much patience.”

Hearing Ning Li’s firm refusal, Su Yuan immediately panicked.

“How can you not have an obligation to help? He’s your blood brother!”

Ning Li’s lips curved slightly.

Blood was thicker than water.

There was nothing more ironic than Su Yuan saying these four words to her.

“Actually, Madam Ye, you don’t have to worry so much.” Ning Li’s tone was gentle. “Isn’t it just a matter of owing some money? If they want it, you can give it to them or not. Everything will pass after a while.”

A gentle breeze blew, blowing the girl’s wavy hair.

Shen Zhijin was walking over from afar when he noticed a tall and slender figure standing under a parasol tree. The shadow of the tree swayed and the early autumn sunlight shone through the leaves, scattering mottled light on the ground.

She was carrying a black backpack. Her shoulders and back were straight, like a resilient pine that would never bend.

His footsteps paused slightly.

The next moment, he heard her exceptionally calm voice.

“Back then, my father owed someone his life. When those people came to collect his debt of life, I couldn’t pay them back. Haven’t I lived well until today?”

She seemed to be smiling.

“Compared to that, Madam Ye, you only owe a little money. What’s the big deal about it?”

Su Yuan was momentarily speechless.

However, at this time, she could not think of anything else.

“So, you really don’t intend to help?”

Her emotions had become agitated, and her voice had turned shrill.

“Ning Li! How could you do this?! That Lin Fengmian clearly has no blood relationship with you, yet you’re willing to help him so much! Why is it that when it comes to your brother, you’re not even willing to help him with such a small favor? How can you be so heartless?!”

She knew that Ning Li resented her, so she had brought up Ye Cheng.

However, she did not know that these words were even more harsh to Ning Li’s ears.

Not only had she tried to implicate her alone. Now, she was even trying to pull Lin Fengmian down.

Who had given her the right to say these words?

Ning Li’s voice turned cold.

“You don’t have the right to judge me. It’s my freedom to help whoever I want and not to help anyone. Madam Ye, since you have the time, you should think of other ways. There’s no need to waste your time on me.

“If you call again in the future, I’ll call the police and report you for harassment. For everyone’s sake, Madam Ye should be smarter.”

After saying that, Ning Li did not say anything more. She hung up the phone and blocked the call.

Just as she was about to turn around and go upstairs, she suddenly noticed something.

She turned her head and saw a familiar face.

Shen Zhijin.

Her brows furrowed slightly. She did not know how much Shen Zhijin had heard.

It was not that she was worried about others hearing this. It was just that… She felt troubled.

The Ye family’s messy matters, the origins of her own terrible family… Even she herself was extremely annoyed.

For so many years, every time anyone found out about her family’s matters, all their reactions would either be ridicule, contempt, resentment, or sympathy.

No matter what it was, she did not like it.

Shen Zhijin walked over. His elegant and cold face was calm as usual.

“Why aren’t you going up yet? You’re going to be late for the group meeting.”

He was behaving as usual.

For some reason, Ning Li suddenly felt relieved.

She pursed her lips into a faint smile.

“Yes, right away.”

Shen Zhijin nodded and walked forward.

Ning Li tightened the strap on her backpack and followed him…