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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 591 - Sister-In-Law

Chapter 591: Sister-In-Law

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li understood almost instantly.

The only person with the surname Xu who had a grudge against her was that one.

Speaking of this, Lu Huaiyu’s eyes turned cold, but the strength that he used to pinch her cheeks remained gentle.

“I didn’t want to tell you too much about these things, but since you’ve already seen it, it’s good that you know. But don’t think too much about it, I’ll take care of it.”

Ning Li nodded.

Lu Huaiyu was rarely involved with matters within these circles, but as long as he wanted to, everything would be easy.

Some people just had to cause trouble for themselves, so they had only themselves to blame.

Lu Huaiyu spoke again.

“Tl accompany you to school later.”

Ning Li looked at him in surprise.

“Today? Is Second Brother free?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday that I’d be free today?”

He had kept this time free for her.

Ning Li nodded when she heard what he said.


Just as she spoke, her phone rang. It was Gu Siyang.

She picked up the call.


“Ning Li!”

Gu Siyang sounded very excited,

“No, no, I should call you Ning, right? Are you free today? I want to–”


Ning Li cut him off cleanly.

Gu Siyang protested, “… I haven’t even said anything yet! You rejected me too quickly!”

Ning Li’s voice was calm.

“No training today, no driving, no looking at any cars. Any other questions?”

Gu Siyang ran his fingers through his hair.

“Awesome! I’m not looking for you today for LY! It’s a personal matter!”

Ning Li was still being held in Lu Huaiyu’s arms, so he heard what Gu Siyang said.

He raised his eyebrows.

“Has Young Master Gu been so free lately?”

Gu Siyang had never expected Lu Huaiyu to be beside Ning Li.

These words sounded polite and gentle, but for some reason, Gu Siyang felt a chill on his neck.

He immediately said, “No, no! It’s not for me! It’s my mother!”

Ning Li was really surprised this time.


‘When she had been in Hong Kong City, she had met Gu Siyang’s mother, Gu Tingfeng’s wife, Liang Su.

Coming from a large family, she was a very gentle and intellectual woman.

However, she had spent most of her time with Old Madam Gu and Old Master Gu, so she had not had much interaction with Liang Su.

Why did she suddenly–

“Yes, it’s like this. My mother has always loved the dresses that you designed. When you appeared in the G&S show yesterday, she realized that you were Ning. Unfortunately, there was something else that she had to do yesterday so she was unable to attend the show. That meant that she missed meeting

you. She–”

Gu Siyang scratched his head.

“Hey, she would like your autograph!”

Ning Li, ”

Liang Su was a private high-quality jewelry designer who had her own independent brand. That meant that the two of them did have some similarities.

No wonder.

Asking for an autograph was probably just an excuse. What Liang Su wanted was to express her admiration for her.

The Gu family had been very good to her. That set of riding clothes especially had also been sent in the name of Liang Su.

Ning Li had been trying to think of finding an opportunity to express her thanks, but when she heard what Gu Siyang said, she agreed without hesitation.

“You’re all are too kind. It’s just a small matter. I’ll find an opportunity to personally deliver it.”

“No need, no need! My mother will be quite free these two days. It’s best if we see when it’s convenient for you! How about today?”

Ning Li paused.

“Thave an Advanced Math class this afternoon. I also have to go to the lab, but I’ll be free after all that.”

Gu Siyang immediately made a decision.

“Sure! Then let’s do it today! Later, we’ll pick you up at your school. Shall we have dinner together tonight?”

Ning Li agreed.

That afternoon, Lu Huaiyu accompanied Ning Li went back to Xijing University to attend classes.

The classroom was full of people, and people turned their heads from time to time.

Usually, when Lu Huaiyu was around, everyone’s eyes would be focused on his handsome face.

However, today was a little different. Most people were looking at Ning Li.

Luckily, Ning Li could still bear it.

Ever since her relationship with Lin Fengmian had been exposed, every time she had attended class, she more or less received this kind of gaze.

Thus, she was already used to it.

Now that Ning’s identity had been announced, it only made this kind of gaze even more intense.

She was unperturbed and was able to focus on the class.

Lu Huaiyu had originally planned to have dinner with her, but since Liang Su had already asked her out, he had given up the idea.

So, after Ning Li finished her class, he sent her to the downstairs of the institute’s laboratory and left.

‘As soon as Ning Li had returned to the laboratory, she was warmly welcomed by her senior brothers.

“Junior Sister! You’re finally back! Come and help me take a look. What’s wrong with this data?”

“Junior Sister, please look at mine first!”

Ning Li,

Yan Qiu walked in and knocked on Fu Niannian and Tang Yi’s heads.

“You only know how to ask for Junior Sister’s help. Those little dresses that Junior Sister designed are so beautiful, yet you don’t even know how to compliment them.”

As he spoke, he gave Ning Li a thumbs up.

“Junior Sister, that little dress is really beautiful.”

Ning Li was silent for a moment.

This was probably the best compliment that they could think of…

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Yan Qiu waved his hand.

“You’re welcome! Oh right, there’s an experimental analysis later. Please help me take a look.”

Ning Li, “.. Oh.”

By the time she had finished helping her senior brothers with these things, it was already close to six o’clock.

This was the time that she and Gu Siyang had agreed upon when he would accompany Liang Su to come over.

She changed out of her lab coat, said goodbye to Yan Qiu and the others, and carried her backpack downstairs.

Gu Siyang sent her a message saying that he was already waiting at the school entrance.

Ning Li headed over there.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure appear from around the corner.

It was Shen Zhijin.

“Teacher Shen.”

Ning Li called out.

Shen Zhijin looked over and nodded.

He seemed to be heading out of the school as well.

Recently, Shen Zhijin had been very busy and it was rare to see him. Ning Li quickly followed him and asked him a question about the experiment.

After listening to her question, Shen Zhijin was about to speak when he heard someone calling Ning Li’s name.

“Ah Li?”

Ning Li looked up and smiled.

“Mrs. Gu.”

Liang Su was also smiling gently, but when she saw the man beside her, her expression changed slightly.

Shen Zhijin stood still.

The atmosphere was subtle.

However, Liang Su’s expression quickly returned to normal.

“Mr. Shen.”

Sure enough, they knew each other…

Ning Li thought silently, as she saw Shen Zhijin give a slight nod towards Liang Su.

His voice was clear as he replied.