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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 595 - Candy and Toys

Chapter 595: Candy and Toys

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yan Qiu and the others obviously knew this woman and each of them greeted her successively.

“Professor Shi.”

Shi Ying quickly adjusted her expression and nodded at them with a smile.

‘When she saw Ning Li, she was stunned.

Sensing her gaze, Ning Lialso called out.

“Professor Shi.”

Shi Ying gathered her thoughts and nodded slightly. Then, she said to Shen Zhijin, ‘I won’t detain you any further then.”

Shen Zhijin got into the car.

Yan Qiu and the others got into the back seat automatically. Ning Li opened the door of the passenger seat.

‘The car started and slowly drove away.

Shi Ying watched them leave. She frowned slightly and sighed after a long while.

Shen Zhijin’s attitude was the same as always.

She had already known that this would be his answer, yet she had still wanted to personally come over to ask.

‘There were some things that she knew were meaningless…

She turned around and left.

Xijing University was 50 minutes away from the Fino Laboratory.

Ning Li was sitting in the front passenger seat. When she looked up, she saw a display on the central console.

It was a pony with a colorful saddle on its body.

Ning Li thought of the Fourth Miss Gu.

She took a subtle glance at Shen Zhijin. She really did not know how he had gotten into such a mess with the Gu family.

And that woman just now…

If she had not guessed wrongly, it looked like she was interested in Shen Zhijin. Her eyes could not deceive anyone.

Actually, this was normal.

Looking at Shen Zhij

, there were surely many people who admired him.

However, Shen Zhijin’s attitude was very cold.

Her phone suddenly lit up. She looked down and saw that Tang Yi had sent a message in their small group chat.

[ That was Professor Shi Ying from the Philosophy Institute just now, wasn’t it? Rumor has it that she’s been interested in the boss for many years. It looks like it’s true, doesn’t it? }

Fu Niannian was extremely disgusted.

[ Tang Yi, why are you so nosy? ]

Tang Yi did not bother about him, and he made a special request to Yan Qiu.

[ Eldest Senior Brother, you’ve been with the Boss for so long, so you should be quite clear about this, right? I heard that Professor Shi got a divorce a few years ago just because of the Boss. ]

Yan Qiu only replied after a long while.

[ What nonsense are you spouting? The Boss isn’t close to her, and they don’t even see each other more than twice in a year. Why are you listening to the rumors outside? If you listen to them again, I’ll break your legs. ]

Tang Yi replied with a “Chirp” emoji.

The conversation regarding this topic was thus ended.

Ning Li looked at it for a while before letting out a breath.

Fifty minutes later, the group arrived at Fino Laboratory.

There were already people waiting at the door.

Shen Zhijin was the head of Fino Laboratory, but he was more focused on the headquarters in Bai City. The branches in the Capital had basically been handed over to his subordinates.

Ning Li followed Shen Zhijin and the others out of the car and went to the conference room.

Shen Zhijin had already told them that this trip would just be a small-scale meeting, Everything would be kept as simple as possible.

Ning Li had been here before, and with Xu Yin’s connections, many people already knew her.

Along the way, most of the people they met would greet her.

Yan Qiu could not help but laugh.

‘Junior Sister, it looks like you’re quite famous here.”

These were all people in the industry, so naturally, they understood what Ning Li’s previous thesis meant.

Ning Li explained, “I’ve been here a few times before.”

As they spoke, they had already arrived at the conference room.

Ning Li saw a familiar face– Jiang Ran.

She was not a member of this research group. Her attendance here today seemed to be to help prepare for the meeting.

Jiang Ran also spotted Ning Li.

A smile appeared on her face. She took a few steps forward and greeted Shen Zhijin first.

“Teacher Shen.”

The tone of her voice was familiar.

She had spent some time at the Bai City Headquarters before. Compared to the other people in the branch, she was indeed more familiar with Shen Zhijin.

Shen Zhijin nodded.

Jiang Ran smiled and said, “Tve been wanting to pay you a visit since I heard that you had returned to the country, but you’ve been so busy. I didn’t expect that I would have to wait until today.”

Compared to the other people’s polite and respectful attitudes, Jiang Ran was indeed different.

As she spoke, she led everyone into the meeting room.

Shen Zhijin suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Jiang Ran asked in surprise, “Teacher Shen, what’s wrong?”

Shen Zhijin said, “I left some information in the car.”

Jiang Ran suddenly understood and said with a smile,

‘It’s alright. Why dont you go into the meeting room first and I’ll go and get it for you?”

“There’s no need.”

Shen Zhijin tilted his head,

“Ning Li, please go and get it. The research report on quantum drops that I mentioned to you before is in the storage compartment on the passenger’s side.”

The smile on Jiang Ran’s face froze, and she felt a little awkward.

Those documents belonged to Shen Zhijin. It was clear that he would not allow just anyone to take them.

Thus, she had taken the initiative to offer her help. However, she had not expected to be rejected by Shen Zhijin.

Instead, he had actually chosen Ning Li.

This… Did he already trust Ning Li that much?

However, she quickly returned to her normal self, as if nothing had happened.

Ning Li was a little surprised, but she still agreed.


Shen Zhijin handed over the car keys, and immediately led Yan Qiu and the others into the meeting room.

Ning Li went downstairs to where Shen Zhijin’s car was parked.

She unlocked it, went to the passenger seat, and opened the storage compartment.

There was a pile of information inside.

Ning Li flipped through it, found the one Shen Zhijin wanted, and was about to put the rest back.

She suddenly froze, staring momentarily.

There was more than just this information in the storage compartment.

There were also several…

Candy and toys at the bottom.

Taking a cursory glance, she saw a bright yellow whistle, a palm-sized rabbit doll, and a small pink-white telescope.

There seemed to be a picture book next to it on which she could vaguely see what seemed to be a nebula printed on the cover.

Piles of candy had been piled up together, hidden in this narrow and dim small storage compartment.

It was a little messy.

Ning Li was stunned for a moment.

This was Shen Zhijin’s car, so these… Of course, these things were also his.

She looked at them for a while before carefully closing the storage compartment.