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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 596 - I’m Allergic to Peanuts

Chapter 596: I’m Allergic to Peanuts

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Ning Li returned to the conference room, everyone else had already arrived and was seated around the oval-shaped conference table.

Shen Zhijin sat in the main seat.

Ning Li walked over and handed over the information, before sitting down as well.

Shen Zhijin then said, ‘Let’s begin.”

Jiang Ran and the others heard him and tactfully left.

‘When she closed the door, she could not help but turn around to look through the slight gap of the door.

The people sitting in the room were all extremely outstanding people.

Ning Li was the youngest one among them.

Previously, she had also applied to join this research group, but she had not been accepted.

Even if she was not Shen Zhijin’s student, just being his subordinate researcher and following a project with him would add a lot of color to her resume.

Jiang Ran had always been outstanding since she was young. Otherwise, she would not have been able to enter the Bai City Headquarters of Fino Laboratory.

However, while she was there, she had followed another mentor instead of Shen Zhijin.

She had to admit that she felt rather regretful.

This time, she had finally had an opportunity and yet, she still had not been able to seize it.

‘The two researchers beside her whispered a few words.

“Speaking of which, that Ning Li is really amazing. Her previous thesis was published smoothly, and now she has directly entered Teacher Shen’s research group. She seems to be only eighteen? She really can’t be compared…”

“Who says so? Furthermore, judging by the situation just now, it seems that Teacher Shen has already placed a lot of trust in her. I’m afraid that he is already treating her like his own student and is nurturing her.”

“She’s only in her first year. It looks like her future will be limitless… wonder if she will choose to enter the exam?”

As the person spoke, he looked at Jiang Ran and teased her with a smile,

“If she succeeds, our laboratory will have two talented girls from Xijing University.”

These words could be considered as a small attempt to curry favor with Jiang Ran.

In fact, Jiang Ran was outstanding for someone so young. She even had a pretty face which made her very well-liked.

Ever since she had entered the Capital branch, she had been very popular and many people had chased after her.

However, at this moment, these words sounded very unpleasant to Jiang Ran’s ears.


Ning Li was also from Xijing University and she was also beautiful. Moreover, Ning Li had an even more outstanding talent in physics than she did.

She had interacted with Ning Lia few times before, so she knew very well that Ning Li’s research ability was actually better than hers.

This was also the reason why Shen Zhijin had chosen Ning Li to enter the project team, but not her.

Jiang Ran forced a smile on her face.

The other person seemed to notice that Jiang Ran was not in a good mood, and hesitantly asked, “Jiang Ran, are you still regretting not being able to enter this project team?”

Many people knew that Jiang Ran had filled in the application form previously.

Jiang Ran tucked the strands of hair on her cheek behind her ear.

‘Just alittle. After all, it is Teacher Shen’s research group. However, since the matter has already been settled, it’s in the past.”

As she spoke, she smiled.

“Let’s hurry back and catch up on the progress. I still have a pile of data to process. If I don’t finish it, I will have to work overtime again today.”

The joint meeting lasted for nearly three hours, with only a ten-minute break in between.

Shen Zhijin occupied an absolutely dominant position. The entire meeting was very rich in content and had gone by at a very fast pace.

Anyone who was absent-minded or had a slower reaction would probably find it difficult to keep up.

When Shen Zhijin finally announced the end of the meeting, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that the people from the branch were looking for Shen Zhijin for something, so he got up and left first.

Only Ning Li and the others were left in the meeting room.

Fu Niannian moved closer to Ning Li and whispered, ‘Little Junior Sister, how do you feel?”

Ning Li saw that he had taken a lot of notes during the meeting earlier. Now, he was looking exhausted, so she felt a little sympathetic.

“alittle tired… I guess.”

Fu Niannian waved his hand and comforted her.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. The boss usually only does this on more important occasions. After a while, you’ll slowly get used to it.”

As he spoke, he nodded at the computer screen with a hint of pride.

“Don’t worry! Your Senior Brother has already prepared the meeting notes for you!”

Ning Li was silent for a moment.

“Senior Brother, are the meeting notes a mandatory requirement?”

“Huh? No, it isn’t, but it’s much more convenient to write it down. Being able to read it more later might help you find the direction of the experiment later!”

Ning Li felt a little relieved.

“That’s good.”

“It is good, but I only wrote down 80% of it. I think that I’ll still have to think of a way to get the remaining 20%.”

Fu Niannian glanced at Tang Yi’s computer again.

“Junior Brother, did you manage to write it all down?”

‘Tang Yi turned his head to look at him with a pained expression and lowered his voice.

“Tonly managed to get half of it!”

Fu Niannian said, “… What’s the use of having you? I already made a deal with Junior Sister to organize the minutes from the meeting and send them to her!”

Tang Yi said, “Then let’s look for Eldest Senior Brother.”

Fu Niannian replied, “That works too.”

Ning Li tried to speak, “… Senior Brother, actually I…”

Before she could finish speaking, Fu Niannian’s hand had already landed on Yan Qiu’s shoulder.

Yan Qiu did not even turn his head back.

“Aiyal I’ve already sent it to your email! But I already told you in advance that I only remembered 90% of it. If I really missed something, please don’t blame me!”


Ning Li looked at her computer and sure enough, she had received an email from Yan Qiu.

She opened it. It was indeed the minutes from the meeting that Yan Qiu had just finished taking notes.

He had been with Shen Zhijin for so long so he was already trained for it. He could almost completely write down and mark all the important points.

However, today, Shen Zhijin’s pace had been a little faster, and he had still missed something.

Ning Li glanced at it a few times before her fair and slender fingers landed on the keyboard.

‘The others did not pay much attention to her and began to communicate with the two researchers from Fino Lab.

After about fifteen minutes, Shen Zhijin returned.

He glanced at the conference room and calmly said,

“It’s getting late. Let’s have dinner here today before going back.”

Yan Qiu and the others’ eyes lit up.

Fino Laboratory was very rich, and the treatment was top-notch.

Because the researchers here came from all over the world, and everyone had different eating habits, the laboratory had specially hired a chef for them.

Although it was a cafeteria,” the taste was even better than many dishes cooked by personal chefs outside.

The small group followed Shen Zhijin, accompanied by the other management of the laboratory, to eat.

‘The ‘cafeteria’ was very spacious with simple and elegant decor.

Yan Qiu and the others were excited.

“Junior Sister! The food here is especially delicious! Braised pork with soy sauce, assorted vegetables, braised mutton ribs… It’s all superb! Oh, and this– the peanut milkshake, you must try it!”

‘As Yan Qiu said this, he moved to help Ning Li get one.

Ning Li shook her head and declined.

“Thank you, Senior Brother, but I can’t eat this.”

Shen Zhijin was just two steps ahead of them.

His gaze swept over the peanut milkshake, his gaze slightly focused.

A middle-aged man next to him smiled and said, “Zhijin, I remember that when you were in Bai City, this was your favorite.”

Shen Zhijin’s expression was calm, but he did not touch it.

Yan Qiu’s voice came from behind.

“What? Little Junior Sister, you don’t like this?”

The clear and melodious voice of a young girl rang out.

“No, it’s just that I’m allergic to peanuts.”

Shen Zhijin’s fingers trembled slightly..