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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 593 - : All Girls Like It

Chapter 593: All Girls Like It

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li withdrew her gaze.

After today’s accidental encounter, she had not expected there to be so much involvement.

She finally understood why Gu Tinglan and Gu Siyang had reacted that way when they had heard that she had enrolled in the astronomy department of Xijing University.

‘They were so resistant to Shen Zhijin to such an extent that they even held a grudge against him in his professional field.

However, she did not know what it was about…

“Ning Li, the news that you’re Ning was a very well-kept secret!”

Gu Siyang noticed that the atmosphere in the car was not quite right. He blinked and opened his mouth to cheerfully change the topic.

“My mom found out about this yesterday, and she was so excited. She was insistent that I should invite you out for a meal!”

At the mention of this matter, the silent atmosphere instantly dissipated.

Liang Su smiled, shook her head, and sighed.

“It’s such a pity. G&S had sent the invitation early and I had originally planned to go over, but something came up and I was detained. In the end, I missed such a wonderful show.”

Later, she had watched the live broadcast of the big show again, and all that was left in her heart was admiration and amazement.

Ning Li was even more outstanding than anyone had expected.

She had an excellent aesthetic eye.

Ning Li thought for a moment and said, “I didn’t reveal my identity before because I was afraid of trouble.”

“I know! You had to take the college entrance exam at that time!”

Gu Siyang continued, his tone still full of resentment.

On this matter, he felt he was very experienced.

Ning Li coughed lightly.

‘That was not wrong…

Liang Su patted Ning Li’s hand, her brows relaxing.

“Ah Li did the right thing. You should just do what you need to do at the right time.”

If it had been anyone else who was valued so highly by G&S, they would have prioritized this matter first.

‘A designer who was independent of G&S but was highly praised by the entire G&S Group, what did such a status mean?

Fame, money, status, honor…

These were innumerable bonuses.

Liang Su was a high-end jewelry designer and knew a lot about the fashion industry.

She knew too well the huge benefits and temptations behind this.

With Ning Li’s talent, even if she gave up her studies and became a full-time designer, she could still lead a rich and glamorous life.

However, she did not seem to be affected in the slightest.

While she had become famous in the fashion industry, she had also scored the only full marks in the National Physics Competition and had later become the top scorer in the M province’s science college entrance examination.

It was really rare for a young girl who was only seventeen or eighteen years old to have such a calm mind.

‘When Liang Susu thought of her background, she felt even more admiration and heartache for Ning Li.

She also chatted about aspects of fashion design with Ning Li.

High-end gowns and high-end jewelry intersected to a certain extent, and the two of them got along very well.

Gu Siyang, on the other hand, tried several times to interrupt but failed.

This situation had even continued until they arrived at the barbecue restaurant.

After being the driver, Gu Siyang had automatically taken on the responsibility of barbecuing the meat.

The thick-cut beef was sizzling and emitting an alluring fragrance.

His poor little heart finally received some comfort.

However, when he looked up and saw that Liang Su was chatting happily with Ning Li and that Liang Su had even served Ning Li some of the meat, he immediately felt that this meal did not smell as good anymore.

It had been many years since he had been served any food by his mother!

Gu Siyang said faintly, “Mom, did you forget that your son is also here?”

Liang Su then turned to look at him.

Gu Siyang was born to her. She was very clear about what he was thinking.

Considering that he was indeed her biological son, she finally showed some tenderness on her face.

She handed a pair of chopsticks to Gu Siyang and gently said, “Go eat by yourself.”


Gu Siyang,

Never mind!

Seeing that his mother had finally picked up some food for him, he endured it!

As he thought of this, he put the potato that Liang Su had given him into his mouth.

The spicy taste instantly filled his mouth.

Gu Siyang’s entire body went numb.

“Mom! That was a piece of ginger!”

It was so big! Such a big piece of Ginger!

Liang Su looked at him again.

“Eh? Really? Then I didn’t see it clearly. But eating ginger is good for your body. Don’t waste it.”

Gu Siyang, “…”

He bitterly swallowed the piece of ginger.

“Mom, Ning Li, can you guys talk about something that I can understand?”

Liang Su held her forehead helplessly.

“Why didn’t you inherit anything good from me? You’ve studied painting and fine arts for so many years, yet you still don’t understand anything.”

Gu Siyang was unconvinced.

“It’s all my dad’s fault! He doesn’t know anything either!”

Liang Su glanced at him.

“At least your dad can still be saved. After all, he did attend quite a few art exhibitions with your fourth aunt. But you…”

Gu Tingfeng indeed did not have any talent in this area, but Gu Tingyin had been different.

This also proved that there were members of the Gu family that still had genes in this area.

Unfortunately, Gu Siyang had not inherited any of it.

Upon hearing this, Ning Li’s heart felt slightly moved.

Sure enough, Gu Siyang instantly became listless. He bit his chopsticks and muttered, “How… How can I be compared to Fourth Aunt… Mom, you’re being too difficult!”

“It’s good that you know.”

Liang Su’s words successfully calmed Gu Siyang down, and she turned her head to chat with Ning Li again.

The meal ended in a harmonious atmosphere.

Gu Siyang, who had been the tool man’, was obviously not included.

After the meal, Ning Li signed her autograph for Liang Su and extended an invitation to her next big show. Liang Su made up her mind to design and make a colored treasure ring for her.

Ning Li thought about it and agreed.

Gu Siyang and Liang Su then sent Ning Li back to school.

The next morning, Ning Li had no classes to attend, so she went to the laboratory.

‘The question she had asked Shen Zhijin the day before had yet to be answered by him.

‘As soon as she arrived at the laboratory, as expected, she saw a pile of small gifts.

At first, Lin Fengmian’s fans had come to give her gifts. After she had explicitly rejected them a few times, the number of gifts had lessened.

However, when Ning’s identity had been exposed, more gifts had come.

Fortunately, most of them were letters, so it was easier for Ning Li to organize them.

Just as she was packing up these things, Shen Zhijin came in.

Seeing the colorful letters and small gifts on Ning Li’s desk, his eyes narrowed.

He had been abroad on business for some time and had only returned two days ago, so this was the first time he had seen this scene.

Fu Niannian was afraid that the boss would misunderstand, so he quickly helped to explain.

“Teacher Shen, these are all gifts from Little Junior Sister and her brother’s fans!”

Shen Zhijin looked at Ning Li.


For a moment, Ning Li did not know how to properly explain it to him.

‘Tang Yi, who was beside her, raised his head from the computer and added, “That’s right! You might not know this, but Little Junior Sister and her brother are especially popular now! Especially her brother– I’m afraid that half of the girls in our school are his fans!”

As he spoke, he laughed.

“Seventeen or eighteen-year-old girls like these kinds of things the most!”

Shen Zhijin was slightly startled.

Ning Li said, “Teacher Shen, I’ll put these away very quickly.”

‘As she spoke, she put away those things.

Shen Zhijin suddenly asked, “All of them?”

Ning Li was stunned. “What?”

Shen Zhijin’s gaze fell on the pile of colorful gifts and letters. He paused for a moment before asking, “Do all young girls in their late teens… like these kinds of things?”